vital stats:
given name  Sydney Lawrence
birth June 26, 1923, Shotton, North Wales, United Kingdom
death   May 5, 1998
father   a steelworker and part-time drummer
education   Deeside Central School, Shotton, North Wales
military service   English Royal Air Force (RAF), posted to the Middle East, 1942-46
wife   Catherine, m.1951
two grandchildren
residence   Cheshire, Northwest England

    Ironically, because Lawrence had been sent to the Middle East during World War II, he wasn't able to personally see Glenn Miller's famed Army Air Force Band, which arrived in England in June 1944. 
    Within 24 hours of being demobilized in 1946, Lawrence went on tour with a band, then worked around London until 1953.

Syd Lawrence - In His Own Words:
        "I hoped to get a job with the Northern Variety Orchestra, but there was nothing going on, so
         I took a job flogging and repairing Hoovers.  I remember on one occasion sitting on this lady's
         floor with her Hoover in bits all around me, telling her that I used to play trumpet with Geraldo.
         After I left, I could just imagine what she must have said to her husband that evening.  I had
         this crazy Hoover repair man here today saying he used to play with Geraldo!  I think those 8
         months will be embedded in my mind for ever."

         "I toured as a young musician but nothing like I've toured since!  The dates keep coming and
         the guys stay with me.  We're all friends and there's a good atmosphere in the band."

         "Whenever we play we invariably get a lot of requests handed up on pieces of paper and some
         of the titles you wouldn't believe!  The Peanut Bender, Porky and Bess, Jumping at the Woodpile,
         Woodpecker's Ball, Murder on Tenth Avenue, Moonlight in Moscow, Star of India, Spanky and
         perhaps the best one of all, Catch the Hay Train!  (The Peanut Vendor, Porgy and Bess, Jumping
         at the Woodside, Woodchopper's Ball, Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, Midnight in Moscow, Song
         of India, Splanky, Take the 'A' Train.)"

    With the enthusiastic support of The International Glenn Miller Society, headquartered in England, his fame as a respected and witty bandleader grew - and spread around the world.  
    Lawrence's orchestra made its London debut at the Royal Festival Hall in December 1969, then performed in February 1970 at the Royal Albert Hall.
    Not unlike Miller, whose theme song was Moonlight Serenade, Lawrence used a composition titled Evening Serenade.
    Over the years, Lawrence and his band appeared at thousands of dances and concerts, including, quite prominently, the more than 20 annual Miller anniversary shows in London and Croydon.
    They also did much radio and TV work, and recorded about 15 albums for Fontana and Philips, before Lawrence started his own record label, Beechpark, in 1979. 
    For instance, an early 1970s LP, "Something Old Something New," combined original Miller arrangements like Sun Valley Jump and Long Tall Mama with more contemporary songs, including Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head and Alfie, done in the Miller style.
    "Nothing sounds quite like Glenn Miller...," an advertisement in Jazz Journal International claimed, "...except the sound of the Syd Lawrence Orchestra."
    Meanwhile, with interest in big band music re-ignited in England, several additional groups, such as a UK Glenn Miller Orchestra, initially co-directed by Ray McVay and John Watson, and an orchestra led by Glenn's brother, Herb Miller, sprang up there. 
    Lawrence responded by broadening his musical policy to include music in his programs and on his recordings from other American name bands.
    But on August 12, 1989, Lawrence entered semi-retirement when he handed leadership of his band over to pianist Bryan Pendleton.  Trombonist-vocalist Chris Dean assumed the reins  in 1996, and Lawrence passed away two years afterwards.
The big bands are back
in a new and exciting way!
by Music Librarian CHRISTOPHER POPA
September 2009

    He became a professional trumpeter at the age of 18.
    Beginning in the 1940s, he was in various British ensembles, including Cyril Stapleton (1949-50), Geraldo (1951), and, for 15-1/2 years, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Northern Dance Orchestra.
    In November 1967, tired of playing pop music, he organized his own big band and began by playing Tuesday night concerts of Glenn Miller music in Manchester, England, in a faithful and skilled manner. 
    The very first Miller disc Lawrence had purchased was said to be Adios.  Studying that and other original Miller recordings, Lawrence was able to painstakingly transcribe the arrangements, so his new band could play them note-for-note.   
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    I would like to expand this tribute with, if possible, a new interview of someone who was important to Syd Lawrence's life or career.  Are you an alumnus of his band, a member of his family, or a collector who is knowledgeable about his accomplishments?  Please contact me via e-mail

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Syd Lawrence LPs (select list):
"Syd Lawrence With the Glenn Miller Sound,
    Fontana ( UK ) SFL 13178, rec. 1969
"Syd Lawrence Orchestra plays . . . the music of
    Glenn Miller in super stereo," Philips ( UK )
    6641 017, rec. 1970
"Command Performance: More Music in the
    Glenn Miller Style," Fontana ( UK ) 6438 041,
    rec. 1970
"Something Old Something New," Philips ( UK )
    6308 090, rec. 1971
"Sincerely, Syd Lawrence," Philips ( UK )
    6308 126, rec. 1972
"Syd Lawrence Orchestra: My Favourite Things,"
    Philips ( UK ) 6308 153
"This Is a Lovely Way to Spend An Evening,"
    Philips ( UK ) 6308 204, rec. 1973
"The Syd Lawrence Orchestra: Swing Classics,"
    Philips 6381 072
"Syd Lawrence Plays More Miller Magic,"
    Philips ( UK ) 9109 214, rec. 1975