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    The daughters of Ralph Marterie held onto his music library and personal memorabilia for many years, but in late 2001 placed an ad in International Musician, offering more than 100 scores written for his band, in lots of 10 at $700 each. Then, in January 2005, scores and other personal items were listed on Ebay with a buy-it-now price of $2,500, then re-listed in March, with a starting price of $2,200.
     "We have some very special photos from our family albums of Ralph Marterie that we think you might enjoy," they explained.  "As a leading big band leader for over 30 years, his melodic trumpet and great dance band thrilled thousands of fans over the years.  There are hundreds of references to him and his music on the internet but nothing to compare with what we offer.  Please browse other sites for general information on his records, posters, biography, etc.   We own all of his original arrangements by such outstanding arrangers such as Don Costa, Manny Album, Bill Potts, and others.  It was his request that following his death, they would not be sold to pick-up bands around the country.  Therefore, hits like Caravan, Pretend, Crazy Man Crazy, Skokiaan and Carla, have never been played since 1978."
    Two small images from Marterie band score #527, Laura, arranged by Bill Potts, is shown below.
    Other memorabilia is in the hands of private collectors.

eBay advertisement.  "Ralph Marterie Private Family Collection," Jan. 30, 2005.

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