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Collector's Checklists
by Music Librarian Christopher Popa

Audio File BBCD601 – see under “Various Artists”
Cap CDP 7 91224 2, Kay Kyser’s Greatest Hits: All Newly Recorded, 1989 •
Cap DPRO-79508 – see under “Various Artists”
Collectables COL-CD-7575, KK: Fun With The Ol’ Professor ’44-’47, 2003 •
Collectables COL-CD-7589, Pocketful Of Dreams: The Best Of Harry Babbitt with KK •
Collectables COL-CD-7590, Simple & Sweet: The Best Of Ginny Simms with KK •
Collectors’ Choice Music A72858 – see under “Various Artists”
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-111-2, The Best Of KK & His Orch, 1999 2-CDs •
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-412 – see under “Various Artists”
Col CK 64156 – see under “Various Artists”
Empress (E) RAJCD 874, Kay Kyser: “Music Maestro Please,” 1997 •
Flare (E) SPEC1030 – see under “Various Artists”
Jasmine (E) JASCD 398, A Strict Education In Music: 50 Of The Best, 2002 2-CDs •
J Hour JH-1047, KK’s Kollege Of Musical Knowledge: 1941 / 43 Broadcasts, 1996 •
Living Era (E) CD AJA 5332, KK: & his Orch: The Kollege of Mus Knowledge, 2005 •
Living Era (E) CD AJA 5599 – see under “Various Artists”
Nostalgia Co CD-772, Kay Kyser’s Kollege Of Musical Knowledge •
Pickwick PK 540 – see under “Various Artists”
Rhino R2 77721 – see under “Various Artists”
Sony Music Spec Prod A 28432 – see under “Various Artists”
Sony Music Distribution AK 66389 - see under "Various Artists"
Soundcraft SC-5007, Kollege of Musical Knowledge – Dec 11, 1941, 2000 •
Soundcraft SC-8007 – see under “Various Artists”
Sounds of YesterYear (E) DSOY873 – see under “Benny Goodman”
Steven Beasley CD-R, Kay Kyser Live-C’Mon Chillen, Yess’ Dance Vol 1 •
Time-Life HPD-08 – see under “Various Artists”
Time-Life HPD-18 – see under “Various Artists”
Time-Life HPD-24 – see under “Various Artists”
Time-Life R138-03 – see under “Various Artists”
V-Disc, V-Disc: A Musical Contribution By America’s Best . . . Kay Kyser, 1998 •
Vintage J Classics VJC-1042, The Songs of World War II, 1993 Harris •

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