The big bands are back
in a new and exciting way

Collector's Checklists
by Music Librarian Christopher Popa

Cap (E) 538412 2, Maltby Swings For Dancers / Maltby Swings Folksongs, 2002 •
Collectables COL-CD-7505, Swingin’ down the lane / Hello Young Lovers, 2002 •
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM 1053, RM and his O: Music In The M Manner, 2003 •
Jasmine (E) JASCD 840, Make Mine A Maltby With Strings Attached, 2017 •
Montpellier (E) MONTCD 023, Manhattan Bandstand: RM and his Orchestra •
Montpellier (E) MONTCD 071, Richard Maltby and his Orchestra: Maltby Moods •
Montpellier (E) MONTCD 092, Swingin’ Chimes: RM and his Orchestra •

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