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researched by Music Librarian Christopher Popa

   Prior to his death, Wayne King had given some 5200 orchestrations and 127 kinescope recordings of his television show to Arizona State University in Tempe.  The kinescopes were 16mm films of his TV shows originating from Chicago between 1949-52 and have now been transferred to videotape.
    "The collection was acquired as [a] gift to the University in 1962," Bob Follet, head of the Music Library at Arizona State, explained to me.  "Not all materials were released immediately."
    The holdings are indexed by title, but not everyone can use them.
    "At Mr. King's wishes, the use of the collection is restricted to faculty and students of Arizona State University," Follet noted.  "No photocopying is permitted."
    "Because of the restrictions placed by Mr. King, the collection is little used," he acknowledged.
    Other memorabilia, such as the 1950 promotional advertisement shown below, is in the hands of private collectors.

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