Motion Pictures
listing compiled by Christopher Popa

    "The greatest source of publicity ever developed for bandleaders is the movies," it was claimed in the May 1942 issue of Metronome magazine.  "First of all, the bandleader's name and photo appear in newspaper ads all over the country.  Blowups go on display in thousands of theatres from coast to coast . . . When you mention film to a bandleader these days, he doesn't think it's something that collects on your teeth."
Barnet, Charlie
"Love and Hisses," feature, 1937   [acting role]
"Sally, Irene and Mary," feature, 1938   [acting role]
"Juke Box Jenny," Universal, feature, rec. Oct. 1941, rel. Apr. 1942   [original title, "Fifty Million Nickels"]
"Syncopation," RKO, feature, rec. Feb. 1942
"Jam Session," Columbia, feature, rec. June 1943, rel. May 1944
"Music in Manhattan," RKO, feature, rec. Mar. 1944, rel. Oct. 1944
"Melody Parade," Universal, short, rec. July 1944  [excerpted in "Feather On Jazz," MCA, telecast, 1967]
"Ideal Girl," Universal, feature, rec. Dec. 1945, rel. Feb. 1946
"Freddie Steps Out," Monogram, feature, Mar. 1946
"Jasper in a Jam," George Pal Puppetoon, short, Mar. 1946
"The Fabulous Dorseys," United Artists, feature, rec. Sept. 1946, rel. May 1947
"Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra," Universal, short, rec. Dec. 1946, rel. 1947
"A Song Is Born," RKO, feature, rec. Jul.-Aug. 1947
"Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra," Columbia, "Thrills of Music" short, rec. Dec. 1947, rel. 1948
"Red Skin Rhumba," Universal-International, short, rec. Jul. 1948
"Make Believe Ballroom," Columbia, feature, rec. Sept.-Oct. 1948
"Charlie Barnet and His Band," Twentieth Century-Fox, "Movietone Melodies" short, ca. late 1948-early 1949
Skyliner, Snader Telescriptions, short, rec. Nov. 1950
Cherokee, Snader Telescriptions, short, rec. Nov. 1950
Andy's Boogie, Snader Telescriptions, short, rec. Nov. 1950
Caravan, Snader Telescriptions, short, rec. Nov. 1950
My Old Flame, Snader Telescriptions, short, rec. Nov. 1950
"Bright and Breezy," Universal, short, rec. Apr. 1956
"The Big Beat," Universal, feature, Jul. 1957
"Record Hop," Universal, short, rec. Oct. 1957
"Charlie Barnet in Concert," Twentieth Century-Fox, short, rec. Jan. 1967

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