The big bands are back
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Collector's Checklists
by Music Librarian Christopher Popa

ASV / Living Era (E) CDAJA5197, The Nelson Touch: 25 Band Hits 1931-1941, 1996
ASV / Living Era (E) CDAJA5599 - see under "Various Artists"
Audio File BCCD919 – see under “Various Artists”
Audiophonic AONO41110, Ozzie Nelson And His Orchestra 2-CDs •
BMG Spec Prod 45911 2 – see under “Various Artists”
Circle CCD-27, Ozzie Nelson and his Orchestra 1937 •
Collectables COL-CD-7477, The Very Best Of ON & his Orch 1932-1934 Vol 1, 2002 •
Collectables COL-CD-7514, The Very Best Of ON & his Orch 1934-1936 Vol 2, 2002 •
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-1026, Ozzie Nelson: Campus Swing, 2002 •
Crystal Stream Audio (Aus) IDCD294, 'What a Perfect Combination': . . . 1931 to 1938 •
David Custis CD-R – see under “Various Artists”
Flare (E) SPEC1030 – see under “Various Artists”
Hindsight HCD-259, Ozzie Nelson And His Orch: Head Over Heels In Love, 1995 •
Jass Records JCD-623 – see under “Various Artists”
Jass Records JCD-641 – see under “Various Artists”
R Dig BBT10014 – see under “Various Artists”
R Dig BBT100011 – see under “Various Artists”
R Dig BBT100018 – see under “Various Artists”
R Dig S208B – see under “Various Artists”
R Dig S210B – see under “Various Artists”
Sepia (E) 1272, Ozzie and Harriet with Ricky Nelson, 2014 •
Sony Music Spec Prod A2 23671 - see under "Various Artists"

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