Unless otherwise indicated, all tapes are 7".  Some playback at 3-3/4 ips (inches per second), others at 7-1/2 ips; likewise, some are 2-track, others 4-track.

Van Alexander
"Swing! Staged for Stereo!," Capitol 1635, 1963

Ray Anthony
"Dream Dancing," Capitol Y2T-2243
"Hit Songs," Capitol YT-2530   5" REEL
"Plays for Dream Dancing," Capitol ZT-723
"Twist, The; Swim, Swim...," Capitol Y2T-2381
"Young Ideas," Capitol ZC-34

Louis Armstrong
"And His Friends," Ampex / Flying Dutchman M-361
"Bing and Satchmo," MGM C-3882
"Ella and Louis Again" [ with Ella Fitzgerald ], Verve VST-10011
"Ella and Louis Again Vol.2" [ with Ella Fitzgerald ], Verve VST-10012
"Ella and Louis Again Vol.3" [ with Ella Fitzgerald ], Verve VST-10013
"Five Pennies, The" [ with Danny Kaye ], Bel Canto ST-68
"Golden Favorites," Decca ST74-4137
"Hello, Dolly!," Kapp L-41078
"I Love Jazz," Decca ST74-4227
"I've Got the World On a String," Verve VSTC-235
"King Oliver," Audio Fidelity X-5930
"Louis," Mercury STX-61081
"Louis and Dukes of Dixieland," Audio Fidelity A-1924
"Louis Armstrong," Livingston RT 5-7   5" REEL
"Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson," Verve VSTC-213
"Louis Under the Stars," Verve VSTC-208
"Porgy and Bess" [ with Ella Fitzgerald ], Verve VSTP206-2

Mitchell Ayres
"By Request" [ Perry Como ], RCA FTP-1148
"Como Swings" [ Perry Como ], RCA EPS-231   = RCA FTP-1000
"Have a Wonderful Weekend," RCA CPS-131
"Hollywood Palace," Command C-902
"Plays Romantic Ballads for You...," Everest STBR-1019
"Saturday Night with Mr. C." [ Perry Como ], RCA CPS-153
"Season's Greetings From Perry Como," RCA FTP-1030
"Sing to Me, Mr. C" [ Perry Como ], RCA FTP-1090
"Songs I Love" [ Perry Como ], RCA FTP-1203
"When You Come to the End of a Day" [ Perry Como ], RCA DPS-219
"Young At Heart" [ Perry Como ], RCA FTP-1071

Charlie Barnet
"Cherokee," Everest STBR-1012
"Era, The: Charlie Barnet," Crown ST 105   members of the Charlie Barnet Orchestra
"More Charlie Barnet," Everest STBR-1059
"On Stage," Omegatape DSST-823   = Encore E-45
"Tribute to Charlie Barnet," Omegatape SST-817   members of the Charlie Barnet Orchestra

Count Basie
"Basie," Roulette RTC-502
"Basie/Eckstine, Inc.," Roulette RTC-507
"Basie Land," Verve L-320
"Basie Meets Bond," United Artists C-6480
"Basie: One More Time: Music From the Pen of Quincy Jones," Roulette RTC-501
"Basie Picks the Winners," Verve C-330
"Basie Swingin' Voices," ABC X-858
"Basie's Beatle Bag," Verve X-359
"Basie's Beat," Verve L-8687
"Board of Directors: Annual Report" [ with The Mills Brothers ], Dot X-5888
"Breakfast Dance & Barbecue," Roulette RTC-509
"Broadway Basie's Way," Command C-905
"Chairman of the Board," Roulette RTC-510
"Compositions of Count Basie and Others," Crown ST 109   members of the Count Basie Orchestra?
"Count Basie and His Kansas City 7," Impulse 304, 1963
"Count Basie Story," Roulette 520
"Count Meets the Duke," Columbia CQ-459
"Dance Along with Basie," Roulette 517
"Ella Fitzgerald & Basie," Verve C-300
"Greatest, The: Count Basie Plays; Joe Williams Sings Standards," Verve VSTC-204
"How About This!" [ with Kay Starr ], Paramount X-5001
"Lil Ol' Groovemaker," Verve C-297
"More Hits, 50's, 60's," Verve L-311
"On My Way and Shoutin' Again," Verve C-284
"Pop Goes the Basie," Reprise RS-6153
"Sinatra At the Sands" [ with Frank Sinatra ], Reprise WS-FS-1019
"Sinatra/Basie" [ with Frank Sinatra], Reprise S9-1008
"Sing Along with Basie," Roulette 512
"Sound of Jazz, The" [ with Red Allen, Jimmy Giuffre Trio ], Columbia GCB 21
"String Along with Basie," Roulette 521
"This Time By Basie," Reprise S9-6070

Francis Bay
"Bay Big Band's Latin Beat, The," Omega ST-7039
"Big Band Blast," Omega SST-855
"Duke Ellington," Omega SST-867
"Glenn Miller Sound in Stereo," Omegatape ST-4001   members of the original Glenn Miller Orchestra
    and the Bay Big Band
"Heathsville," Omega SST-868
"In the Mood," Omega SST-861
"James Session," Omega SST-863
"Latin Beat," Philips C-600-011
"Latin Heat with a Latin Beat," Omegatape ST-4003   = Encore E-4
"My Big Band's Showing," Philips 600-040
"Rock-a-Bye Basie," Omega SST-870
"Salute to Count Basie and Lionel Hampton," Omega 4041
"Salute to the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra," Omega ST-7035
"Salutes Les Brown," Encore E-5
"Sentimental Swingers," Omega ST-7044   salute to Les Brown
"Study in Brown," Omega SST-865
"Swing Low Great Clarinet," Omega ST-7040   salute to Artie Shaw
"Swing Low, Great Clarinets," Omegatape ST-4008   salute to Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman
"Swingin' High," Omega ST-7045   salute to Count Basie
"Swingin' High with Ellington and Basie," Omegatape ST-4007
"Swinging Night People," Encore E-16
"Swinging Years (1938-45)," Encore E-37
"Toast to Tommy Dorsey," Encore E-25
"Toast to Tommy Dorsey in Stereo," Omegatape ST-4006   members of the original Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
    and the Bay Big Band

Tex Beneke
"Music Made Famous By Glenn Miller," Warner Brothers WST-1468C
"New Top Hits in the Glenn Miller Style," Capitol ZT-2093
"Silver Jubilee Album," Warner Brothers WST-1468C
"Something New," Warner Brothers WST-1505C
"Something New / Silver Jubilee Album," Warner Brothers WSTA-2702
see also Bobby Byrne

Les Brown
"Bandland," Columbia CQ-351
"Composer's Holiday," Capitol ZC-32
"Concert Modern," Capitol ZC-58
"Jazz Song Book," Coral ST74-57311
"Lerner and Loewe Bandbook," Columbia CQ-394
"Revolution in Sound," Columbia CQ-476
"Richard Rodgers Bandbook, The," Columbia CQ-502, 1963
"Sign of the Times," Decca ST74-4768
"Stereo Suite for Two Bands" [ with Vic Schoen ], Kapp KT-41007
"Swing Song Book," Coral ST74-57300

Billy Butterfield
"Golden Horn, The" Columbia CQ-427
"Just Kiddin' Around" [ with Ray Conniff ], Columbia CQ-566  
"They're Playing Our Song," RCA CPS-77
"Touch of the Blues, A" [ Lee Wiley ], RCA APS-102
see also Bobby Hackett

Bobby Byrne
"Great Band Themes, The," Grand Award GA ST-22   = Grand Award GRT-225
    All-Star Orchestra, conducted by Bobby Byrne
"Great Song Hits of the Glenn Miller Orchestra," Grand Award GA ST-13   = GRT-207
"Great Song Hits of the Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey Orchestras," Grand Award GA ST-12
    members of the Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey Orchestras

Cab Calloway
"Porgy and Bess" [ with Sidney Poitier, Dorothy Dandridge, Pearl Bailey ], Columbia TOB-51  
    2 REELS

Frankie Carle
"12 Double-Barreled Hits of '64," RCA FTP-1277
"30 Hits of Fantastic '50s," RCA FTP-1264
"30 Hits of Flaming '40s," RCA FTP-1161, 1963
"30 Hits of Thundering '30s," RCA FTP-1160, 1963
"30 Hits of the Tuneful '20s," RCA FTP-1159, 1963
"Around the World," RCA CPS-70
"Carle-Load of Hits," RCA FTP-1115
"Fabulous Four Hands," RCA FTP-1054
"Frankie Carle and His Beautiful Dolls," RCA CPS-129
"Honky Tonk Hits," RCA FTP-1121
"Show Stoppers in Dance Time," RCA FTP-1005
"Three Great Pianos," RCA FTP-1213
see also various artists: "Big Band Cavalcade, The"

Lee Castle
see also Jimmy Dorsey

Carmen Cavallaro
"Cavallaro with That Latin Beat," Decca ST74-8864
"Cocktail Time," Decca ST74-4155
"Cocktails with Cavallaro," Decca ST74-8805
"Easy Listening," Decca ST74-4743
"Eddy Duchin Story," Decca ST74-8289   = Decca ST74-9121
"Franz Liszt Story," Decca ST74-8999
"Hits From Hollywood," Decca ST74-4274
"I Wish You Love," Decca ST74-4566
"Informally Yours," Decca ST74-4017
"Magic Music of Hollywood," Decca ST74-4669
"Plays Ellington," Decca ST74-4774
"Plays His Show Stoppers," Decca ST74-4018

Larry Clinton
"Dance Along with Larry Clinton," Kapp KT-41013
"My Million Sellers," Everest 1096

Warren Covington
see also Tommy Dorsey

Bob Crosby
"Petite Fleur," Dot DST-25170
see also various artists: "Big Band Cavalcade, The"

Xavier Cugat
"Bang Bang," Decca ST74-4799
"Best of Cugat," Mercury C-6015
"Cugat in France, Spain and Italy," RCA 1028
"Cugat in Spain," RCA CPS-213
"Continental Hits," Mercury C-6021
"Dance Party," Decca ST74-4740
"Feeling Good!," Decca ST74-4672
"Misty Roses," Decca 72-5046
"Most Popular Movie Hits," Mercury 60745, 1963
"Viva Cugat," Mercury C-6003

Sam Donahue
"Body and Soul," Livingstonette 2012C
"Right There! With the Sam Donahue Orchestra"
see also Tommy Dorsey

Jimmy Dorsey
"Goodies But Gassers," Epic EN-605   Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra directed by Lee Castle
"Greatest Hits," Decca 72-4853
"Remember Jimmy," Decca ST74-4248
see also Bobby Byrne
see also Tommy Dorsey

Tommy Dorsey
"Best of Tommy Dorsey" / "Best of Artie Shaw," RCA TP3-5021, 1967
"Dorsey Legend, The," World Record Club TT 245   [ United Kingdom ]
"It Takes Two to Bunny Hop," Decca ST74-8996   Tommy Dorsey Orchestra directed by Warren Covington
"It Takes Two to Cha Cha," Decca ST74-8980   Tommy Dorsey Orchestra directed by Warren Covington
"Live At the Royal Band Box, Hotel Americana," RCA FTP-1250  
    New Tommy Dorsey Orchestra directed by Sam Donahue
"Salute to Tommy Dorsey, A," Crown ST 112   members of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra?
"Tea for Two Cha Chas," Decca ST74-8842   Tommy Dorsey Orchestra directed by Warren Covington
"This Is Tommy Dorsey," RCA EPP2-6038
"Toast to Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey," Crown ST 101   members of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra?
"Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey," Omega ST-7027   members of the original Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
"Vol.1: Last Moments of Greatness," Avon   Dorsey Brothers
see also Francis Bay

Eddy Duchin
see also Carmen Cavallaro

Peter Duchin
"At the St. Regis," Decca ST74-4373
"Dance Till Dawn," Decca ST74-4685
"In the Duchin Manner," Decca ST74-4291
"Invitation," Decca ST74-4471
"Party's On, The," Decca ST74-4756
"Quiet Nights," Decca ST74-4866, 1967

Billy Eckstine
"Billy's Best," Mercury MVS2-22
"For Love of Ivy," Motown C-677
"Golden Hits," Mercury L-60796
"My Way," Motown MTC 646
"Once More with Feeling," Roulette 515
see also Count Basie

Les and Larry Elgart
"Best Band On Campus," Columbia CQ-483, 1963   Les Elgart
"Command Performance: The Great Dance Hits," Columbia C2Q-720
"Easy Goin' Swing," Tandberg TS-38   Larry Elgart
"Elgart Au Go-Go," Columbia CQ-749
"Great Sound of, The," Columbia GCB-52   = Columbia CQ-331   Les Elgart
"Greatest Hits," Columbia CQ-1061
"Half Latin-Half Satin," Columbia CQ-362   Les Elgart
"It's De-Lovely," Columbia CQ-443   Les Elgart
"Larry Elgart and His Orchestra," RCA Victor CPS-246   Larry Elgart
"Music in Motion," MGM C-4028   Larry Elgart
"New Sounds At the Roosevelt," RCA EPS-244   Larry Elgart
"Shape of Sounds to Come," MGM C-3896   Larry Elgart
"Sound Ideas," Columbia GCB 27
"Sound of the Times" / "Elgart Au Go-Go," Columbia H2C-25
"Warm and Sensuous," Columbia CQ-881
"Wonderful World of Hits," Columbia CQ-1000

Duke Ellington
"Afro Bossa," Reprise S9T-6069-C
"At Cote d'Azur" [ with Ella Fitzgerald ], Verve F-4072, 1967
"Back to Back: Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges Play the Blues," Verve VSTC-209
"Band Call," World Record Club TTP 86?   [ United Kingdom ]
"Big Sound, The" [ with Johnny Hodges ], Verve VSTC-224
"Compositions of Duke Ellington," Crown ST 110   members of the Duke Ellington Orchestra
"Duke At Tanglewood," RCA FTC-2214
"Ellington '65," Reprise RST-6122-C
"Ellington Indigos," Columbia GCB 18
"Ellington Jazz Party in Stereo," Columbia GCB 50
"Far East Suite" / "The Popular Duke Ellington," RCA TP3-5035
"Francis A. & Edward K." [ with Frank Sinatra ], Reprise FST-1024-A
"Greatest Hits," Reprise RST-6234-C
"Midnight in Paris," Columbia CQ-503, 1963
"Nutcracker Suite," Columbia CQ-372
"Side By Side" [ with Johnny Hodges ], Verve VSTC-237
"Soul Call," Verve L-8701
"Symphonic Ellington," Reprise R9T-6097-C
"This Is Duke Ellington," RCA Victor EPPE 6042-R-DP
"With Coleman Hawkins," Impulse C-305
see also Count Basie

Maynard Ferguson
"Boy with Lots of Brass," Mercury MVS3-4
"Jazz for Dancing," Roulette 511   or "Swingin' My Way Through College" ?

Shep Fields
"Shep Fields and His Rippling Rhythm in Hi Fi," Omega ST-7034
"Shep Fields At the Shamrock Hilton," Omegatape DSST-835
"Stereo Dance Time" [ also with Roger Lecussant Orchestra], Omegatape ST-4005

Ralph Flanagan
"Ralph Flanagan in Hi-Fi," RCA BPS-83

Jan Garber
"Golden Waltzes," Decca ST74-4300
"Medley Time," Decca ST74-4730
"They're Playing Our Song," Decca ST74-4543
"You Stepped Out of a Dream," Decca ST74-4143

Terry Gibbs
"The Exciting Terry Gibbs Big Band," Verve 264

Dizzy Gillespie
"Dizzy On the French Riviera," Philips 600-048, 1963
"Ebullient Mr. Gillespie," Verve 249
"Electrifying Evening with the Dizzy Gillespie Quintet, An," Verve C-275
"Have Trumpet, Will Excite," Verve VSTC-211
"Portrait of Duke Ellington," Verve 252
"New Wave!," Philips 600-070

Benny Goodman
"Benny Goodman in Moscow," RCA FTO-6003, 1963
"Benny Goodman Rides Again," Bel Canto 112
"Benny Goodman Story," Decca ST74-8252
"Benny Goodman Swings Again," Columbia CQ-359
"Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra in A, K.622" [ with the Boston Symphony Orchestra ],
  RCA DCS-39
"Era of Benny Goodman, The," Crown ST 103   members of the Benny Goodman Orchestra
"Happy Session," Columbia GCB 46
"Hello Benny!," Capitol ZT-2157
"Salute to Benny," Encore E-34   members of the Benny Goodman Orchestra
"Salute to Benny Goodman," Omegatape SST-813   members of the Benny Goodman Orchestra
"Sound of Music, The" MGM STC-3810
"This Is Benny Goodman," RCA Victor EPP2 6040-R-DP
"Together Again" [ with Lionel Hampton, Gene Krupa, Teddy Wilson ], RCA FTP-1200

Glen Gray
"Glen Gray's Greatest," Capitol X-375
"Jonah Jones / Glen Gray," Capitol ZT-1660, 1963
"More of Today's Best," Capitol ZT-2014
"Sounds of the Great Bands," Capitol ZD-79   = Capitol ZW-1022
"Themes of the Great Bands," Capitol ZT-1812
"Today's Best," Capitol ZT-1938

Jerry Gray
"Moon Over Naples" [ Billy Vaughn ], Dot DST-25654

Urbie Green
"21 Trombones," Project 3 C-5014
"21 Trombones, Vol.2," Project 3 C-5024
"Jimmy McHugh in Stereo," RCA CPS-193
"Let's Face the Music and Dance," RCA CPS-125
"Persuasive Trombone of Urbie Green Vol.2," Command 838, 1963

Bobby Hackett
"A Time for Love," Project 3 L-5016
"Bobby/Billy/Brazil" [ with Billy Butterfield ], Verve 8723
"Dream Awhile," Columbia CQ-367
"Jazz Impressions of 'Oliver'," Epic EN-618
"Midnight Touch," Project 3 68-5006 / L-5006
"Music of Louis Armstrong," Epic EN-624
"Music of Bert Kaempfert," Epic EN-621
"Music of Mancini," Epic EN-619
"Night Love" [ with Glenn Osser and the Midnight Strings ], Columbia CQ-492, 1963
"Plays Tony Bennett's Hits," Epic EN-648
"Plus Vic Dickerson," Project 3 X-5034
"Trumpet's Greatest Hits," Epic EN-635

Lionel Hampton
"Flyin' Home with Hits of Lionel Hampton," Omegatpe SST-836   = Encore E-49
"Hamp's Big Band," Audio Fidelity AFST-1913-4
"Just Jazz All-Stars," Crescendo MGN-15
"Lionel Plays Drums, Vibes, Piano," Audio Fidelity AFST-1849-4
"Music Composed By Lionel Hampton and Others," Crown ST 108   members of the Lionel Hampton Orchestra?
"Orig. Star Dust," Decca ST74-4194
"Soft Vibes, Soaring Strings," Columbia CQ-424
see also Benny Goodman

Ted Heath
"12 Chartbusters," London L-74074
"21st Anniversary Album," London L-70146
"All-Time Top Twelve," London LPM-70008
"Big Band Bash," London L-74017
"Big Band Blues," London LPM-70021
"Big Band Dixie Sound," London M-70039
"Big Band Percussion," London L-74002
"Big Band Spirituals," London L-74036
"Big Band Themes Remembered," London L 444177
"Big Ones," London L-74140
"Great Film Hits," London 70040
"Heath vs. Ros," London L-74038
"Heath vs. Ros Round Two," London LPL-74089
"Hits I Missed," London LPM-70007
"My Very Good Friends the Bandleaders," London 70009
"New Palladium Performances," London L-74046
"Pop Hits From the Classics" / "Great Film Hits," London K-70040
"Pow!," London L-74079
"Satin, Saxes & Brass," London L-74023
"Sound of Music," London L-74063
"Swing Is King," London L-74104
"Swing Is King, Vol.2," London L-74113
"Swing Session," London K-70031
"Ted Heath Band Salutes Tommy Dorsey, The," London L 444228
"Ted Heath Swings in Hi-Stereo," London 70031

Neal Hefti
"Della" [ Della Reese ], RCA FTP-1008
"Jazz Pops," Reprise S-6039
"Sinatra and Swingin' Brass" [ Frank Sinatra ], Reprise S-1005

Woody Herman
"Chubby Takes Over" [ Chubby Jackson with members of the Woody Herman Orchestra],
  Everest STER-1013
"Encore, '63," Philips C-600-092
"Golden Favorites," Decca ST74-4484
"Herd Rides Again in Stereo, The," Everest STBR-1009
"Herman's Heat and Puente's Beat," Everest STBR-1014
"My Kind of Broadway," Columbia CQ-767
"New Swinging Herman Herd, The," Crown ST 113
"Stravinsky: Ebony Concerto" / "Symphony in Three Movements" [ London Symphony Orchestra ],
  Everest STBR-3009
"Tribute to Woody Herman," Crown ST 106   =Omegatape SST-815   members of the Woody Herman Orchestra
"Woody Herman: 1963," Philips PT-600-065, 1963

Earl Hines
"Earl's Pearls," MGM C-3832
"Stride Right" [ with Johnny Hodges ], Verve X-331

Eddy Howard
"Golden Hits" / "More Golden Hits," Mercury STG-T3

Harry James
"Golden Trumpet of," London L-74109
"Harry James and His New Swingin' Band," MGM STC-3778
"New James, The," Capitol ZC-92
"Today!," MGM C-3848
"Tribute to Harry James, A," Crown ST 111   members of the Harry James Orchestra
"Wild About Harry!," Capitol ZC-29

Spike Jones
"Music America Hates Best," Liberty LT-7154
"Omnibust," Bel Canto LT-7140
"Spike Jones in Stereo," Warner Brothers WST-1332C
"Washington Square," Liberty LT-7338

Dick Jurgens
"Here's That Band Again: Dick Jurgens plays his hits," Ampex X 272

Sammy Kaye
"Come Dance to the Hits," Decca ST74-4502
"Come Dance with Me," Decca ST74-4357
"Dance and Be Happy," Decca ST74-4924
"Dancetime," Decca ST74-4655
"Dancing On a Silken Cloud," Columbia CQ-412
"For Dancing: Sammy Kaye Swings and Sways 'Bells Are Ringing,'" Columbia ICB 1
"Glory of Love, The: Fabulous Dance Instrumentals," Decca ST74-4970
"Let's Face the Music and Dance," Decca ST74-4823
"Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra Play 18 All-Time Song and Movie Hits," Columbia CQ-364
"Sammy Kaye Plays Strauss Waltzes for Dancing," Columbia GCB-55
"Shall We Dance," Decca ST74-4754
"Songs I Wish I Had Played," Decca ST74-4154
"Swing and Sway in Hawaii," Decca ST74-4862, 1967

Stan Kenton
"Adventures in Time," Capitol ZT-1844
"Artistry in Bossa Nova," Capitol ZT-1931
"Artistry in Rhythm," Crown ST 104   members of the Stan Kenton Orchestra
"Artistry in Voices and Brass," Capitol ZT-2132
"Ballad Style of" / "Romantic Approach," Capitol Y2T-2377
"Kenton in Hi-Fi," Capitol ZD-10
"Rendezvous with Kenton," Capitol ZC-43
"Sophisticated Approach," Capitol ZT-1674, 1963
"Stan Kenton in Hi-Fi" / "Viva Kenton!," Capitol Y2W-2233
"West Side Story," Capitol ZT-1609

Wayne King
"Christmas," Decca ST74-4438
"Dance Medleys," Decca ST74-4848, 1967
"Dance Time," Decca ST74-4551
"Dream Time," Decca ST74-8663
"Golden Favorites," Decca ST74-4309
"Isle of Golden Dreams," Decca ST74-8496
"Marvelous Medleys," Decca ST74-4988
"Moonlight and Roses," Decca ST74-4805
"Songs of the Islands," Decca C-4023
"Sweetest Sounds," Decc ST74-4368
"Under Italian Skies," Decca ST74-4233

Gene Krupa
"Gene Krupa Plays Gerry Mulligan Arrangements," Verve VSTC-223
"Percussion King," Verve C-260
see also Benny Goodman
see also Ray McKinley

Lester Lanin
"At the Country Club," Philips X-600-192
"Dance Album," Epic E2N-622
"Dancing At the Discotheque," Philips C-600-145
"Dancing Theatre Party," Epic EN-615, 1963
"Have Band Will Travel," Epic EN-608
"I Had a Ball," Philips C-600-165
"Lester Lanin At the Tiffany Ball," Epic EN-601
"Lester Lanin Goes to College," Epic EN-600
"Lester Lanin Plays Latin," Epic EN-609
"Plays Hits for Dancing," Philips C-600-181

Elliot Lawrence
"Dream On ... Dance On," Fantasy FST-909
"Elliot Lawrence Plays for Swinging Dancers," Fantasy FST-904

Ted Lewis
"Greatest Hits," Decca ST74-4905

Enoch Light
"12 Smash Hits," Project 3 X-5021   The Enoch Light Singers
"'68, '69," Project 3 L-5027
"And the Brass Menagerie," Project 3 X-5036
"Best of the Roaring 20's," Grand Award GRT-7001
"Big Bold & Brassy," Command C-818
"Command Performance," Command C-868
"Command Performance Vol.2," Command C-915
"Dimension 3," Command C-867
"Discotheque Dance," Command C-873
"Discotheque Vol.2," Command C-882
"Enoch Light," Project 3 L-5013
"Enoch Light Plays Irving Berlin," Command C-839, 1963
"Enoch Light Plays Waltzes for Dancing," Grand Award GA ST-15
"Far Away Places," Command C-822
"Far Away Places Vol.2," Command C-850
"Film On Film," Project 3 C-5005
"Great Themes From Hit Films," Command 835
"I Want to Be Happy Cha Chas," Grand Award GA ST-21   Enoch Light and the Light Brigade
"It's Happening," Project 3 C-5004
"Let's Dance Bossa Nova," Command C-851
"Million Dollar Sound," Command RS-4T-802
"Million Dollar Sound Vol.2," Command RS-4T-804
"Movie & Show Hits," Command L-887
"Music Man, The" [ with various performers ], Grand Award GA ST-20
"My Musical Coloring Book," Command RS-4T-848
"New Concept of Great Cole Porter Songs," Command C-879
"Percussion Cha Chas," Command C-814
"Pertinent Percussion Cha Cha's," Command RS-4T-814
"Private Life of a Private Eye," Command 805
"Provocative Percussion," Command RS-4T-806
"Provocative Percussion Vol.2," Command RS-4T-810
"Provocative Percussion Vol.3," Command C-821
"Provocative Percussion Vol.4," Command C-834
"Roaring 20's," Grand Award GA ST-1
"Roaring 20's Vol.2," Grand Award GA ST-2
"Roaring 20's Vol.3," Grand Award GA ST-23   Enoch Light with the Charleston City All Stars
"Roaring Flirty Thirties, The," Grand Award GA ST-3   Enoch Light with the Charleston City All Stars
"Roaring Flirty Thirties Vol.2," Grand Award GA ST-4   Enoch Light with the Charleston City All Stars
"Rome ... 35mm," Command C-863
"Sound 35mm," Command C-826
"Spanish Strings," Project 3 C-5000
"Stereo 35mm Vol. II," Command C-831
"With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming," Grand Award GA ST-25   Enoch Light and the Light Brigade
"Whoever You Are, I Love You," Project 3 X-5030

Guy Lombardo
"Berlin By Lombardo," Capitol ZT-1019
"Best of Guy Lombardo," Capitol X-1461
"Best of Guy Lombardo" / "Dancing Room Only," Capitol Y2T-2240
"Best Songs Are the Old Songs," Decca ST74-4268
"Dance Medley Time," Decca ST74-4735
"Dance to the Songs Everybody Knows," Decca ST74-4180
"Drifting and Dreaming," Capitol ZT-1593, 1963
"Go Dixie," Capitol ZT-1648
"Golden Medleys," Decca ST74-4593
"Greatest Hits," Decca ST74-4812, 1967
"Guy Lombardo's Broadway," Capitol YT-2559
"Lombardo Touch" / "A Wonderful Year!," Capitol Y2T-2516
"Snuggled On Your Shoulder," Decca ST74-4567
"Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven," Decca ST74-4329
"Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven (Musical Biography 1941-1948)," Decca ST74-4328
"Sweetest Pianos," Decca ST74-4123
"Sweetest Waltzes This Side of Heaven," Capitol ZT-1306, 1963
"Your Guy Lombardo Medley Vol.1 & 2," Capitol Y2T-2239
"Your Guy Lombardo Medley Vol.III," Capitol ZT-1598

Vincent Lopez
"Nola and Other Piano Instrumentals for Dancing," Omega 853

Jimmie Lunceford
see also Billy May

Ralph Marterie
"Jumpin' Trumpet," Mercury MVS2-30
"Ralph Marterie and His Golden Trumpet," Music Tapes MTR-19
"Stereo Dance Party," Mercury MS2-13

Freddy Martin
"53 All-Time Favorite Waltzes," Kapp F-41115
"Plays the Hits," Capitol ZT-2028
"Seems Like Old Times" / "As Time Goes By," Capitol Y2T-2376
"Shall We Dance?," RCA Victor AP-33   5" REEL
see also various artists: "Big Band Cavalcade, The"

Billy May
"Anita O'Day Swings Cole Porter with Billy May's Orchestra," Verve VSTC-220
"Big Fat Brass," Capitol ZT-1043
"Billy May Today!," Capitol YT-2560   5" REEL
"Cherokeely Swings" [ Keely Smith ], Dot DST-25460, 1963
"Come Dance with Me" [ Frank Sinatra ], Capitol ZW-1069
"Come Swing with Me" [ Frank Sinatra ], Capitol ZW-1594, 1963
"Harp with a Beat" [ Verlye Mills ], Hi-Fi R-606
"Horn a-Plenty" [ Billy May ], RCA 1109
"Jimmie Lunceford in Hi-Fi," Capitol ZC-30
"Just One of Those Things" [ Nat King Cole ], Capitol ZD-28
"Let's Face the Music and Dance" [ Nat King Cole ] / "L-O-V-E" [ Nat King Cole ],
    Capitol Y2T-2225
see also Glenn Miller

Ray McKinley
"Drum Beat for Dancing Feet" [ with Cozy Cole, Gene Krupa ], Coral ST74-57423
see also Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller
"Best of" / "Best of Vol.2," RCA TP3-5044
"Do You Wanna Dance," Command C-940   Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Buddy DeFranco
"Echoes of Glenn Miller," RCA FTP-1129   Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Ray McKinley
"Era of Glenn Miller," Crown ST 102   members of the Glenn Miller Orchestra
"Glenn Miller Carnegie Hall Concert" / "Glenn Miller Concert,"  RCA TP3-5020, 1967
"Glenn Miller Legend, The," World Record Club TTP 252   [ United Kingdom ]
"Glenn Miller Sound, The," Omega ST-7026   members of the Glenn Miller Orchestra
"Glenn Miller Story" [ soundtrack ], Decca ST74-8226   = Decca ST74-9123
"Glenn Miller Time," RCA FTP-1125   Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Ray McKinley
"Glenn Miller Time 1965," Epic EN-631   Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Ray McKinley
"Glenn Miller's Greatest," World Record Club TTP 223   [ United Kingdom ]
"Great Songs of the 60's," Epic EN-637   Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Ray McKinley
"New Glenn Miller Orchestra in Hi-Fi, The," RCA CPS-82   Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Ray McKinley
"On Tour with the New Glenn Miller Orchestra," RCA FTP-1001   Glenn Miller Orchestra
    directed by Ray McKinley
"Royal Festival Hall Concert," Paramount / GRT 0091-5034   Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by
    Buddy DeFranco
"Salute to Glenn Miller," GNP 76   conducted by Billy May
"Something New ... Tijuana Brass," Epic EN-646   Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Buddy DeFranco
"Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue," RCA CPS-136   Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Ray McKinley
see also Francis Bay

Art Mooney
"Cha-Cha-Cha," Omega DSST-849   = Encore E-40

Russ Morgan
"An Evening with Russ Morgan," T-Mates TMS-115
"Dance Along with Russ Morgan," Everest 1083
"Golden Favorites," Decca ST74-4294
"Medleys in the Morgan Manner," Capitol ZT-1703
"Music in the Morgan Manner," Everest 1054
"Russ Morgan and His Wolverine Band," Everest 1095

Buddy Morrow
"Big Band Guitar," RCA APS-235
"Just We Two" [ with Eddie Layton ], Mercury ST-60018
"Night Train," Mercury ST-60009
"Night Train Goes to Hollywood," Mercury 60702, 1963
"Rock'n Roll Tomorrow," Mercury MVS2-25

Red Nichols
"Red Nichols and His Five Pennies," Concertapes 3024

Red Norvo
"Red Norvo in Stereo," RCA CPS-204

Sy Oliver
"I Remember Tommy" [ Frank Sinatra ], Reprise S-1003-T

Jimmy Palmer
"Palmer Method of Dancing," Mercury MS2-21

Louis Prima
"His Greatest Hits," Bel Canto ST-103
"Louis and Keely," Bel Canto ST-70/4

Alvino Rey
"Ira Ironstrings (Best Damn Dance Band in Land)," Warner Brothers WST-1380
"Ira Ironstrings Destroys the Big Bands," Warner Brothers 1439
"King Family Album," Warner Brothers WST-1613C
"King Family Show!," Warner Brothers WST-1601C
"Stereo Goes Charleston" [ Ira Ironstrings ], Warner Brothers 1297
"Sunday with the King Family," Warner Brothers WST-1633

Buddy Rich
"Best of," World Pacific STWP-20169-B
"Buddy & Soul," World Pacific STWP-20158-B
"Keep the Customer Satisfied," Liberty STL-11006-B
"Rich a la Rahka," World Pacific
"Swingin' New Band," World Pacific WS-0113

Johnny Richards
"Wide Range," Capitol ZC-16

"Concerto for Jazz Band  & Symphony Orchestra" [ with The Chicago Symphony Orchestra ],
  RCA Red Seal ECS-3
"Doodletown Fifers & Pop Concert," United Artists 100
"Memories of Goodman and Miller in Stereo," RCA CPS-163
"Straight Down the Middle," RCA CPS-113
"Sweet Seventeen" [ Ames Brothers with Bill Finegan and His Orchestra ], RCA CPS-75

Raymond Scott
"Raymond Scott Conducts the Rock'n Roll Symphony," Everest STBR-1011

Artie Shaw
"Re-Creates His Great '38 Band," Capitol 2992, 1968
"Stardust: A Tribute to Artie Shaw," Royalty   Frankie Capp Percussion Group
"This Is Artie Shaw," RCA EPP2-6039
"Tribute to Artie Shaw, A" Crown ST 107   members of the Artie Shaw Orchestra
see also Tommy Dorsey

Bobby Sherwood
"Pal Joey," Bel Canto ST-39

Jack Teagarden
"Jack Teagarden Party, The," World Record Club TTP 156
"Mis-ry and the Blues," Verve C-257

Orrin Tucker
"Dream," Bel Canto STB-48
"The New Sounds of Orrin Tucker," Bel Canto STB-49

Rudy Vallee
"How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" [ original cast ], RCA 5011

Fats Waller
"The Immortal Fats," World Record Club TT 136?   [ United Kingdom ]

Fred Waring
"All Through the Night," Capitol ZC-44
"Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians in Hi-Fi," Capitol ZD-12
"God's Trombones and Other Spirituals," Decca ST74-4345
"In Hi-Fi," Capitol ZW-845
"Magic Music of," Decca ST74-4759
"Music Man," Capitol ZC-55
"South Pacific," Capitol ZC-56
"Waring Blend," Capitol ZT-1764

Anson Weeks
"Dancin' with Anson," Fantasy FST-908

Ted Weems
"Heartaches in Hi-Fi," Omegatape DSST-824

Lawrence Welk
"1963's Early Hits," Dot DST-25510
"1964's Early Hits," Dot DST-25572
"All-Time Greats," Dot DST-25544
"Apples and Bananas," Dot DST-25629
"Baby Elephant Walk," Dot DST-25457
"Best of," Wing X-16379
"Calcutta," Dot DST-25359
"Champagne Dancing Party," Coral ST74-57226
"Champagne Music," Bel Canto STC-55
"Country Music's Great Hits," Dot DST-25725
"Dance with Lawrence Welk," Bel Canto ST-107
"Golden Hits," Ranwood STR-8028-C
"Golden Millions," Dot DST-25611
"Great Overtures in Dance Time," Bel Canto ST-105
"Happy Wanderer," Dot DST-25653
"I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles," Bel Canto ST-101
"Jean," Ranwood STR-8060-B
"Last Date," Dot DST-25350
"Lawrence Welk Glee Club," Bel Canto ST-99
"Lawrence Welk Sing-a-long Party, A" Dot DST-25432, 1963
"Love Is Blue," Ranwood STR-8003-C
"Mary Poppins," Hamilton HLP-12152
"Moon River," Dot DST-25412   = Ranwood STR-8016-C
"Mr. Music Maker," Bel Canto STC-55
"Mr. Music Maker" / "Lawrence Welk Waltz and Polka Time," Bel Canto ST-57/4  
    = Bel Canto STC-55 and STC-56
"My First of 1965," Dot DST-25616
"My Golden Favorites," Coral ST74-57353
"Pick-a-Polka," Coral ST74-57067
"Plays Everybody's Music," Hamilton HLP-12125
"Presents Dick Kesner," Brunswick ST74-54044
"Scarlet O'Hara," Dot DST-25528
"Song of the Islands," Dot DST-25251
"Songs Everybody Knows," Coral ST74-57439
"Strictly for Dancing," Dot DST-25247
"Today's Great Hits," Dot DST-25663
"Voices and Strings of Lawrence Welk, The" Bel Canto ST-67/4
"Waltz and Polka Time," Bel Canto STC-56
"Waltz Time," Dot DST-25499   = Ranwood STR-8025-C
"Welk TV Show," Dot DST-25591
"Winchester Cathedral," Dot DST-25774
"Wonderful! Wonderful!," Dot DST-25552
"World's Finest Music," Coral ST74-57113
"Yellow Bird," Dot DST-25389
"Young World," Dot DST-25428

Paul Weston
"As Long As There's Music," Superscope 3-A037-C
"Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Irving Berlin Song Book" [ Ella Fitzgerald ], Verve VSTP-203-2
"Hits of Jo Stafford" [ Jo Stafford ], Capitol X-1921
"Music for Dreaming" / "Music for the Fireside" / "Music for Memories" / "Music for
   Romancing," Capitol Y4T-2201
"Music for My Love," Capitol ZT-1563
"Music for the Fireside," Capitol ZT-1192

Paul Whiteman
"Cavalcade of Music," Grand Award 244

Cootie Williams
"Cootie Williams in Stereo," RCA BPS-173

Griff Williams
"America's Most Danceable Music," Mercury MDS2-7
"Oldies But Goodies," Mercury C-60068
"We Could Have Danced All Night," Mercury MVS2-24

Teddy Wilson
see also Benny Goodman

Si Zentner
"Big Band Plays Big Hits," Liberty LT-7197
"Desafinado," Liberty LT-7273, 1963
"Exotica Suite" [ with Martin Denny ], Liberty LT-14020, 1963
"Great Band, Great Voices" [ with the Johnny Mann Singers ], Liberty LT-14009
"High Noon Cha Cha Cha," Bel Canto ST-47
"Introducing Si Zentner," Bel Canto STB/43
"Plays Big Band Hits," Liberty LT-7350
"Spotlight On Si Zentner," Pickwick P-428, 1963
"Stripper, The" Liberty LT-7247
"Swing Fever," Bel Canto ST-50
"Swing the Great Bands" [ with the Johnny Mann Singers], Liberty LT-14017
"Up a Lazy River," Liberty LT-7216
"Wonderful World," Liberty LTP-7902

various artists
"Big Band Cavalcade, The," RCA EPP2 0362-P-DP, 1973   Carle, Crosby, Martin
"Big Bands in Stereo," Capitol ZD-74
"Great Bands, The," Hamilton HLP-12142
"Live Echoes of the Swinging Bands" [ The Big 18 ], RCA BPS-200
"Remember the Night & the Music & the Girl," Warner Brothers WST-1426C
"Romantic and Nostalgic Moods: Warner Brothers Sampler: One Hour and Fifteen Minutes
    25 (Wonderful) Selections," Warner Brothers WSTC-1500
"Salute to the Big Bands," Omega STD-14
"Stereo for Dancers," Fantasy FST-601
"This Is the Big Band Era," RCA EPP2-6043
collector's checklist
by Christopher Popa
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  No.104, 1960.
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With appreciation to the late James Magrino, whose collection provided titles and catalog numbers of two additional tapes.

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