The big bands are back
in a new and exciting way

Collector's Checklists
by Music Librarian Christopher Popa

Audio File DVSB450 – see under “Various Artists”
Audiophonic ASF050802, You and I!: SF and his Rippling R Orch, 2006 2-CDs •
BMG Spec Prod 45911 2 – see under “Various Artists”
Circle CCD-38, Shep Fields And His Orchestra: 1947-1951, 2003 •
Collectors’ Choice Music CCM 1059, Shep Fields and His Rippling Rhythm, 2003 •
David Custis CD-R – see under “Various Artists”
Empress (E) RAJCD 889, Shep Fields: Thanks For The Memory, 1997 •
Hindsight HCD-179, The Uncollected Shep Fields Vol 2: 1940 •
Music Boutique CD-R, The Rippling Rhythm of Shep Fields •
Music Boutique CD-R, Shep Fields: 1 Man 2 Bands •
Music Boutique CD-R, Shep Fields: cocktails, dinner & dancing •
Radio Archives RA042 – see under “Various Artists”
Radio Archives RA082 – see under “Various Artists”
RCA 66703-2 – see under “Various Artists”
R Dig CD-R, R D Music: Those Were The Days: SF & His R Rhythm . . . , 2008 •
R Dig RBD-028 – see under “Various Artists”
Smithsonian RD 106 – see under “Various Artists”
Tinsel Town Records CD-R, SF And His Orch: The Roaring 20’s, 2008 •
Tinsel Town Records CD-R, SF And His Rippling . . . In Hi-Fi Stereo, 2008 •

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