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Collector's Checklists
by Music Librarian Christopher Popa

Aero Space RACD 1032, Ralph Flanagan and His Orchestra: "Hot Toddy" •
CEMA Spec Markets CDL-57447 – see under “Various Artists”
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-049-2, The Big Band Sounds Of RF, 1998 •
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-1012, Ralph Flanagan and His Orchestra •
Crabapple Sound RMU-3906, NBC Bandstand •
Jasmine (E) JASMCD 2582, rf and orch playing a tribute to glenn miller, 2001 •
Jerden JRCD7066 – see under “Various Artists”
Joyce Record Co JRCDRG-1013, One Night Stand With RF also incl Morrow •
Magic (E) DAWE74, Let’s Dance With RF And His Orch, 1995 •
Magic (E) DAWE75, Dance Again: RF And His Orch: Part II, 1995 •
Music Boutique CD-R, 1001 Nighters: Ralph Flanagan And His Orchestra •
Music Boutique CD-R, Ralph flanagan: Your Request, 2016 •
Music Boutique CD-R, They're Playing Our Song: Ralph Flanagan, 2017 •
Music Boutique CD-R, Ralph Flanagan: They're Playing Our Cha Cha!, 2017 •
Radio Archives RA082 – see under “Various Artists”
RCA Vic 63489-2 – see under “Various Artists”
R Dig 019B – see under “Various Artists”
Sounds of YesterYear (E) DSOY789 – see under “Tex Beneke”
Sounds of YesterYear (E) DSOY808, Plays For Dancing [ Voice of Amer Trans ] •
Sounds of YesterYear (E) DSOY810, Plays For Dancing Vol 2 [ AFRS 1960 ] •
Sounds of YesterYear (E) DSOY847, Plays For Dancing Vol III 1950-1951 •
Sounds of YesterYear (E) DSOY853, Plays For Dancing Vol IV 1954-1958 •
Sounds of YesterYear (E) DSOY973 – see under “Tex Beneke”
Sounds of YesterYear (E) DSOY995, The RF And G Miller Orchs: My Hero GM x
Sounds of YesterYear (E) DSOY2095, RF And his Orch . . . Flanagan's Boogie •
TCK CD-R 07084, Ralph Flanagan: On the Air Vol 1 •
TCK CD-R 07085, Ralph Flanagan: On the Air Vol 2 •
TCK CD-R 07104, Ralph Flanagan: On the Air Vol 3 •

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