The big bands are back
in a new and exciting way

Collector's Checklists
by Music Librarian Christopher Popa

20th Century Fox 11007-2, The Classic Series: Stormy Weather •  
  Calloway, Waller 
Aero Space RACD 7107, They All Played Big Band Boogie  
Alpha Omega Records AO-05991, The Modernaires Now, 1999 •
Archeophone Records 3002, The Complete Hit Of The Week Recordings vol 1 •
  Lopez, Spitalny
Archeophone Records 3003, The Complete Hit Of The Week Recordings vol 2 •
  Fio Rito, Lopez, Spitalny
Archeophone Records 3004, The Complete Hit Of The Week Recordings vol 3 •
  Spitalny, Lombardo, Vallee, Vallee Orch dir by Himber
Archeophone Records 3005, The Complete Hit Of The Week Recordings vol 4 •
  Spitalny, Vallee
Archives of J (Holland) 3801012, Chicago Style
Archives of J (Holland) 3801212, Collectors’ Jackpot
Archives of J (Holland) 3801402, Collector’s Jackpot: Volume 2
  Ellington, Goodman, Armstrong
Archives of J (Holland) 3801442, Jazz From California
  Pollack feat Spanier
Archives of J (Holland) 3801502, Swing Jackpot: Unissued Big Band Treasures
  T Dorsey, Krupa, James
Audio File BBCD601, Big Bands From Chicago, 1996 5-CDs •
  Jurgens, Hines, Garber, Kyser, J Gray, Goodman, Howard, Ellington, Williams, 
  Herman, Carle, Weems, Basie
Audio File BCCD919, Big Bands From Coast To Coast, 2002 6-CDs •
  Clinton, Osborne, Lombardo, Ellington, Barnet, Calloway, Savitt, Garber, T Dorsey,
  Arnaz, G Williams, Foster, E Hawkins, Scott, Goodman
Audio File BHK182, Bands That Played The Blackhawk, 2008 7-CDs •
  Crosby, Kemp, Teagarden, Kassel, Nelson, Barron, Scott, Brown, Marx, Courtney,
Audio File DBR904, The Best of The Big Band Remotes 2-CDs •
  James, T Dorsey, Garber, Kirk, Shaw, Weems, Goodman, Miller, Clinton, Jurgens,
  Eldridge, Osborne, Webb, Howard, Savitt, Ellington, Arnheim, Berigan, Chester,
  McKinley, Crosby, Kenton, Arnaz, G Gray, Teagarden, O Tucker, Sherwood
Audio File DPC601, Pop Chronicles: the 40s: The lively story of . . . 6-CDs •
  James, S Jones, Kenton, Beneke, Monroe
Audio File DVSB450, Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands 6-CDs •
  Kaye, Hampton, O Tucker, Sherwood, Teagarden, Chester, Rey, Long, T Dorsey,
  Lunceford, James, Fields, Carle, Krupa, Armstrong, Masters, Brown, Crosby,
  Dunham, Howard, Welk, Goodman, Rich
Baldwin Street Music (Can) BJH-314, Maxine Sullivan: The 1950s . . . , 2004 •
Baldwin Street Music (Can) BJH-315, Bea Wain: That’s how I love the blues., 2002 •
Bear Family (G) 15 895 GK, Rosemary Clooney: Come On-a My House 7-CDs •
  Pastor, James, Weston
Bear Family (G) 15 914 GK, Rosemary Clooney: Memories Of You 7-CDs •
  Goodman, Weston, Ellington, James, T Dorsey
Bear Family (G) 15 927 HK, Rosemary Clooney: Many A Wonderful Moment 8-CDs •
Bear Family (G) BCD 16340 BL, Live From The Cotton Club, 2003 2-CDs •
  Ellington, Calloway
Bear Family (G) BCD 16342 KL, NKCole: Stardust: Comp Cap . . . 1955-59 11-CDs •
  May, Basie
Bear Family (G) BCD 16717 KL, NKCole: Comp Cap . . . 1960-64: L-O-V-E 11-CDs •
  Kenton, May
Big Band Era 2601742, Moonlight Serenade – 20 Great Big Band Hits
Biograph BCD 153, New York Jazz in the Roaring Twenties, 1999 •
  Dorsey Brothers, Nichols
Blue Moon (Sp) BMCD 2014, The Mills Brothers meet The Big Bands
  Oliver, McIntyre, Burke
Bb 3136-2-RB, The Jazz Age: New York In The Twenties, 1992
   Nichols, Pollack, Venuti
Bb 7636-2-RB, The Metronome All-Star Bands, 1988 •
  Berigan, T Dorsey, Waller, Spivak, Dunham, James, Teagarden, Goodman, Zurke, 
  Elman, Williams, Carter, C Hawkins, Beneke, Basie, Rich, Hefti, Bradley, Auld,
  Wilson, Norvo, Ventura 
Bb 8333-2-RB, Hoagy Carmichael: Stardust And Much More
Bb 9683-2-RB, C Hawkins / B Webster / B Carter: Three Great Swing Saxophones •
Bb 9985-2-RB, Lena Horne: Stormy Weather  
  Barnet, Shaw, H Henderson
BMG 78911-2, Tito Puente: The complete RCA recordings, 2000 6-CDs •
BMG 88222-2, Tito Puente: The Complete RCA Recordings volume Two 6-CDs •
BMG Camd Deluxe (E) 727112, The Definitive Perry Como Collection 2-CDs •
BMG Classics 63294-2, Fascinating Rhythm: The Broadway Gershwin 1919-1933 •
  Whiteman, Ellington
BMG Spec Prod 45910 2, In The Mood With… 1939: Best of the Big Band Era, 2002 •
  Miller, Goodman, Shaw, T Dorsey, Clinton, Kaye, Barnet, Hampton
BMG Spec Prod 45911 2, In The Mood With… 1938: Best of the Big Band Era, 2002 •
  T Dorsey, Shaw, Clinton, Berigan, Goodman, Waller, Fields, Nelson, Lombardo
Boplicity (E) CDBOPD 032, T Brewer . . . Songs of B Smith / It Don't Mean a . . . •
   Basie, Ellington
Bridge (Switz) 100.017-2, The Kings of Swing, 1985 •
  Goodman, James, Beneke, Brown, Crosby, Barnet
Bruce Klauber Audio DVD-R, Gene's 1940 Jam •
   Basie, Berigan, T Dorsey, Eldridge, C Hawkins, Kirby, Krupa, James, Jenney
Cap 42771-2-2, Frank Sinatra: classic duets, 2002 •
  Armstrong, Prima
Cap 509995-00013-23,the Essential Capitol Collection: Keely Smith, 2007 •
Cap Advance CD, Capitol: From The Vaults: Advance CD, 2000 •
  Slack, Whiteman, McKinley, Weston, Goodman, Ellington, Kenton
Cap CDP 21090 2, Great Swing Hits In Hi-Fi: Oscillatin’ Rhythm, 1997 •
  G Gray, Anthony, May, Goodman, Brown, James, Basie, Ellington
Cap CDP 8 53409 2, Prime-Time Tunes From The Tube: TV Town, 1997 •
  Martin, May, Zentner
Cap CDP 94080 2, kay Starr: Collectors Series, 1991 •
Cap CDP 94701 2, Christmas Classics From Cap’s Early Years: Christmas Kisses •  
  Weston, May, Anthony
Cap DPRO-11181, Ultra-Lounge, 1996 •
Cap DPRO-79508, The Best Of The Big Bands: Thirteen Great Songs From . . . •
  Goodman, Anthony, Kenton, Herman, Martin, James, Lombardo, Ellington, Kyser,
  Brown, G Gray
Cap CDP 8 38089 2 2, F Sinatra: The Comp Cap Singles Collection, 1996 4-CDs •
  Anthony, May
Cap J CDP 95450 2 1, Peggy Lee: Mink Jazz, 1998 •
Cap 98896 2, Cap Records Concert Albums: Frank Sinatra, 2004 14-CDs •
Cap / EMI (E) 21092 2, H Forrest: Voice of the n bands / Crazy In Love!: T Richards •  
Cap / EMI (E) 41670 2, K Starr: Jazz Singer / The Fabulous Favorites!, 2002 •
Cap / EMI (E) 86729 2 5, I Like Men!: Peggy Lee / Sugar ‘N’ Spice, 1998 •
Cap / EMI (E) 98883 2 6, Peggy Lee: Pretty Eyes / Guitars A la Lee, 1999 •
CD-R, The Musical Memories of a Bandsinger: Garry Stevens, 2000 •
  Spivak, Beneke
CEMA Spec Markets CDL-57447, Songs for a big band Christmas, 1991 •
  Basie, Brown, May, Flanagan, Kenton
Circle CCD-64, W Herman And His O / G Krupa And His O: 1941 Lang-Worth . . . •
Circle CCD-93, S Kaye And His Orch 1944 / Les Elgart And His Orch 1946 •
Circle CCD-110, R Nichols and his Orch 1936 / W Osborne and his Orch 1934 •
Circle CSCD-3, History Of The Circle Big Band Label: “Circle” In Rhythm, 2009
  Basie, Ellington, T Tucker, Raeburn, Webb, Bradley, Hill, Pastor, Strong, Masters,
  McCoy, Monroe, Howard, Sherwood
Classics (Fr) 24, Classics Complementary Tracks, 1999 3-CDs •
  Webb, Cooper (Savoy Sultans), Redman, Russell, F Henderson
Classics (Fr) 724, The Chronogical Eddie Condon
Classics (Fr) 759, The Chronogical Eddie Condon
Classics (Fr) 991, The Chronogical Maxine Sullivan 1938 – 1941, 1998 •
  Thornhill, Kirby, Carter
Classics (Fr) 1020, The Chronogical Maxine Sullivan 1941 – 1946, 1998 •
  Kirby, Wilson, Carter
Classics (Fr) 1213, The Chronogical Pearl Bailey 1944-1947, 2001 •
Classics (Fr) 1274, The Chronogical Anita O’Day 1945-1950, 2002 •
  Bradley, Carter
Classics (Fr) 1293, The Chronogical Pearl Bailey 1947-1950, 2003 •
Classics (Fr) 1328, The Chronogical Ella Fitzgerald 1952, 2003 •
  Oliver, J Gray
Collectables COL-2851, The exciting voice of S Franchi / SF live at the Cocoanut G •
Collectables COL-CD-6324, Jo Stafford: Getting sentimental over Tommy Dorsey •
  May, Carter
Collectables COL-CD-7468, The Comp Modernaires On Col Vol 1(1945-1946) •
Collectables COL-CD-7470, The Comp Modernaires On Col Vol 2 (1946-1947) •
  Ayres, Burke
Collectables COL-CD-7471, The Comp Modernaires On Col Vol 3 (1947-1949) •
  Crosby, J Gray
Collectables COL-CD-7472, The Comp Modernaires On Col Vol 4 (1949-1950) •
  J Gray, Brown
Collectables COL-CD-7473, Big Band Dancing: For D Only / D With The Stars •
  Bradley, Carle, Pastor, McIntyre, Kemp, Carter, Basie, Krupa, Miller, Shaw, Hefti,
Collectors’ Choice Music A72858, A Merry 1940s Christmas, 2004 •
  Brown, Carle, Spivak, Spitalny, Goodman, Herman, T Tucker, Kyser
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-054-2, The Long Lost Hits Of Perry Como, 1998 •
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-103-2, The Complete Cap Hits Of M Whiting 2-CDs •
  Slack, Butterfield, Weston, J Gray
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-142-2, martha tilton: the liltin’ miss tilton, 2000 2-CDs •
  Whiteman, Weston, Goodman
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-153-2, The Best of Art Lund: Band Singer, 2000 •
  Goodman, James
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-155-2, The Comp Helen Ward On Columbia 2-CDs •
  Goodman, Wilson, Krupa, James
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-186-2, Kitty Kallen: Band Singer 2001 •
  Teagarden, James
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-242, The King Sisters: Swingin’ On A Star, 2001 •
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-306, Ella Mae Morse: the dynamite Texas diva, 2002 •
  Slack, S Donahue
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-351-2, A Faye: the complete ARC & Brunswick sides •
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-366-2, The Best of V Young & The Br Studio Orch •
  Berigan, Venuti, Dorsey Brothers
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-369-2, the Best of Helen O’Connell on Capitol, 2003 •
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-412, Swingin’ Songs For Santa, 2003 2-CDs •
  Miller, T Dorsey, Garber, Brown, Shaw, Crosby, Lombardo, Kyser
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-1046, Marion Hutton On The Air, 2003 •
  Miller, Whiteman, Goodman, Beneke
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM2165, Perry Como: Complete Christmas Collection •
Col CK 40948, A Big Band Christmas, 1988 •
  Brown, Morgan, Norvo, Shaw, James, Goodman, Carle, Lanin, Kaye, Beneke, Noble
Col / Legacy 88875099712, Frank Sinatra: A Voice On Air 1935-1955, 2015 4-CDs •
   James, T Dorsey, Scott, Goodman, Elman
Col / Legacy CXK 48673, Frank Sinatra: The Col Years 1943-1952, 1993 12-CDs •
  Cugat, Hackett, Elman, James
Col / Legacy C5K 61432, K Burns Jazz: The Story Of America’s Music, 2000 5-CDs •
  Armstrong, F Henderson, Ellington, Whiteman, Lunceford, Goodman, Basie, Webb,
  C Hawkins, Shaw, Miller, T Dorsey, Krupa, Gillespie
Col / Legacy CK 64153, Doris Day: Personal Christmas Collection, 1994 •
  Brown, Weston
Col CK 64156, Best Of Big Bands: Christmas On The Bandstand, 1994 •
  Kyser, Goodman, Duchin, Brown, Kaye, Herman, James, Ellington
Col / Legacy C2K 66135, Frank Sinatra: The V-Discs, 1994 2-CDs •
  Scott, T Dorsey
Col / Legacy CXK 85470, L Day: The Comp B Holiday On Col 1933-1944 10-CDs •
  Goodman, Wilson, Carter, Basie
Crystal Stream Audio (Aus) IDCD209, Johnny Mercer: ‘Pardon My Southern Accent’ •
  Whiteman, Goodman, Slack, Weston
David Custis CD-R, “Your Hit Parade” / “The Billboard”: August 14, 1937
   Weston, T Dorsey, Goodman, Barnet, Jurgens, Lunceford, Kemp, Lombardo,
   Berigan, Ellington, Nelson, Thornhill, Fields, Vallee
Delmark DX-909, For Jumpers Only!, 2003 •
   Francis, Jacquet, Calloway
Denon LRC DC-8518, The Best Of The Big Bands, 1988 •
   Goodman, Basie, Rich, James, Ellington, Hampton
Denon LRC-8528, The Best Of The Big Bands vol II, 1988 •
   Basie, Ellington, Goodman, James
Denon LRC DC-9010, The Best of The Big Bands vol III
Dick Haymes Soc DHS-CD-4, Dick Haymes On The Air (1950-1962): Vol 4 •
   Dorsey Brothers, Burke
Direct Source (Can) DIGI-2-97942, Big Band Romance, 2003 2-CDs •
   Shaw, Clinton, Goodman, Ellington, Barnet, Kenton, James, Monroe, Anthony,
   Miller, T Dorsey, Kaye, Crosby, Martin, Herman, Maltby, Brown
Doctor J (Neth) DJ 010, Dinnertime For Hungry Collectors, 2013 2- CDs •
  Redman, Calloway, Hines, Barnet, Armstrong, Lunceford, Hampton, Basie,
  Venuti, Waller, Crosby, Whiteman, Scott, C Hawkins, Carter
Drive Entertainment DE2-46002, Swing From the ‘30s To The ‘90s: Swing Alive! •
  Brown, Beneke
Drive Entertainment PRO-1020, Swing Alive!: At The Hollywood Palladium, 1996 •
  Brown, Beneke
EMI Gold (E) 0946 3 09946 2 1, Kay Starr: The Ultimate Collection, 2007 3-CDs •
Emily Productions 8509, Anita O’Day: Big Band At Carnegie Hall, 2009 •
Encore 1004, Sinatra: “A Big Band Session”… Live! •
  Basie, Rich
Epic (J) 25-8P-5123, Ellington Sidekicks
Flare (E) ROYCD 231, In the Mood: The King Sisters, 2002 •
  Rey, Martin
Flare (E) ROYCD 240, The King Sisters: Over the Rainbow, 2006 •
Flare (E) ROYCD294, An Evening with Lerner & Loewe . . . , 2009 2-CDs •
Flare (E) ROYCD 299, My Best To You: Andy Russell, 2009 •
Flare (E) SPEC1030, While the Music Plays On: The Girls of the Big Bands 2-CDs •
  Norvo, J Dorsey, Nelson, Goodman, T Dorsey, Savitt, Berigan, Clinton, Webb,
  Brown, Whiteman, Cugat, Shaw, Rey, Miller, Chester, Kyser, Barnet, Monroe,
  Powell, Kaye, James, Kenton, Spivak, Carle, Thornhill
Flyright (E) FLY CD 945, Modern J played by W Manone . . . Plus Will Bradley •
Forlane Intl UCD 19007, C Basie & His O 1937 / C Webb & His O 1936 •
Forlane Intl UCD 19008, L Hampton & His O 1948 / G Krupa & His O 1949 •
Forlane Intl UCD 19011, C Hawkins & His O 1940 / B Carter & His O
  GNP Crescendo GNPD 2090, Back To The Roots: Kay Starr, 1995 •
  Norvo, Auld
GRP / Dec J GRD2-601, Billie Holiday: The Complete Dec Recordings 2-CDs •
  Oliver, Armstrong
GRP / Dec J GRD-603, Bing Crosby: Bing Crosby and Some Jazz Friends
  Jordan, Armstrong, Teagarden, Hampton, Herman, Crosby
GRP / Dec J GRD-609, B Goodman & J Teagarden: B.G. & Big Tea in NYC, 1992 •
  Nichols, Venuti
GRP / Dec J GRD-2-629, An Anthology Of Big Band Swing 1930-1955 2-CDs •
  Ellington, F Henderson, Russell, Mills Blue Rhythm Band, Redman, Dorsey Bros,
  Hines, Lunceford, Hopkins, I Jones, Miller, Basie, G Gray, Crosby, Webb, Kirk,
  Armstrong, Powell, Carter, Savitt, J Dorsey, McShann, Millinder, Teagarden, Spanier,
  Eldridge, Kenton, Herman, Barnet, Hampton, E Hawkins, Shaw, T Dorsey, Goodman
GRP / Dec J GRD-642, The Legendary Big Band Singers, 1994 •
  Calloway, Armstrong, Lunceford, Kirk, Basie, Savitt, Teagarden, J Dorsey, McShann,
  Millinder, Herman, Barnet, Hampton, Johnson
GRP / Dec J GRD-646, 52nd Street Swing: New York in the ‘30s, 1994 •
Hep (E) CD 15, Groovin’ High in L.A. 1946, 2006 •
Hep (E) CD 48, They All Had Rhythm ~ ’45-’46, 2002 •
Hep (E) CD 50, Kay Starr: I’ve Got To Sing 1944~1948, 1998 •
  Venuti, Butterfield
Hep (E) CD 76, Mary Ann McCall: You’re mine, you ~ 1939~’50, 2004 •
  Herman, Barnet, Shaw
Hep (E) CD 91, Nat King Cole & His Trio: The Forgotten 1949 Carnegie Hall Concert •
Hep (E) CD 1032, C Basie / H James: Basie Rhythm, 1991 •
Hindsight HBCD504, Big Band Jazz: The Jubilee Sessions 1943-1946 3-CDs •
  Basie, Ellington, Lunceford, C Williams, Hampton, Carter, Hopkins, Kirk, Eckstine,
  F Henderson, Millinder, Hines, E Hawkins
Hindsight HCD-273, Big Band Jazz: With The B Rich & The W Herman Band’s, 1999 •
Hindsight HCD-301, The uncollected Big Bands Vol 1 •
   James, G Gray, Barron, Spivak, Clinton, Brown, Nelson, Herman, Cavallaro, J
Hindsight HCD-413, Great Jazz Bands: 22 Original Recordings, 1988 •
   E Hawkins, Ellington, Basie, Kirk, Lunceford
Jasmine (E) JASBOX 11-4, Bands That Can Boogie Woogie, 2004 4-CDs •
  Cavallaro, Zurke, Basie, T Dorsey, Hines, Carle, Goodman, Bradley, Krupa, Crosby,
  James, Clinton, Hampton, Jordan, Calloway, E Hawkins, Martin, Herman, Powell,
  Teagarden, Slack, Heath, Kirk, Kenton
Jasmine (E) JASBOX 29-4, Andrews Sisters: Some Sunny Day, 2012 4-CDs •
  T Dorsey, Lombardo, Morgan, Oliver, Arnaz, Burke
Jasmine (E) JASBOX 31-4, The Mills Brothers: Straight Ahead! 4-CDs •
  Burke, Oliver, T Dorsey
Jasmine (E) JASBOX 32-4, Andrews Sisters: Wake Up and Live!, 2014 4-CDs •
  Ayres, J Gray, Lombardo, Cavallaro, Morgan, May
Jasmine (E) JASCD 228, Jo Ann Greer: Hollywood’s Secret Singing Star •
  J Gray, Brown, Anthony, Stabile
Jasmine (E) JASCD 348, The King Sisters: Queens of Song, 1999 •
Jasmine (E) JASCD 410, Steve Allen’s All Star Jazz Concert Vol 1 / Vol 2 2-CDs •
  Butterfield, McKinley
Jasmine (E) JASCD 437, Johnny Desmond: Yours In Song, 2006 2-CDs •
Jasmine (E) JASCD 522, Helen O’Connell: A Long Last Look, 2010 2-CDs •
Jasmine (E) JASCD 684, Patty Andrews: Dynamic Lead Singer: I’ll W Alone 2-CDs •
  T Dorsey, Crosby
Jasmine (E) JASCD 727, The Modernaires: So It Goes!: Singles Of The ‘50s 2-CDs •
  Hefti, Beneke, Auld, Brown, Crosby, Burke
Jasmine (E) JASCD 778, The Sounds Of Christmas: Rare Holiday Gems 2-CDs •
  Howard, Lombardo, Martin
Jasmine (E) JASMCD 2528, A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening: June Christy •  
  J Gray
Jass Records J-CD-623, Halloween Stomp, 1990 •
   Noble, Nichols, Redman, G Gray, Prima, Vallee, Nelson, Calloway, Miller, Barnet,
   T Dorsey
Jass Records J-CD-3, Santa Claus Blues, 1988 •
   Armstrong, Ellington, Weems, Goodman, Prima, Waller, Basie, Herman, Hampton,
   Teagarden, Carter
Jass Records J-CD-641, Manhattan Serenades, 1993 •
   Weems, Whiteman, Dorsey Brothers, Himber, Fio Rito, Norvo, Nelson, Herman,
   Clinton, T Dorsey, Noble, Beneke
J Band (E) EBCD 2103-2, B Goodman & G Miller: Live at the C Hall, 6 Oct 1939 •
J Band (E) EBCD 2115-2, Peggy Lee: Live 1947 & 1952, 1993 •  
   Herman, Arnaz, Burke
J Band (E) EBCD 2120-2, Newport Jazz All Stars: July 1966 •
   Rich, Wilson
J Band (E) EBCD 2133-2, On Guard with Connie Francis, 1997
   Ayres, Crosby
J Unlimited (Den) JUCD 2029, Great Swing Jam Sessions 1938-1939, 1994 •
   Hackett, T Dorsey, James, Teagarden, Wilson, Kirby
J Unlimited (Den) JUCD 2048, Midnights At V-Disc,1998 •
   Armstrong, Teagarden, Herman
J Unlimited (Den) JUCD 2049, M Spanier & B Freeman 1944-45 . . . V-Disc Sessions •
   Spanier, Bud Freeman with McKinley
J Unlimited (Den) JUCD 2056/57, The Sat Night Swing Club: On The Air 2-CDs •
   Ellington, Scott, Berigan, G Gray, Thornhill, Goodman
J Unlimited (G) 201 2094, V-Disc Parties, 2005 •
Jerden JRCD7030, Juke Box Saturday Night: Orig Big Band Hits . . . , 2000 2-CDs •
   Light, Nichols, Courtney, Jerome, Mooney, Anthony, Thornhill, Morgan, J Dorsey,
   Pastor, Fields, Herman, Monroe
Jerden JRCD7033, Live at The Edgewater with Jimmy Dorsey and Woody Herman •
Jerden JRCD7066, Live at The Edgewater, 2000 •
  Beneke, Kenton, Flanagan
JR Records (E) JRR 145-2, Frank Sinatra: Songs By Sinatra 1945, 1990 •
  T Dorsey
JSP (E) J Box Jazz Box2, The Mills Brothers: The 1930’s Recordings 5-CDs •
  Ellington, Armstrong
Jubilee (Den) 1945-2, Star Spangled Radio Presents Jubilee . . . #122 / #129, 1995 •
  Eckstine, C Hawkins, Carter
Jubilee (Den) 501 0001, The Jubilee Shows: No.96 / No.171 •
Jubilee (Den) 501 0102, The Jubilee Shows: No.55 / No.200 •
  Wilson, Sherwood, Basie
Jubilee (Den) 501 1003, The Jubilee Shows: No.207 / No.214 •
  Carter, Barnet
Jubilee (Den) 501 1004, The Jubilee Shows: No.77 / No.78 •
  F Henderson, Williams
Jubilee (Den) 501 1005, The Jubilee Shows: No.68 / No.70 •
  Crosby, Kirk
Jubilee (Den) 501 0006, The Jubilee Shows: No.19 / No.20 •
  Carter, Armstrong
Jubilee (Den) 501 1007, The Jubilee Shows: No.21 / No.22 spine: 19 & 20 •
Jubilee (Den) 501 1008, The Jubilee Shows: No.26 / No.32 •
  Armstrong, Basie
Jubilee (Den) 501 1009, The Jubilee Shows: No.194 / No.195 •
  Hines, Basie
Jubilee (Den) 501 1010, The Jubilee Shows: No.56 / No.61 •
Kazoo Lips CD-R, Jazz Acetates & Home Recordings, 2006 •
  T Dorsey, Hampton
Kritzerland KR 20029-7, Stormy Weather: Orig Motion Picture Stk, 2016 2-CDs •
   Waller, Calloway
K-Tel 3335-2, Jazz Jumps In: Swing This, 1995 •
   Ellington, Basie, Lunceford, C Hawkins, Hampton, Kirk, Goodman
KZEW CD-R, Sing & Swing Vol 1 5CDs •
LaserLight 15 764, Jazz Collector Edition (Small Groups)
Living Era (E) CD AJA 5599, Beat the Band to the Bar, 2006 •
  S Donahue, Himber, Dorsey Brothers, Vallee, J Dorsey, T Dorsey, Duchin, Kemp,
  Barnet, Kyser, Nelson, O Tucker, Monroe, Powell, Miller, Bud Freeman including
  McKinley, Kaye, Herman, Prima
Lone Hill J LHJ 10114, Complete At Midnight & at Riverside Sessions, 2004 •
  Carter, Butterfield, C Hawkins
Lone Hill J LHJ 10270, Saxes Inc. •
  C Hawkins, Auld
MCA Dec MCAD2-11279, The Mills Brothers: The Anthology 1931-1968 2-CDs •
  T Dorsey, Oliver, McIntyre, Burke, Basie
MCA Spec Prod MCAD-20731, Big Bands greatest hits Vol 2, 1993 •
  James, Brown, T Dorsey, Hampton, G Gray, Herman, Martin, Shaw
MCA Spec Prod MCAD-20732, Big Bands greatest hits Vol 3, 1993 •
  Shaw, Lombardo, Crosby, Brown, T Dorsey, Herman
MCA Spec Prod MCAD-21056, Swing Is Alive, 1998 •
  Herman, Brown, Ellington, Crosby, Kenton, Shaw, Goodman, J Dorsey, Basie
MCA (J) MVCR-20005, B Goodman & J Teagarden: B.G. & Big Tea in NYC, 1992 •
  Nichols, Venuti
MCA (J) MVCR-20040, The Legendary Big Band Singers, 1994 •
  Calloway, Armstrong, Lunceford, Kirk, Basie, Savitt, Teagarden, J Dorsey, McShann,
  Millinder, Herman, Barnet, Hampton, Johnson
Memphis Archives MA7002, Saturday Night Swing Club, 1994 2-CDs •
  Ellington, Berigan, Scott, G Gray, Thornhill, Goodman
Mosaic MCD-1012, The Jazz Piano, 2007 •
  Ellington, Hines
Mosaic MD12-170, Classic Capitol Jazz Sessions •
  Whiteman, Hackett, Teagarden, Carter, C Williams, Bellson, Norvo
Mosaic MD9-188, The Complete Anita O’Day Verve/Clef Sessions •
  Eldridge, Krupa, May
Mosaic MD10-204, The Complete Columbia Recordings Of Mildred Bailey •
  Dorsey Brothers, G Gray, Goodman, Norvo, Eldridge, Wilson
Mosaic MD7-211, The Comp Okeh And Br Beiderbecke, Trumbauer And Teagarden •
Mosaic MD7-236, Classic Chu Berry Columbia And Victor Sessions •
  Carter, Wilson, Krupa, F Henderson, Calloway, Hampton
Mosaic MD6-266, The Savory Collection 1935-1940, 2018 •
  C Hawkins, Webb, Waller, Hampton, Eldridge, Kirby, Carter, Hackett, Teagarden,
  Wilson, Miller, Basie
Mosaic Select MS-028, johnny mercer, 2007 3-CDs •
  Teagarden, Williams, Butterfield, Weston
Mosaic Select MS-030, boogie woogie and blues piano, 2008 3-CDs •
  James, Carter, Bradley, Slack, McKinley, Wilson, Hampton
Mr Music MMCD-7003, Helen Forrest: Them There Eyes, 1995 •
  Clinton, Oliver
Mr Music MMCD-7027, Anita O’Day ‘Live’: Let Me Off Uptown, 2010 •
  Brown, Goodman
Mr Music MMCD-7028, Mildred Bailey ‘Live’: First Lady Of Swing, 2010 •
  Goodman, Norvo, Wilson, Herman
Mr Music MMCD-7040, C Christian ‘live’: First Star Of The Electric Guitar, Jun 2015  
  Armstrong, Basie, Hampton, F Henderson
Mr Music MMCD-9001, The Timex All Star Jazz Shows Vol 1, 2011 •
  Herman, Armstrong, Ellington, Krupa, Teagarden, Hampton
Music Boutique CD-R, The Big Band Cavalcade Concert •
   Martin, Crosby, Carle
Music Boutique CD-R, The Big Bands Are Back, 2016 •
   Goodman, James, Ellington, Brown, Monroe, Barnet, Beneke, Weston, May
Music Boutique CD-R, The Big Bands Are Back Swinging Today's Hits, 2017 •
   Monroe, Barnet, Fields, Weston, Martin, Brown, Goodman, James, Ellington,
   Crosby, Beneke
Music Boutique CD-R, Christmas Cheer
Music Boutique CD-R, Dance To The Music Man, 2015 •
  G Gray, Lombardo, Martin
Music Boutique CD-R, Happiness Is… Happy Hits of Today 5-CDs
  Goodman, May, Crosby, Barnet, Ellington, James, Brown
Music Boutique CD-R, I Love A Piano 4-CDs
Music Boutique CD-R, invitation to Listening
  Thornhill, King
Music Boutique CD-R, The Many Moods of Christmas
Music Boutique CD-R, Moonlight Moods 4-CDs
  Goodman, Carle, James
Music Boutique CD-R, The Versatile Carmel Quinn •
   J Gray
Music Boutique CD-R, This Is The Big Band Era, 2016 • 
   T Dorsey, Goodman, Berigan, Shaw, Elman, Hampton, Barnet, Miller, Hines, E
   Hawkins, Ellington, Basie, Clinton
Naxos 8.120642, Peggy Lee: It’s A Good Day
Naxos 8.120-830, Easy To Remember – Songs of Rodgers And Hart
Nostalgia - see under "Redmond Nostalgia"
Nostalgia Arts (G) 301 3030, The M Bailey Radio Shows: Orig 1945 Bdcsts, 2004 •
  T Dorsey, Hines
Nostalgia Arts (Den) NOCD 3020, V Disc Recording Parties: Orig 1944 Broadcasts •
   Goodman, Krupa, Wilson
Pablo OJCCD-445-2, The Trumpet Kings at Montreux, 1990 •
  Eldridge, Gillespie
Pablo OJCCD-603-2, The Trumpet Summit Meets The Oscar Peterson Big Four •
Pablo OJCCD-807-2, Roy Eldridge / Oscar Peterson / Dizzy Gillespie, 1994 •
Pablo OJCCD-864-2 (2310-825), Ella Fitzgerald: Lady Time, 1995 •
Pablo PACD-2310-829-2, “Fine and Mellow”: Ella Fitzgerald Jams •
Pablo PACD-2310-938-2, Ella Fitzgerald: “All That Jazz,” 1990 •
Pablo PACD 2625-701-2, Jazz At The Santa Monica Civic ’72 3-CDs •
  Basie, Eldridge
Pickwick PJFD 15000, Dixieland Cajun Style “Hot & Spicy,” 1989  
Pickwick PK 540, Original V-Disc Collection: American Forces . . . 2-CDs •
  Goodman, Prima, Herman, Armstrong, Teagarden, Miller, Spanier, Jordan, Barnet,
  Monroe, J Dorsey, Pastor, Long, Norvo, Basie, Spivak, T Dorsey, Redman,
  Martin, McIntyre, Kyser
Radio Archives RA012, The Best Of The Big Bands Volume 1, 2003 10-CDs •
  T Dorsey, Herman, Basie, Barnet, Sherwood, Savitt, Monroe, Jurgens, Brown,
  O Tucker
RadioArchives RA042, The Best Of The Big Bands Volume 2, 2005 10-CDs •  
  Martin, Carle, Kaye, Lopez, Foster, Busse, Chester, Heidt, Morgan, Fields,
Radio Archives RA070, Cocoanut Grove Ambassadors Volume 1, 2007 10-CDs •
  Arnheim, Grier, Harris, Fio Rito
Radio Archives RA075, Cocoanut Grove Ambassadors Volume 2, 2008 10-CDs •
  Grier, Harris, Fio Rito
Radio Archives RA079, The Big Bands On One Night Stand, Volume 1 10-CDs •
  Spivak, Raeburn, Kirby, J Dorsey, Strong, Castle, Prima, Monroe, Garber, Dunham,
  James, Kenton, Savitt, Morrow, McIntyre, Goodman, Anthony
Radio Archives RA082, The Big Bands On One Night Stand, Volume 2 10-CDs •
  James, Dunham, Fields, Cugat, Calloway, Herman, G Gray, Krupa, Morrow,
  Sherwood, Prima, Barnet, Courtney, J Dorsey, Flanagan, Lombardo, Anthony,
Radio Archives RA163, The Big Bands On One Night Stand, Volume 3 10-CDs •
  Dunham, Kaye, Busse, Prima, Martin, Monroe, Pastor, Millinder, Brooks, Herman,
  Savitt, Prima, Ellington, Crosby, Spivak, Kenton
Radio Archives RA171, Command Performance Volume 1, 2010 10-CDs •
  Harris, Vallee, Basie
Radio Archives RA187: Live And On The Air! Vol 1, 2010 6-CDs •
  Goodman, Crosby
Radio Archives RA282, Chamber Music Society Of Lower Basin Street   7-CDs
   Kirby, E Hawkins
Radio Spirits, Starring Frank Sinatra and Friends, 2000 30-CDs •
  Harris, Ennis, Whiteman, S Jones, Stabile, Vallee, Cugat, Noble
RCA 53802-2, Como’s Golden Records, 1992 •
RCA Vic 63489-2, The Most Fabulous Christmas Album Ever!, 1999 •
  Miller, Martin, T Dorsey, Thornhill, Monroe, Flanagan, S Jones, Clinton, Kaye,
  Goodman, Spivak, Lombardo
RCA 66099-2, Hooray for Hollywood, 1992 2-CDs •
   Whiteman, Vallee, Calloway, T Dorsey, Goodman, Miller, S Jones
RCA 66702-2, Kiss The Boys Goodbye: Classics Songs From World War II •
  Kaye, Vallee, Tommy [ sic ] Pastor, T Dorsey, S Jones, Monroe, Miller, Spivak, Rey,
  McIntyre, Martin
RCA 66703-2, Always In My Heart: Classic Songs From World War II, 1995 •
  Spivak, Miller, McIntyre, T Dorsey, Ellington, Pastor, Kaye, Chester, Fields, Rey,
RCA 69388-2, RCA 100 Years Of Music: Perry Como, 2001 •
RCA 69392-2, RCA 100 Years Of Music: The Very Best Of Dinah Shore, 2001 •
RCA (G) 36402 2, Bread, Butter & Jam In Hi-Fi, 1996
   Butterfield, C Hawkins, Teagarden
RCA (Sp) 43396 2, Bobby Troup: And His stars of jazz, 1996
  Carter, Norvo
RCA (Sp) 61113 2, Mellow Moods Of Jazz, 1998
  Butterfield, Castle, Bradley
R Dig 019B, Mood Music For Pleasure: relaxing with the stars, 1995 4-CDs •
  Weston, James, Brown, Beneke, Flanagan, Thornhill, Kaye, Martin, Welk,
  Goodman, Monroe, Beneke-GMO, Cavallaro
R Dig 020B, The G Age Of Melody: Berlin/Gershwin/Rodgers/Porter, 1994 4-CDs •
  T Dorsey, Ayres, Lombardo, Kaye, J Dorsey, Goodman, Cavallaro, Shaw, Duchin,
  Brown, Weston
R Dig 067B, Sentimental Songs That Will Live Forever, 1996 4-CDs •
  May, Weston, Covington, Brown, James, Beneke, Carle
R Dig 153B, 100 Years Of Music America Loves Best, 1998 4-CDs •
  James, Weston, Carle, Brown, May
R Dig BBT10014, Best Of The B B: The Best-Loved Bands Of All Time, 2002 2-CDs •
  J Dorsey, Crosby, Hampton, Ellington, Harris, Barnet, Busse, Brown, Goodman,
  Clinton, Anthony, Basie, Jurgens, Berigan, Heidt, Herman, Savitt, Shaw, McKinley,
  Kemp, Martin, Lombardo, Krupa, McCoy, Morgan, Thornhill, Nelson, Lunceford,
  Rey, Miller, Kaye, Kenton
R Dig BBT100011, The Best of The B B: Radio Greats Of The B B Era 2-CDs •
  Martin, Weston, Howard, Shaw, Morgan, Kaye, Herman, Heidt, Miller, J Dorsey,
  Lombardo, Hampton, Whiteman, Clinton, James, Goodman, Nelson, Brown
R Dig BBT100018, The Best Of The B B: Dearly Beloved . . . , 2002 2-CDs •
  Kemp, Morgan, James, Lombardo, Garber, Howard, Brown, Miller, Weston, Kaye,
  J Gray, Nelson, Herman, Heidt, Barron
R Dig BBT100019, The Best Of The B B: Stompin’ At The Savoy . . . , 2002 2-CDs •
  Clinton, Goodman, Barnet, Herman, Rey, Brown, Weston, Busse, Kaye, G Gray,
  Hines, J Dorsey, James, Basie, Martin, Berigan, Anthony, Barron, Crosby, Ellington,
  Morgan, Krupa
R Dig BBT100113, The Best Of The B B: Golden Groups Of The Great B Era 2-CDs •
  Barron, McCoy, Kaye, Beneke, Lombardo, Miller, Weston
R Dig KCD12-8902, R Dig Celebrates 50 Yrs Of M: Golden Jubilee 12-CDs
  Miller, Brown, James, Lombardo, Shaw, Kaye, Herman, Goodman, Martin, J Dorsey,
  Hill, Armstrong
R Dig RBD-028, Thanks for the Memories, 1988 4-CDs •
  Brown, Lombardo, Weston, Fields, Crosby, Lombardo dir by Lebert Lombardo,
  James, Carle
R Dig RBD-176, The Most Beautiful Songs Of The Century, 1988 4-CDs •
  Weston, Covington, Brown
R Dig S036B, The World’s Most Beautiful Melodies: Quiet Nights Of Q Stars, 1997 •
  Weston, Beneke
R Dig S202B, The Best Of The B B: Dance Party! With 16 Great Swing Bands, 1999 •
  Larry Elgart, Basie, T Dorsey, James, Savitt, Brown, Ellington, Hampton, Shaw,
  Herman, Miller, G Gray, J Dorsey, Kirk, Lunceford, Goodman
R Dig S204B, The Best Of The B B: Memories Of You!: with 16 Great Sweet Bands •
  Martin, Morgan, Howard, Brown, Kaye, T Dorsey, Garber, G Gray, Spivak, Lombardo,
  Goodman, J Dorsey, Kenton, Clinton, Miller, James  
R Dig S205B, The Best Of The B B: Dancing In The Dark: Romantic Memories of . . . •
  Lombardo, Thornhill, Kaye, James, Shaw, Spivak, Miller, Ellington, J Dorsey, Weston,
R Dig S208B, The Best Of The B B: Leading Men: Great Male Singers . . . 2-CDs •
  Monroe, Prima, Kemp, Lombardo, Savitt, Shaw, Howard, James, Martin, J Dorsey,
  Kaye, Nelson, Basie, J Gray
R Dig S210B, The Best Of The B B: Leading Ladies: Great Female Singers . . . •
  Weston, Clinton, Spivak, James, Miller, Basie, Kenton, Krupa, Kaye, Brown, Nelson 
R Dig SST C06458, R Clooney & J Stafford: The Complete R Dig Collection, 2008 •
   Weston, Covington
R Dig SST C08432, Big Bands Legends: Guy Lombardo & Les Brown, 2011 3-CDs •
Redmond Nostalgia CD-57, One Night Stand •
   Lunceford, Monroe
Redmond Nostalgia CD-58, One Night Stand •
   G Gray, Morgan
Redmond Nostalgia CD-60, One Night Stand •
   Savitt, Clinton
Redmond Nostalgia CD-490, One Night Stand •
   Martin, Welk, Dorsey Bros
Redmond Nostalgia CD-633, Let’s Go With Music: Starring Vaughn Monroe •
   Miller Orch with McKinley, Les Elgart, Morrow, Long
Redmond Nostalgia CD-691, Christmas Pgms: Welk 1959 / Lombardo Dec 19 1948 •
Redmond Nostalgia CD-744, One Night Stand •
Redmond Nostalgia CD-948, The Supper Club
Redmond Nostalgia CD-1818, Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands •
   Strong, Goodman, J Dorsey   
Redmond Nostalgia CD-2143, Philco Radio Time Starring Bing Crosby •
Redmond Nostalgia CD-2211, In The Mood •
   Beneke, Goodman
Redmond Nostalgia CD-2212, In The Mood •
   Kenton, Herman, Ferguson
Redmond Nostalgia CD-2213, In The Mood •
   Brown, Krupa, E Hawkins
Redmond Nostalgia CD-2861, Command Performance [ 10/21/42, 10/24/42 ] 
   J Dorsey, E Hawkins
Reprise 46013-2, Francis Albert Sinatra, 1995 20-CDs •
  Oliver, May, Hefti, Basie, Ellington
Reprise R2 74075, Sinatra: Vegas, 2006 4-CDs+DVD •
Reprise R2 520602, Sinatra: New York, 2008 4-CDs+DVD •
  Dorsey Brothers, Herman
Rhino PRCD 400021, Rhapsodies In Black sampler . . . Harlem Renaissance, 2000 •
  Ellington, Calloway, Armstrong, Whiteman
Rhino R2 75481, Mel Torme At The Movies, 1999 •
Rhino R2 77721, Alive And Kickin’: Big Band Sounds At M-G-M, 1997 •  
  T Dorsey, J Dorsey, James, Beneke-GMO, Shaw, Lombardo, Monroe, Crosby, Kyser
Rhino R2 78285, Frank Sinatra In Hollywood ( 1940-1964 ) 6-CDs •
  T Dorsey, James, Armstrong, Norvo
Rhino R2 79805, Hollywood Swing & Jazz: Hot Numbers From . . . , 2000 2-CDs •
  Waller, Goodman, Ellington, Armstrong, Shaw, Lunceford, J Dorsey, James, Carter,
  Eckstine, Anthony, Basie
Rhino R2 79874, Rhapsodies In Black: Music And Words . . . The Harlem Renaissance
Rhino R2 79998, Swingin’ Christmas, 2001 •
  Prima, Herman, Armstrong, Hampton, Beneke, Brown
Riverside OJCCD-1723-2, Giants Of Small-Band Swing Vol 1 •
RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1001-2, Best of AFRS Jubilee Vol 1: No.104 & 145 •
  Hampton, F Henderson
RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1002-2, Best of AFRS Jubilee Vol 2: No.116 & 191 •
  Millinder, Carter
RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1003-2, Best of AFRS Jubilee Vol 3: No.139 & 168 •
  Lunceford, Rey, Basie, Goodman
RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1004-2, Best of AFRS Jubilee Vol 4: No.60 & 77 •
  F Henderson
RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1005-2, Best of AFRS Jubilee Vol 5: No.291 & 271 •
  Teagarden, Herman, Goodman
RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1006-2, Best of AFRS Jubilee Vol 6: No.45 & 151 •
  E Hawkins
RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1007-2, Best of AFRS Jubilee Vol 7: No.169 & 81
  Raeburn, Jordan
RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1008-2, Best of AFRS Jubilee Vol 8: No.225 & 211 •
  Teagarden, Kirk
RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1009-2, Best of AFRS Jubilee Vol 9: No.95 & 56 •
RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1010-2, Best of AFRS Jubilee Vol 10: No.137 & 93 •
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RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1011-2, Best of AFRS Jubilee Vol 11: No.163 & 162 •
  Raeburn, Gillespie
RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1012-2, Best of AFRS Jubilee Vol 12: No.136 & 61 •
RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1013-2, Best of AFRS Jubilee Vol 13: No 98 & 351 •
   Basie, Shaw, Rich
RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1014-2, Best of AFRS Jubilee Vol 14: No.358 & 107 •
  Basie, E Hawkins
RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1015-2, Best of AFRS Jubilee Vol 15: No.109 & 166 •
  E Hawkins, Goodman, Krupa
RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1016-2, Best of AFRS Jubilee Vol 16: No.365 & 363 •
  Basie, Auld, Eckstine
Savoy (J) SV-0200, mildred bailey sings “me and the blues,” 1992 •
Second Disc Records, “At Last: The Lost R Recordings: Peggy Lee,” Mar 2015 
Sepia (E) 1051, Johnny Mercer And The Pied Pipers . . . Dream Team, 2005 •
Sepia (E) 1107, Connie Haines: Nightingale from Savannah, 2008 •
Sepia (E) 1113, Mel Torme Meets The British: The London Recordings 1956/1957 •
Sepia (E) 1122, Bing Crosby: Through The Years Vol Two 1951, 2008 •
Sepia (E) 1168, Three Evenings With Fred Astaire, 2011 2-CDs •
Sepia (E) 1243, Perry Como: That’s Where I Came In: Standards & Rarities 2-CDs •
Sepia (E) 1257, Jo Stafford: Live In London, 1959, 2014 •
Sepia (E) 1273, Perry Como: If I Could Be With You: Standards & . . . , 2014 2-CDs •
Sepia (E) 1342, Orig Film Soundtrack: A Song Is Born, 2019
   Goodman, T Dorsey, Armstrong, Hampton, Barnet
Sinatra Soc of Japan (J) XQAM-1058, H Forrest: feat H James & His O: The . . . •
Smithsonian RD 030, Big Band Jazz: From the beginnings to the fifties 4-CDs  
  Whiteman, F Henderson, Russell, Calloway [ Missourians ], G Gray, Hines, Webb,
  Lunceford, Goodman, Kirk, T Dorsey, Basie, Barnet, Shaw, Miller, James, Carter,
  E Hawkins, Ellington, Armstrong, Hampton, Herman, Eckstine, Raeburn, Gillespie,
  Thornhill, Lawrence, Kenton
Smithsonian RD 106, The Victory Collection . . . America Went To War 3-CDs •
  Waller, S Jones, Miller, Pastor, Fields, Kaye, Cugat, Monroe, Martin
Smithsonian RD 108, B Band renaissance: The Evolution Of The Jazz Orch 5-CDs •
  McShann, Raeburn, McKinley, Ellington, Goodman, Barnet, Shaw, Basie, Herman,
  Kenton, Sauter-Finegan, Heath, James, Ferguson, Rich, Gillespie, Brown, Les and
  Larry Elgart, Carter, May
Sony Classical SMK 62268, Beethoven Wrote It… But It Swings!, 1996 •
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  Bradley, Lunceford, Scott, Herman
Sony Music Custom Marketing A 52079, The Great Dance Bands Vol 1, 2003 •
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Sony Music Custom Marketing A 52080, The Great Dance Bands Vol 2, 2003 •
  I Jones, T Tucker, Duchin, A Donahue, Bernie, Vallee
Sony Music Distribution A3K 57836, Jo Stafford: The Portrait Edition 3-CDs •
  T Dorsey, Weston, May, Covington, Carter
Sony Music Distribution AK 66389, DinerMite: The Swingin' Diner!, 1994 •
   Calloway, Cugat, Kyser, Masters, Brown, Ayres
Sony Music Spec Prod A 17817, Christmas with The Big Bands, 1992 •
  Ellington, Thornhill, Kaye, Goodman, J Dorsey, Spivak, Les & Larry Elgart, Beneke,
  Herman, Brown
Sony Music Spec Prod A 21841, Fabulous Song Stylists: In Stereo Feat . . . , 1991 •
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Sony Music Spec Prod A 21842, Fabulous Song Stylists: In Stereo Feat . . . , 1991 •
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Sony Music Spec Prod A 22373, Christmas Swing: Feat T Beneke And Others, 1991 •
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Sony Music Spec Prod A 26057, It’s a Great Feeling!: Pearl Bailey, 1995 •
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Sony Music Spec Prod A 28431, The Best Of The B Bands: H James / B Goodman •
Sony Music Spec Prod A 28432, The Best Of The B Bands: K Kyser / B Berigan •
Sony Music Spec Prod A 28433, The Best Of The B Bands: G Miller / A Shaw, 1997 •
Sony Music Spec Prod A 28434, The Best Of The B Bands: C Calloway / C Spivak •
Sony Music Spec Prod A 28435, The Best Of The B Bands: G Gray / C Thornhill •
Sony Music Spec Prod A 28436, The Best Of The B Bands: G Krupa / W Herman •
Sony Music Spec Prod A 28437 – see under “Paul Whiteman” 
Sony Music Spec Prod A 28452, Herb Jeffries: The Four Winds & The Seven Seas •
  Hackett, J Gray
Sony Music Spec Prod A 33632, Ina Ray Hutton & Dolly Dawn: Girls’ Night Out •
Sony Music Spec Prod AGK 39521, T Brewer: Live at C Hall & Montreux, Sw •
  Gillespie, Williams, Herman Orch [ minus Herman ]
Sony Music Spec Prod A2K 48978, The Kitty Kallen Story, 1992 2-CDs
   James, J Dorsey 
Soundcraft SC-5017/18, The Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands, 2002 2-CDs •
  T Dorsey, Barnet, Shaw, Brown, Goodman, Prima, James, Lunceford
Soundcraft SC-8007, Christmas With The Big Bands: Live Broadcasts •
  Miller, J Dorsey, Garber, Kaye, Spivak, Kyser, Welk, Heidt
Soundies SCD 4127, Masters Of Classic Jazz: Swing Greats 2-CDs •
Soundies SCD 4131, Masters Of Classic Jazz: The Trumpet 2-CDs •
  Spanier, Hackett, Eldridge
Soundies SCD 4132, Big Band Bash 2-CDs •
  Goodman, Martin, J Dorsey, Bradley, Sauter-Finegan, Kaye, T Dorsey, Ellington,
  Berigan, Shaw, Basie, Barnet, G Gray, James, Lunceford, Clinton, Brown, Monroe, 
  Herman, Morrow
Soundies SCD 4141, Once Upon A Holiday: Happy Holidays from Your . . . •
  Chester, J Gray, Welk
Soundies SCD 4146, Flag Waver •
  J Gray, T Dorsey, S Jones, Beneke, Chester
Sounds of YesterYear (E) DSOY762, Mary Mayo: Dancing in the Dark, 2008  
Sounds of YesterYear (E) DSOY824, Perry Como At The Supper Club •
  S Jones
Sounds of YesterYear (E) DSOY827, V Disc All Stars With The Singers 2-CDs •  
  Crosby, Oliver
Sounds of YesterYear (E) DSOY841, Jo Stafford At The Supper Club: Part II •
  Goodman, Cugat
Sounds of YesterYear (E) DSOY844, Perry Como At The Supper Club Part II •
Sounds of YesterYear (E) DSOY2054, Jazz Steps Out: C Basie / D Ellington: Rare . . .  •
Stash ST-CD-534, Kay Starr: Moonbeams and Starry Dreams, 1991 •
Sterling STCD-1-15-07, F Trumbauer and his Band: Live At The Hickory House 1937 •
Sugo Music SR 9908, Big Band Romance, 1999 •
  James, Morrow, Weston, J Dorsey, Goodman
Take Two TT402, Buddy Clark: Band Vocals From The Thirties
Take Two TT428CD, The Andrews Sisters: At The Microphone, 2012 •
Taragon TARCD-1034, The Very Best Of Dick Haymes Volume 2, 1997 •
  Burke, Shaw
Taragon TARCD-1058, Perry Como: The Essential 60’s Singles Collection, 1999 •
Taragon TARCD-1060, Dinah Shore: The Essential RCA Recordings, 2000 •
Ten12 Music C-0015, Music From Armed Forces Radio: Sentimental Journey •
  James, Ellington, Barnet, Brown, Herman, E Lawrence, Hampton, Thornhill,
  S Jones, Basie
Ten12 Music C-0016, Music From Armed Forces Radio: Strike Up the Band •
  Herman, James, Brown, Barnet, Ellington, S Jones, Hampton, E Lawrence, Basie,
Ten12 Music C-0017, Music From Armed Forces Radio: Back Beat Boogie, 2008 •
  Ellington, Herman, Lawrence, James, S Jones, Brown, Barnet, Thornhill, Basie
Time-Life HPD-04, Your Hit Parade: 1945, 1989 •
  Cugat, Brown, Monroe, Kenton, Morgan, James, Carle, Goodman, Jordan, Herman
Time-Life HPD-08, Your Hit Parade: 1946, 1989 •
  Brown, Carle, Kyser, Jordan, Martin, Kenton, Kaye
Time-Life HPD-14, Your Hit Parade: 1944, 1990 •
  Jordan, James, Kenton, J Dorsey, Welk, Lombardo, G Gray, Ellington
Time-Life HPD-16, Your Hit Parade: 1941, 1990 •
  Ellington, Krupa, T Dorsey, J Dorsey, Barnet, James, Kaye, Miller, Goodman, Shaw,
  Monroe, Cugat, Kyser
Time-Life HPD-18, Your Hit Parade: 1942, 1990 •
  Miller, Goodman, Kyser, Monroe, James, J Dorsey, Whiteman, Rey, Slack, Kaye,
  Hampton, T Dorsey
Time-Life HPD-20, Your Hit Parade: 1943, 1991 •
  Miller, James, Monroe, T Dorsey, Goodman, Cugat
Time-Life HPD-24, Your Hit Parade: The War Years, 1991 •
  McIntyre, Shaw, Butterfield, Pastor, T Dorsey, Kyser, Miller, J Dorsey, Herman,
  Bradley, Goodman
Time-Life R138-03, The Songs That Went to War: V Disc . . . , 1992 2-CDs •
  Miller, Lawrence, Pastor, Basie, Kenton, Teagarden, S Donahue, Spivak, Long,
  Morgan, Rich, T Dorsey, Barnet, Brooks, James, Redman, Herman, J Dorsey,
  Martin, Kaye, McIntyre, Bud Freeman with McKinley, Kyser
Time-Life R139-39, The Songs That Went to War: V Disc . . . , 1992 2-CDs •
  Goodman, Prima, Herman, Kenton, Hampton, Armstrong, Teagarden, Miller, Krupa,
  Spanier, Jordan, Basie, Barnet, Lunceford, Eldridge, Crosby, J Dorsey, T Dorsey,
  S Donahue, Norvo, Monroe, Ellington
Time-Life TCD-0023, Big Bands: Time Life Presents Big Band Memories, 1994 •  
  Herman, Krupa, Barnet, Lunceford, Ellington, Armstrong, Berigan, G Gray, Hampton
Universal Spec Prod MCAD-21152, Swingsational, 1999
  Hampton, Crosby, Armstrong, Shaw Travlin’ (All Alone), James J Dorsey, Morgan
Universal / Decca (J) UCCC-9070, 5 Feet Of Swing •
  Crosby, J Dorsey, Dorsey Brothers, G Gray, Webb
Vanguard 169/71, from Spirituals To Swing: The Legendary 1938 & 1939 . . . Concerts  
  Basie, Goodman
Varese Sarabande 302 066 294 2, Christmas Jump & Jive: . . . War Years, 2001 •
  Miller, Ellington, Spivak, Goodman, T Dorsey, Jordan, Shaw, Rich, Prima
Varese Sarabande 302 066 405 2, Santa’s Greatest Hits, 2002 •
  T Dorsey, Armstrong, Prima, Beneke, Jordan, Hampton, Kenton, Basie
Varese Sarabande VSD-5866, The Modernaires: Singin’ And Swingin’, 1997 •
  Brown, Beneke
Verve 314 547 266-2, Joya Sherrill sings Duke, 1999 •
Verve B0015738-02, Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl, 2011 2-CDs •
  Armstrong, Jacquet, Eldridge, Rich
Vintage J Classics VJC-1006-2, M Bailey: The Legendary V Disc Sessions, 1990 •
   Wilson, Norvo, Goodman
Vintage J Classics VJC-1016, Christmas Jubilee: Your Host . . . E “Bubbles” Whitman •
  Basie, Rey, Ellington, Armstrong, Butterfield, Brown
Vintage J Classics VJC-1048, Hollywood Stars Go To War: G.I. Jive, 1993 •
  James, Whiteman, Goodman
Vintage Music Prod VMP 0261, Band Theme Songs: Rare and Famous Bands, 2008 •
  Alexander, Bradley, Butterfield, Chester, Clinton, Goodman, J Gray, Hallett, Herman,
  Hutton, I Jones, Jurgens, Kemp, Kirk, Miller, Morgan, Pollack, Shaw, Webb
Viper’s Nest VN-163, Big Band Jump: The Great Swing Band Anthology, 1993 •
  Ellington, Berigan, Shaw, Miller, Teagarden, James, Basie, Krupa, Herman, T
  Dorsey, Crosby, Goodman  
Voc (E) CDUS 3013, Dick Haymes & his Club 15 Pals, 2001 •
  T Dorsey, J Gray
Warner Western PRO-CD-7621, A Brief History Of H Jeffries (The Bronze Bucaroo) •
  Hines, Ellington
WestSide (E) WESA 829, What Did They Do Before Rock ‘n’ Roll Vol 1, 1998 •  
  Monroe, Morrow, Eckstine
WestSide (E) WESA 830, Rockin’ Is Not! Our Business!, 1998 •
  McKinley, Morrow, Monroe
Zone (E) 1017, Doris Day: love to be with you: The Doris Day Show Vol 2, 2008 •
  James, Noble, Crosby

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