compiled by Christopher Popa
Aaronson, Irving   Comandeerism

Agnew, Charlie   Slow But Sure

Alexander, Van   Alexander's Swinging

Allen, Barclay   Cumana

Anthony, Ray   The Man with a Horn

Armstrong, Louis   On the Sunny Side of the Street (early); When It's Sleepy Time Down South

Arnaz, Desi   Tabu

Arnheim, Gus   Sweet and Lovely

Arthur, Zinn   Darling

Astor, Bob   Blue Lights

Auld, Georgie   I've Got a Right to Know

Ayres, Mitchell   You Go to My Head

Ballew, Smith   Tonight There Is Music (opening); Home (closing)

Barnet, Charlie   Cherokee

Barron, Blue   Sometimes I'm Happy

Basie, Count   One O'Clock Jump

Bellson, Louis

Beneke, Tex   Moonlight Serenade

Berigan, Bunny   I Can't Get Started

Bernie, Ben   It's a Lonesome Old Town (open); Au Revoir, Pleasant Dreams (closing)

Bleyer, Archie   Business in "F"

Block, Bert   Moonglow

Bothwell, Johnny   Sleepy Alto

Bradley, Will   Fascination

Bradshaw, Tiny

Brandwynne, Nat   If Stars Could Talk

Breese, Lou   Breezing Along with the Breeze

Brigode, Ace   Carry Me Back to Ol' Virginny

Brooks, Randy   Holiday Forever

Brown, Les   Dance of the Blue Devils; Leap Frog

Bryant, Willie   It's Over Because We're Through

Burke, Sonny   Blue Sonata

Busse, Henry   Hot Lips (open); When Day Is Done (closing)

Butterfield, Billy   What's New

Byrne, Bobby   The Green Hills of Erin (aka Danny Boy)

Calloway, Cab   Minnie the Moocher (The Ho De Ho Song)

Carle, Frankie   Sunrise Serenade

Carter, Benny   Melancholy Lullaby

Castle, Lee

Cavallaro, Carmen   My Sentimental Heart

Chester, Bob   Sunburst

Claridge, Gay

Clinton, Larry   The Dipsy Doodle

Coon-Sanders   Nighthawk Blues

Cooper, Al   Jumpin' At the Savoy

Courtney, Del   Three Shades of Blue; Good Evening

Covington, Warren

Crosby, Bob   Summertime

Cugat, Xavier   My Shawl

Cummins, Bernie   Dark Eyes

Davis, Johnny "Scat"   Hooray for Hollywood

Dawn, Dolly

Denny, Jack   Under the Stars

Deutsch, Emery   When a Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry

DeVol, Frank   Dream Awhile

Donahue, Al   Lowdown Rhythm in a Top Hat

Donahue, Sam   I Never Knew

Dorsey Brothers, The   Sandman

Dorsey, Jimmy   Contrasts

Dorsey, Tommy   I'm Getting Sentimental Over You

Dowell, Saxie   Three Little Fishes

Duchin, Eddy   My Twilight Dream

Duchin, Peter   My Twilight Dream

Dunham, Sonny   Memories of You

Eberle, Ray   Serenade in Blue

Eckstine, Billy

Elgart, Larry

Elgart, Les   Heart of My Heart

Ellington, Duke   East St. Louis Toodle-oo; Take the 'A' Train

Elman, Ziggy   And the Angels Sing

Ennis, Skinnay   Got a Date with An Angel

Farmer, Willie   Farmer in the Dell

Felton, Happy   I Want to Be Happy

Ferguson, Maynard

Fields, Shep   Rippling Rhythm; Ritual Fire Dance (all-reed orchestra)

Fina, Jack   Dream Sonata

Fio Rito, Ted   Rio Rita

Flanagan, Ralph   Singing Winds

Foster, Chuck   Oh, You Beautiful Doll

Funk, Larry   Rose of Washington Square

Garber, Jan   My Dear

Garr, Glenn   I Love You Truly

Gerun, Tom

Gill, Emerson

Gillespie, Dizzy

Glasser, Don   You Call It Madness, I Call It Love

Goodman, Benny   Let's Dance (opening); Good-Bye (closing)

Gordon, Gray   One Minute to One

Gray, Glen   Smoke Rings

Gray, Jerry   Desert Serenade

Green, Johnny   Hello, My Lover, Goodbye

Grier, Jimmie   Music in the Moonlight

Hackett, Bobby   Embraceable You

Hall, George   Love Letters in the Sand

Hall, Sleepy   Sleepy-Time Gal

Hallett, Mal   Boston Tea Party

Hamp, Johnny   My Old Kentucky Home

Hampton, Lionel   Flying Home  

Harris, Phil   Rose Room

Hawkins, Coleman   Body and Soul

Hawkins, Erskine   Tuxedo Junction

Hayes, Edgar   Star Dust

Haymes, Joe   Midnight

Heath, Ted   Listen to My Music

Hefti, Neal   Coral Reef

Heidt, Horace   I'll Love You in My Dreams

Henderson, Fletcher   Christopher Columbus

Henderson, Horace  

Henderson, Skitch   Anita

Herbeck, Ray   Romance

Herman, Woody   Blue Prelude; Blue Flame

Hickman, Art   Rose Room

Hill, Teddy   Uptown Rhapsody

Hill, Tiny   Angry

Himber, Richard   It Isn't Fair

Hines, Earl   Deep Forest

Hite, Les   It Must Have Been a Dream

Hoagland, Everett

Hoff, Carl   I Could Use a Dream

Hopkins, Claude   (I Would Do) Anything for You

Howard, Eddy   Careless (open); So Long for Now (closing)

Hudson-DeLange   Eight Bars in Search of a Melody

Hudson, Dean   Moon Over Miami

Hudson, Will   Hobo On Park Avenue

Hutton, Ina Ray   Gotta Have Your Love

Hylton, Jack   She Shall Have Music

James, Harry   Ciribiribin

Jarrett, Art   Everything's Been Done Before

Jenney, Jack   City Night

Jerome, Henry   Night Is Gone; Nice People

Jones, Isham   You're Just a Dream Come True

Jones, Spike   Cocktails for Two

Jordan, Louis

Joy, Jimmy   Shine On, Harvest Moon

Jurgens, Dick   Day Dreams Come True At Night

Kassel, Art   Doodle Doo Doo; Hell's Bells

Kaye, Sammy   Kaye's Melody

Kemp, Hal   Got a Date with An Angel (opening); (How I'll Miss You) When Summer Is Gone (closing)

Kenton, Stan   Artistry in Rhythm

King, Henry   A Blues Serenade

King, Wayne   The Waltz You Saved for Me

Kirby, John

Kirk, Andy   Clouds; Until the Real Thing Comes Along

Knapp, Orville   Accent On Youth

Krupa, Gene   Apurksody; Starburst

Kyser, Kay   Thinking of You

Lanin, Lester

Lanin, Sam   A Smile Will Go a Long, Long Way

Lawrence, Elliot   Heart to Heart

Leonard, Harlan

Lewis, Ted   When My Baby Smiles At Me

Light, Enoch   You're the Only Star

Little, Little Jack   Little By Little

Lombardo, Guy   Auld Lang Syne

Long, Johnny   The White Star of Sigma Nu

Lopez, Vincent   Nola

Lown, Bert   Bye Bye Blues

Lunceford, Jimmie   Jazznocracy; Uptown Blues

Lyman, Abe   California, Here I Come

Madriguera, Enric   Adios

Maltby, Richard

Manone, Wingy   Isle of Capri

Marterie, Ralph   Carla; Trumpeter's Lullaby

Martin, Freddy   Bye-Lo-Bye Lullaby; Piano Concerto in Bb Minor     

Masters, Frankie   Scatterbrain

May, Billy   Lean, Baby

McCoy, Clyde   Sugar Blues

McFarland Twins   Darkness

McIntyre, Hal   Moon Mist

McKinley, Ray   Howdy, Friends

McShann, Jay

Messner, Johnny   Can't We Be Friends

Miller, Eddie   Lazy Mood

Miller, Glenn  Moonlight Serenade; Slumber Song (opening during ASCAP strike; then closing)

Millinder, Lucky   Ride, Red, Ride

Monroe, Vaughn   Racing with the Moon

Mooney, Art   Sunset to Sunrise

Morgan, Russ   Does Your Heart Beat for Me?

Morrow, Buddy   Dancing To-Night to Morrow

Moten, Bennie   South

Nelson, Ozzie   Loyal Sons of Rutgers

Nichols, Red   Wail of the Winds

Noble, Leighton   I'll See You in My Dreams

Noble, Ray   The Very Thought of You (opening); Goodnight, Sweetheart (closing)

Norvo, Red   Mr. and Mrs. Swing

Oliver, Sy

Olsen, George   Beyond the Blue Horizon

Osborne, Will   The Gentleman Waits

Owens, Harry   Sweet Leilani

Palmer, Jimmy   It's a Lonesome Old Town

Panico, Louis   Wabash Blues

Pastor, Tony   Blossoms

Paxton, George

Phillips, Teddy   Thankful

Pollack, Ben   Song of the Islands

Powell, Teddy   Sans Culottes

Prima, Louis   Let's Have a Jubilee; Way Down Yonder in New Orleans

Raeburn, Boyd   Moonlight On Melody Hill; Raeburn's Theme (bits of There Is No You and Dalvatore Sally)

Rapp, Barney   Skaters' Waltz

Ravazza, Carl   Vieni Su

Redman, Don   Chant of the Weed

Reichman, Joe   Variations in "G"

Rey, Alvino   Blue Rey (opening); Nighty-Night (closing)

Reynolds, Tommy   Pipe Dreams

Rich, Buddy   Rain On the Roof

Rich, Freddie

Richards, Johnny   Young At Heart

Rogers, Buddy   My Buddy

Sauter-Finegan   Doodletown Fifers

Savitt, Jan   Quaker City Jazz

Scott, Raymond   Pretty Little Petticoat

Senter, Boyd   Bad Habits

Shaw, Artie   Nightmare

Shaw, Milt

Sherwood, Bobby   Elks' Parade

Sissle, Noble   Hello, Sweetheart, Hello; I'm Just Wild About Harry     
Slack, Freddie   Strange Cargo

Sosnick, Harry   Lazy Rhapsody

Spanier, Muggsy   Relaxin' At the Touro

Specht, Paul   Evening Star

Spitalny, Phil   My Isle of Golden Dreams

Spivak, Charlie   Stardreams

Stabile, Dick   Blue Nocturne

Stern, Harold   Now That It's All Over

Straeter, Ted   The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Strong, Bob

Teagarden, Jack   I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues

Thornhill, Claude   Snowfall

Tremaine, Paul   Lonely Acres

Trumbauer, Frankie   Singin' the Blues

Tucker, Orrin   Drifting and Dreaming

Tucker, Tommy   I Love You (Oh, How I Love You)

Vallee, Rudy   My Time Is Your Time

Ventura, Charlie

Venuti, Joe   Last Night

Wald, Jerry   Call of the Wild

Waller, Fats   Ain't Misbehavin'

Waring, Fred   Sleep

Webb, Chick   Let's Get Together

Weeks, Anson   I'm Writing You This Little Melody

Weems, Ted   Out of the Night

Welk, Lawrence   Bubbles in the Wine

Whiteman, Paul   Rhapsody in Blue

Williams, Cootie   Echoes of Harlem

Williams, Griff   Dream Music

Wilson, Teddy   Jumpin' On the Blacks and Whites

Young, Sterling   Blue Is the Night

Zentner, Si   Up a Lazy River

Zurke, Bob   Hobson Street Blues

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