The big bands are back
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Collector's Checklists
by Music Librarian Christopher Popa

Affinity (E) Charly CD 73, Stephane Grapelli / JV: Venupelli Blues, 1986
Chaiarscuro CR(D)128, Joe & Zoot & More, 2002
Chiarascuro CR(D)142, Joe Venuti And Zoot Sims, 1988
Chiarascuro CR(D)145, Joe Venuti & Earl Hines: Hot Sonatas, 1998 •
Chiarascuro CR(D)160, Joe Venuti And Dave McKenna: Alone At The Palace, 1991
Classics (Fr) 1211, The Chronogical Joe Venuti 1926 – 1928, 2001 •
Classics (Fr) 1246, The Chronogical Joe Venuti 1928–1930, 2002 •
Classics (Fr) 1276, The Chronogical Joe Venuti 1930–1933, 2002 •
Classics (Fr) 1349, The Chronogical Joe Venuti 1933, 2004 •
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-366-2 – see under “Various Artists”
Concord Jazz CCD-6014, Joe Venuti and George Barnes: Gems
Conifer (E) CDHD172, Joe Venuti: Fiddlesticks: Recordings 1931-1939
Doctor J (Neth) DJ 010 – see under “Various Artists”
Flying Fish FF-40077, Joe Venuti: Joe in Chicago, 1978, 1993
Gazell 1014, Joe Venuti: Sliding By, 1990
GM Recordings GM3048CD - see under "Tributes"
GRP / Dec J GRD-609 – see under “Various Artists”
Hep (E) CD 50 – see under “Various Artists”
Hoban Music CD-R, Joe’s Last Ride: JV: Chicago 1977
IAJRC CD1003, Joe Venuti and his Orchestra: Pretty Trix Norvo, Prima •
Just a Memory JAM-9127-2, JV And His Violin: “Never Before… N Again” •
Omega 3019, Joe Venuti: 15 Jazz Classics: with his jazz combo
Sounds of YesterYear (E) DSOY815, JV and His Blue Five: Blue Five Swing •

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