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Collector's Checklists
by Music Librarian Christopher Popa

Alvino Rey
Alysa Records R-1000 CD, Dance With Me: The Big Band Sound of Alvino Rey •
Alysa Records R-1001 CD, Alvino Rey’s Greatest Jazz Band •
Alysa Records R-1002 CD, The Fab King Sisters Live at Tahoe!: with the AR Orch •
Alysa Records R-1003 CD, AR And His Singing Gtr: When Y S: 50 Yrs of . . . , 1997 •
Audio File DVSB450 – see under “Various Artists”
Audiophonic AARO50304, So you’re the one! . . . alvino rey and the King S 2-CDs •
Cap (J) TOCP-70040, Aloha: the King Sisters: Music By Alvino Rey •
CD-R, Alvino Rey Orchestra No.1 [ 11/18/40-05/01/41 ]
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-010-2, The Forgotten Big Bands: Alvino Rey, 1996 •
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-242 – see under “Various Artists”
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-2071, Christmas With The King Family, 2009 •
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-2072, The King Family Show! / The KF Album, 2009 •
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-2073, King Family Live! In the R / the new sounds •
EMI (E) 66904 2 5, The King Sisters: Imagination / Warm and Wonderful •
Flare (E) ROYCD 231 – see under “Various Artists”
Flare (E) ROYCD 240 – see under “Various Artists”
Flare (E) ROYCD 242, Classic Rey: AR and His Orch with the Four King S, 2006 •
Flare (E) SPEC1030 – see under “Various Artists”
Headjug Records 001, Bob Moss & the Westernmen: Headjug: with guest star A Rey •
Hindsight HCD-249, Alvino Rey And His Orchestra: By Request, 1993 •
Hindsight (J) R28J-3123, The Uncollected AR: Vol 3: 1940-1941 •
Jasmine (E) JASCD 183, The King Sisters: Feat AR: Imagination, 2012 2-CDs •
Jasmine (E) JASCD 348 – see under “Various Artists”
Living Era (E) CD AJA 5581, AR & his O: King of the Guitar: A Tribute, 2004 •
Magnolia Records HHH-016 – see under “Horace Heidt”
Moon Records MCD056-2 – see under “Louis Armstrong”
Music Boutique CD-R, The King Family Sings Christmas 
Music Boutique CD-R, Ping Pong!: Alvino Rey, 2015 •
Music Boutique CD-R, Polynesian Fantasy - see under "Billy May"
RCA 66702-2 – see under “Various Artists”
RCA 66703-2 – see under “Various Artists”
R Dig BBT10014 – see under “Various Artists”
R Dig BBT100019 – see under “Various Artists”
RST Records (Austria) JUBCD 1003-2 – see under “Various Artists”
Time-Life HPD-18 – see under “Various Artists”
Vintage J Classics VJC-1016 – see under “Various Artists”

as “Ira Ironstrings”
Collectables COL-CD-7869, Joe "F" Carr: The Riotous . . . / Together For The L Time •
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-408-2, Ira Ironstrings plays Santa Claus, 2003 •
Tartare T-8029, Big Band Polkas On Parade: Ira Ironstrings and . . . , 2010 •  

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