The big bands are back
in a new and exciting way
theme songs of three name bands: Eddy Duchin, Art Kassel, and Benny Goodman

Ready Reference
listing compiled by Music Librarian Christopher Popa

    Just like nowadays when the theme song helps to tell the viewer what TV show is coming on and underpins the opening credits of a program, a big band’s theme on the radio in the 1930s and ‘40s immediately identified with music which band was beginning (or ending) a broadcast, while the announcer spoke their name and location. 

    Some of the tunes were original compositions written by the leader himself, while other bands adapted a familiar song in their own way for their own use.

    I have listed the theme for which the bandleader is best-known in a 12-pt.  type size, with composer credits.  If any alternate theme(s) were used, they are shown in an 8-pt. font size, with an appropriate notation.

    I was surprised to see that, between various published sources, there is some disagreement as to what tunes were used by certain bandleaders as themes.
    With all due respect, I would question some of the titles shown by Malcolm F. Bell, who compiled a list of theme songs in 1981.
    For instance, he alleged that, at some point, Larry Clinton used Blind Date as his theme, as well as Isn’t It Time to Fall in Love – they happened to be the “A” and “B” sides of one of Clinton’s Bluebird 78s.  I disagree, so I have not listed either tune. 
    Mr. Bell also claimed that Artie Shaw, at some time, used Nocturne as his theme song.  Shaw did record the piece in 1941 for Victor, but I find no evidence whatsoever that he used it as his theme, so I refuse to list that one, too.
    Perhaps any confusion can be forgiven, because some of the only discographies available for many bands often fail to identify their theme song in broadcast listings.

    One of the most unusual titles for a big band theme was Gene Krupa’s Apurksody, which took its name from spelling “Krupa” backwards and adding “sody” like from “rhapsody.”

Van Alexander
Alexander’s Swinging (Van Alexander)
also: [ per Walker ] Alexander’s Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin)

Ray Anthony
The Man with the Horn (Eddie De Lange-Bonnie Lake-Jack Jenney)

Louis Armstrong
When It’s Sleepy Time Down South (Leon Rene-Otis Rene-Clarence Muse)
also: [ per Walker ] On the Sunny Side of the Street (Dorothy Fields-Jimmy McHugh) [ prior to 1937 ]

Desi Arnaz
Tabu (Sam Coslow-W. Franke Harling)
also: I Love Lucy (Eliot Daniel) [ for “I Love Lucy” CBS-TV show, 1951-1957 ]

Gus Arnheim
Sweet and Lovely (Gus Arnheim-Harry Tobias-Jules Lemare)
also: [ per Bell ] Say It with Music (Irving Berlin) and I Surrender, Dear (Gordon Clifford-Harry Barris); [ per Walker ] I Cried for You (Arthur Freed-Abe Lyman-Gus Arnheim) and It Must Be True (Harry Barris-Gus Arnheim-Gordon Clifford)

Georgie Auld
I’ve Got a Right to Know (Georgie Auld-Jack Gale-Sammy Gallop)

Mitchell Ayres
You Go to My Head (Haven Gillespie-J. Fred Coots)

Charlie Barnet
Cherokee (Ray Noble)
also: [ per Mather ] Dream Lullaby [ 1936 ], I’ve Lost Another Sweetheart [ 1936-37 ], Make Believe Ballroom [ for “Make Believe Ballroom” WNEW broadcasts, 1936-37 ], and Redskin Rhumba (Charlie Barnet) [ 1945?-73 ]

Blue Barron
Sometimes I’m Happy (Leo Robin-Clifford Grey-Vincent Youmans)
also: Yesterday and Today [ Associated transcription, 1941 ]

Count Basie
One o’Clock Jump (Count Basie)
also: [ per Sheridan ] Moten Swing (Buster Moten-Bennie Moten) [ 1937 ]

Louie Bellson
The Hawk Talks (Louie Bellson)
also: [ per Bell ] Let’s Call It Swing (Count Basie)

Tex Beneke
Moonlight Serenade (Glenn Miller)

Bunny Berigan
I Can’t Get Started (Ira Gershwin-Vernon Duke)

Ben Bernie
It’s a Lonesome Old Town (Charles Kisco-Harry Tobias [ open ]; Au Revoir, Pleasant Dreams (Jack Meskill-Jean Schwartz) [ close ]

Will Bradley
Think of Me (Carl Sigman-Freddie Slack)
also: [ per Garrod ] Fatal Fascination (Harlan Thompson-Lewis E. Gensler) [ 1940-41 ]; [ per Simon ] Strange Cargo (Will Bradley-Ray McKinley-Freddie Slack) [ close ]

Randy Brooks
Holiday Forever (John Benson Brooks-Eddie DeLange-Howard B. Phillipe)

Les Brown
Leap Frog (Joe Garland) [ adopted 1943, per Walker ]
also: Dance of the Blue Devils (Les Brown) [ 1936-38? ]; Shangri-La [ 1939-40? ]; Evening Star [ 1941-42? ]

Sonny Burke
Blue Sonata (Sonny Burke)

Henry Busse
Hot Lips (Henry Busse-Henry Lange-Lou Davis) [ open ]; When Day is Done (B.G. De Sylva-Robert Katscher) [ close ]

Billy Butterfield
What’s New?
also: [ per Walker ] Moonlight in Vermont (John Blackburn-Karl Suessdorf)

Bobby Byrne
Danny Boy [ aka The Green Hills of Erin, per Grand Award 33-392 ]

Cab Calloway
Minnie the Moocher (The Ho De Ho Song) (Cab Calloway-Irving Mills-Clarence Gaskill)

Frankie Carle
Sunrise Serenade (Frankie Carle)

Benny Carter
Melancholy Lullaby (Benny Carter)
also: [ per Walker ] Malibu (Benny Carter) [ later ]

Lee Castle
Jump It, Mr. Trumpet (Randy Ryan-Lee Castle)

Carmen Cavallaro
Polonaise (Frederic Chopin) [ 1945 ]
also: My Sentimental Heart (Carmen Cavallaro) [ 1946-47 ]

Bob Chester

Larry Clinton
The Dipsy Doodle (Larry Clinton)

Al Cooper (Savoy Sultans)
Jumpin’ At the Savoy (Jack Chapman)

Del Courtney
Good Evening [ Lang-Worth transcription, 1941 ]
also: [ per Simon  ] Three Shades of Blue

Warren Covington
[ undetermined ]

Bob Crosby
Summertime (Du Bose Heyward-George Gershwin)

Xavier Cugat
My Shawl (Ombo) (Xavier Cugat)

Al Donahue
Low Down Rhythm in a Top Hat (Al Donahue-Jimmy Eaton-Terry Shand)
also: [ per Bell ] Dream of Bermuda

Sam Donahue
I Never Knew (Tom Pitts-Ray Egan-Roy Marsh)
also: [ per Walker ] Minor DeLuxe (Sam Donahue) and Lonesome

Dorsey Brothers
Sandman (Ralph Freed-Bonnie Lake)

Jimmy Dorsey
Contrasts (Jimmy Dorsey)

Tommy Dorsey
I’m Getting’ Sentimental Over You (Ned Washington-George Bassman)
also: Anything (Phil Napoleon-Frank Signorelli-Eddie DeLange) [ BMI, 1940-41 ]

Eddy Duchin
My Twilight Dream (Lew Sherwood-Eddy Duchin) [ based on Chopin’s Nocturne in E-Flat ]

Sonny Dunham
Memories of You (Andy Razaf-Eubie Blake)

Billy Eckstine
Blue ‘n Boogie (Dizzy Gillespie-Frank Paparelli)
also: [ per Bell ] Jelly, Jelly (Billy Eckstine)

Roy Eldridge
Little Jazz (Buster Harding-Roy Eldridge)

Les and Larry Elgart
(The Gang That Sang) Heart of My Heart (Ben Ryan) [ 1953 ]
also: To the Future (Bill Finegan) [ 1945-46 ]; [ per Simon ] The Dancing Sound (Charlie Albertine)

Duke Ellington
Take the “A” Train (Billy Strayhorn) [ BMI, 1941 ]
also: East St. Louis Toodle-oo (Duke Ellington-Bubber Miley) [ early ]; Sepia Panorama (Duke Ellington) [ 1940 ]; [ per Walker ] Solitude (Duke Ellington-Eddie DeLange-Irving Mills)

Ziggy Elman
And the Angels Sing (Johnny Mercer-Ziggy Elman)

Skinnay Ennis
Got a Date with An Angel (Clifford Grey-Sonny Miller-Jack Waller-Joseph Tunbridge)
also: [ per Bell ] Same Time, Same Place

Maynard Ferguson
Bluebird Land (Jimmy Giuffre)

Shep Fields
Rippling Rhythm (Sol Gice-Shep Fields)
also: Ritual Fire Dance (Manuel de Falla) [ all-reed orchestra, 1942-44 ]

Jack Fina
Dream Sonata (Jack Fina-Harold Spina)

Ted Fio Rito
Rio Rita (Joseph McCarthy-Harry Tierney)

Ralph Flanagan
Singing Winds (Ralph Flanagan-Herb Hendler)  [ 24 Jul 1950, RCA Victor ]
also: Singing Winds (Ralph Flanagan) [ “version 2,” 16 Mar 1952, RCA Victor ]; Giannina Mia (Rudolf Friml ) [ “One Night Stand,” 1960 ]

Chuck Foster
Oh, You Beautiful Doll (Seymour Brown-Nat D. Ayer)

Jan Garber
My Dear (Jan Garber-Freddie Large)

Dizzy Gillespie
Emanon (Dizzy Gillespie-Milton Shaw)
also: [ per Bell ] Groovin’ High (Dizzy Gillespie) and I Waited for You (Gil Fuller-Dizzy Gillespie)

Benny Goodman
Let’s Dance (Gregory Stone-Joseph Bonime-Fanny May Baldridge) [ open ]; Good-bye (Gordon Jenkins) [ close ]

Gray Gordon
One Minute to One (Sam Lewis-J. Fred Coots)

Glen Gray (Casa Loma Orchestra)
Smoke Rings (Ned Washington-Gene Gifford)
also: (Was I to Blame for) Falling in Love with You (Victor Young-M. Neuman-Gus Kahn) [ early ]

Jerry Gray
Desert Serenade (Jerry Gray)

Jimmie Grier
Music in the Moonlight (Newell Chase-Sam Coslow-Jimmie Grier)
also: Bon Voyage, Ship of Dreams [ close for “This Is the Cocoanut Grove” radio program ]

Bobby Hackett
Embraceable You (Ira Gershwin-George Gershwin)

George Hall
Love Letters in the Sand (Nick Kenny-Charles Kenny-J. Fred Coots)
also: [ per Bell ] Every Minute of the Hour (Nick Kenny-Charles Kenny) and It’s Easy to Remember (Lorenz Hart-Richard Rodgers) [ transcribed radio show ]

Mal Hallett
The Boston Tea Party (Frank Ryerson)

Lionel Hampton
Flying Home (Benny Goodman-Lionel Hampton)

Phil Harris
Rose Room (Art Hickman-Harry Williams)

Coleman Hawkins
Body and Soul (Edward Heyman-Robert Sour-Frank Eyton-Johnny Green)

Erskine Hawkins
Tuxedo Junction (Erskine Hawkins-William Johnson-Julian Dash)
also: [ per Walker; per Bell ] Swing Out [ prior to 1940 ]

Edgar Hayes
Star Dust (Mitchell Parish-Hoagy Carmichael) [ 1938 ]
also: [ per Bell ] Edgar Steps Out (Edgar Hayes) [ 1937 ]

Ted Heath
Listen to My Music (Ted Heath)

Neal Hefti
Coral Reef (Neal Hefti)

Horace Heidt
I’ll Love You in My Dreams (Gus Kahn-Isham Jones)

Fletcher Henderson
Christopher Columbus (Andy Razaf-Chu Berry)

Woody Herman
Blue Flame (Jimmy Noble-Joe Bishop) [ 1941 ]
also: Blue Prelude (Joe Bishop-Gordon Jenkins) [ 1936-40 ]

Tiny Hill
Angry (Dudley Mecum-Henry Brunies-Jules Cassard-Merritt Brunies)

Richard Himber
It Isn’t Fair (Richard Himber-Frank Warshauer-Sylvester Sprigato)
also: (Was I to Blame for) Falling in Love with You (Victor Young-M. Neuman-Gus Kahn) [ theme song for “Studebaker Champions” radio program ]

Earl Hines
Deep Forest (Andy Razaf-Reginald Foresythe-Earl Hines)
also: [ per Walker and Bell ] Cavernism (Jimmy Mundy-Earl Hines)

Claude Hopkins
(I Would Do) Anything for You (Alex Hill-Bob Williams-Claude Hopkins)

Eddy Howard
Careless (Lew Quadling-Eddy Howard-Dick Jurgens) [ open ]; So Long for Now (Eddy Howard) [ close ]

Dean Hudson
Moon Over Miami (Edgar Leslie-Joe Burke)

Eight Bars in Search of a Melody (Will Hudson)

Will Hudson
Hobo On Park Avenue (Will Hudson)

Ina Ray Hutton
Gotta Have Your Love [ 1940 ]

Illinois Jacquet
Robbins’ Nest (Sir Charles Thompson-Illinois Jacquet)

Harry James
Ciribiribin (A. Pestaloza-Harry James-Jack Lawrence)

Jack Jenney
City Night (Jack Jenney)

Henry Jerome
Night Is Gone (Sid Cooper-Henry Jerome)
also: [ per Simon and Walker ] Nice People (Henry Jerome-Angelo Musolino) [ later ]

Buddy Johnson
Please, Mr. Johnson (Buddy Johnson)
also: [ per Bell ] Walk ‘em (Buddy Johnson) and If You Never Return

Isham Jones
You’re Just a Dream Come True (Charles Newman-Isham Jones)
also: [ per Walker ] Spain (Isham Jones) [ 1920s? ]; [ per Garrod ] Out of Space (Joe Bishop-Gene Gifford-Winston Collins Tharp) [ 1934?-36? ]

Spike Jones
Cocktails for Two (Arthur Johnston-Sam Coslow)
also: Spike Speaks [ “Spike Jones and His Other Orchestra,” 1946 ]; [ per Walker ] The Sheik of Araby (Harry B. Smith-Francis Wheeler-Ted Snyder) and Pass the Biscuits, Mirandy (Del Porter-Carl Hoefle)

Louis Jordan
Choo Choo Ch’ Boogie (Vaughn Horton-Denver Darling-Milt Gabler)

Dick Jurgens
Day Dreams Come True At Night (Dick Jurgens)

Art Kassel
Doodle-Doo-Doo (Art Kassel-Mel Stitzel); Hell’s Bells (Art Kassel) [ later ]

Sammy Kaye
Kaye’s Melody (Sammy Kaye)
also: [ per Walker and Bell ] Until Tomorrow (Sammy Kaye)

Hal Kemp
Got a Date with An Angel (Clifford Grey-Sonny Miller-Jack Waller-Joseph Tunbridge) [ open ]; (How I’ll Miss You) When Summer Is Gone [ close ]

Stan Kenton
Artistry in Rhythm (Stan Kenton)

Wayne King
The Waltz You Saved for Me (Gus Kahn-Emil Flindt-Wayne King)

John Kirby
Pastel Blue (Charlie Shavers-Artie Shaw)

Andy Kirk
Until the Real Thing Comes Along (Sammy Cahn-Saul Chaplin-L.E. Freeman-Mann Holiner-Alberta Nichols)
also: [ per Simon and Walker ] Cloudy (Andy Kirk) [ early ]

Gene Krupa
Starburst (Eddie Finckel-Gene Krupa) [ 1944 ]
also: Apurksody (Gene Krupa-Chappie Willet) [ 1938 ]

Kay Kyser
Thinking of You (Walter Donaldson-Paul Ash)

Lester Lanin
Night and Day (Cole Porter)

Elliot Lawrence
Heart to Heart (Elliot Lawrence-S. Bickley Reichner)

Syd Lawrence
Evening Serenade (Syd Lawrence)

Harlan Leonard
Rockin’ with the Rockets (Harlan Leonard-William H. Smith)
also: [ per Walker ] A Mellow Bit of Rhythm (Mary Lou Williams) and Southern Fried (Fred Culliver-Harlan Leonard-James Ross)

Ted Lewis
When My Baby Smiles At Me (Andrew B. Sterling-Ted Lewis-Bill Munro)
also: [ per Bell ] Good Night (Leo Wood-Irving Bibo-Con Conrad)

Enoch Light
You’re the Only Star (In My Blue Heaven) (Gene Autry) [ open; “Enoch Light and His Hotel Taft Orchestra” ]; Lights Out (Billy Hill) [ close ]

Little Jack Little
Little By Little
also: [ per Bell ] Jealous (Tommy Malie-Dick Finch-Little Jack Little)

Guy Lombardo
Auld Lang Syne (Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot) (Robert Burns)
also: [ per Bell ] Vilia (Franz Lehar) [ early?; 8 Mar 1944 transcription ]

Johnny Long
The White Star of Sigma Nu (Jack Nelson)

Vincent Lopez
Nola (Felix Arndt)
also: [ per Bell ] On the Air / On the Radio [ specific broadcasts ]

Jimmie Lunceford
Uptown Blues (Jimmie Lunceford)
also: Jazznochracy (Will Hudson) [ early ]

Abe Lyman
California, Here I Come (Al Jolson-B.G. DeSylva-Joseph Meyer)
also: [ per Walker ] Moon Over America

Richard Maltby
Midnight Mood (Richard Maltby)

Ralph Marterie
Carla (Ralph Marterie-Matthew Alagna) [ open ]; Truly (Ralph Marterie) [ close ]
also: [ per Simon ] Trumpeter’s Lullaby (Leroy Anderson)

Freddy Martin
Tonight We Love (Ray Austin-Freddy Martin) [ aka Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 in B
Flat ]
also: Bye-Lo-Bye Lullaby [ early ]; [ per Walker and Bell ] Early in the Morning [ close ]

Chico Marx
Hold Your Hat [ AFRS #8 ]

Frankie Masters
Scatterbrain (Johnny Burke-Frankie Masters-Kahn Keene-Carl Bean)
also: Moonlight and You (Frankie Masters-Al Dubin) [ 1940s ]

Billy May
Lean, Baby (Billy May)

Clyde McCoy
Sugar Blues (Clarence Williams)

Hal McIntyre
Moon Mist (Mercer Ellington)
also: [ per Walker ] Ecstasy

Ray McKinley
Howdy, Friends (Ray McKinley) [ aka E.T.O. Curtain Call ]
also: Stop, Look and Listen (George Van Eps – John Van Eps) [ 1942 ]; Eddie Sauter composition [ early 1946 ]

Jay McShann
Jiggin’ with Jay
also: [ per Bell ] Confessin’ the Blues (Jay McShann-Walter Brown)

Glenn Miller
Moonlight Serenade (Glenn Miller)
also: Slumber Song (Saul Tepper-Chummy MacGregor) [ BMI, 1940-41 ]; I Sustain the Wings (Glenn Miller-Chummy MacGregor-Sol Meyer-Norman Leyden) [ AAF Band ]

Lucky Millinder (Mills Blue Rhythm Band)
Ride, Red, Ride (Lucky Millinder-Irving Mills)

Vaughn Monroe
Racing with the Moon (Vaughn Monroe-Pauline Pope-Johnny Watson)

Art Mooney
Sunset to Sunrise (Art Mooney)

Russ Morgan
Does Your Heart Beat for Me? (Mitchell Parish-Russ Morgan-Arnold Johnson)

Buddy Morrow
Night Train (Jimmy Forrest)
also: [ per Walker ] Solo; [ per Bell ] You’re Dancing Tonight - Tomorrow

Ozzie Nelson
Loyal Sons of Rutgers

Red Nichols
Wail of the Winds (Harry Warren)
also: [ per Walker ] Parade of the Pennies (Red Nichols)

Ray Noble
The Very Thought of You [ open ]; Goodnight Sweetheart (Ray Noble-James Campbell-Reg Connelly-Rudy Vallee) [ close ]

Red Norvo
Mr. and Mrs. Swing (Red Norvo)
also: [ per Walker and Bell ] I Surrender, Dear (Gordon Clifford-Harry Barris)

Sy Oliver
For Dancers Only (Sy Oliver)
also: [ per Bell ] Yes, Indeed (A Jive Spiritual) (Sy Oliver)

Will Osborne
The Gentleman Awaits (Howard Benedict-Joe Browne-Joe Costa-Bob Mulkey-Will Osborne)
also: [ per Walker ] Beside An Open Fireplace (Paul Denniker-Will Osborne); [ per Bell ] Jazz Nocturne (My Silent Love); In a Boat Out to Sea; Lover (Lorenz Hart-Richard Rodgers)

Tony Pastor
Blossoms (Al Avola)
also: [ per Walker and Bell ] Pastoral

Ben Pollack
Song of the Islands (Chas E. King)

Teddy Powell
Blue Mood (Teddy Powell)
also: [ per Simon ] Sans Culottes

Louis Prima
‘Way Down Yonder in New Orleans (Henry Creamer-Turner Layton)
also [ per Bell ] Play Pretty

Boyd Raeburn
Raeburn’s Theme (Eddie Finckel)
also: [ per Simon ] Moonlight On Melody Hill [ early ]; Rhythm By Raeburn [ AFRS “One Night Stand” 162, 1944 ] 

Don Redman
Chant of the Weed (Don Redman)

Alvino Rey
Blue Rey (Kermit Levinsky) [ open ]; Nighty-Night (Joe Davis) [ close ]

Tommy Reynolds
Pipe Dreams (Tommy Reynolds)

Buddy Rich
Rain On the Roof (Ann Ronell)

Buddy Rogers
My Buddy (Gus Kahn-Walter Donaldson)

Luis Russell
New Call of the Freaks (Luis Russell-Carl Barbarin)

Doodletown Fifers (Bill Finegan-Eddie Sauter)

Jan Savitt
Quaker City Jazz (Jan Savitt-Jimmy Schultz)
also: From Out of Space [ 1943 ]; [ per Walker and Bell ] It’s a Wonderful World (Harold Adamson-Jan Savitt-Johnny Watson)

Raymond Scott
Pretty Little Petticoat (Raymond Scott) [ 1940 ]
also: Enchanted Forest (Raymond Scott) [ 1944 ]

Artie Shaw
Nightmare (Artie Shaw)
also: Bus Blues (aka Free for All) (Artie Shaw) [ Thesaurus transcription 389, Apr 1937 ]

Bobby Sherwood
The Elk’s Parade
also: Waiting [ Lang-Worth transcription, 1944 ]; My Secret Love [ AFRS “One Night Stand” 536, 18 Feb 1945 ]; [ per Walker ] Sherwood’s Forest

Freddie Slack
Strange Cargo (Will Bradley-Ray McKinley-Freddie Slack)

Muggsy Spanier
Relaxin’ At the Touro (Muggsy Spanier)

Phil Spitalny
My Isle of Golden Dreams (Walter Blaufuss-Gus Kahn)

Charlie Spivak
Stardreams (Sonny Burke-Charlie Spivak)

Dick Stabile
Blue Nocturne (Dick Stabile)

Jack Teagarden
I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues (Ted Koehler-Harold Arlen)

Claude Thornhill
Snowfall (Claude Thornhill)

Orrin Tucker
Drifting and Dreaming (Loyal Curtis-Haven Gillespie-Erwin R. Schmidt-Egbert Van Alstyne)

Tommy Tucker
I Love You (Oh, How I Love You) (Tommy Tucker)

Rudy Vallee
My Time Is Your Time (Eric Little-Leo Dance)

Joe Venuti
(Why Couldn’t It Last) Last Night (Nick Kenny-Charles Kenny-Austen Croom-Johnson) [ 1939 ]

Jerry Wald
Call of the Wild
also: Laura (Johnny Mercer-David Raksin); Trains in the Night

Fats Waller
Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Andy Razaf-Fats Waller-Harry Brooks)

Chick Webb
Let’s Get Together (Chick Webb)
also: [ per Walker and Bell ] I May Be Wrong (But I Think You’re Wonderful) (Harry Ruskin-Henry Sullivan)

Ted Weems
Out of the Night (Walter Hirsch-Harry Sosnick)

Lawrence Welk
Bubbles in the Wine (Bob Calame-Frank Loesser-Lawrence Welk)
also: Champagne Time (George Cates) [ “The Lawrence Welk Show” syndicated program ]

Paul Weston
Day By Day (Sammy Cahn-Axel Stordahl-Paul Weston)

Paul Whiteman
Rhapsody in Blue (George Gershwin)

Cootie Williams
Echoes of Harlem (Duke Ellington)

Griff Williams
Dream Music (Griff Williams)

Teddy Wilson
Jumpin’ On the Blacks and Whites (Teddy Wilson-Buster Harding)

Si Zentner
Lazy River (Hoagy Carmichael-Sidney Arodin)
also: [ per Bell ] Why Not (Pete Carpenter)

Bob Zurke
Hobson Street Blues (Bob Zurke)

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