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Collector's Checklists
by Music Librarian Christopher Popa

CD-R, Receptions & Social Events: Lester Lanin Music •
Collectables COL-CD-6463, Dancing Theatre Party / High S Country Style, 2000 •
Collectables COL-CD-6466, Twistin’ in High Society / More Twistin’ In High S, 2000 •
Col CK 40948 – see under “Various Artists”
Epic / Legacy EK 53134, Best Of B Bands . . . This Is Society Dance Music, 1993 •
Hindsight CD-R, The Uncollected Lester Lanin And His Orchestra 1960-62 •
Music Boutique CD-R, Lester Lanin Goes To College
Sony Music Spec Prod A 22373 – see under “Various Artists”
Sony Music Spec Prod A 28074, Lester Lanin – Music For Moonlight Dancing, 1996 •
Sony Music Spec Prod A 28503, Lester Lanin At The Tiffany Ball, 1997 Good Music •
Sony Music Spec Prod A 28660, LL And His Orchestra, 1997 Beautiful Music Co •

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