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Collector's Checklists
by Music Librarian Christopher Popa

10” singles
Bb B-6416, The State of My Heart / You’re Toots to Me, 1936
Bb B-6417, Do You Or Don’t You Love Me? / On the Beach At Bali-Bali, 1936
Bb B-6418, A Rendezvous with a Dream / Us On a Bus, 1936
Bb B-6475, I Can’t Escape From You / The House That Jack Built for Jill, 1936
Bb B-6476, Did I Remember? / Sittin’ in the Sand a-Sunnin’, 1936
Bb B-6484, On a Cocoanut Island / Sweet Misery of Love, 1936
Bb B-6504, One, Two, Button Your Shoe / So Do I, 1936
Bb B-6505, The Way You Look Tonight / Never Gonna Dance, 1936
Bb B-6511, Picture Me Without You / Midnight Blue, 1936
Bb B-6547, I’m Talkin Through My Heart / You Came to My Rescue
Bb B-6548, (Trouble Ends) Out Where the Blue Begins / Me and the Moon, 1936
Bb B-6592, I’ve Got You Under My Skin / Easy to Love, 1936
Bb B-6604, One, Two, Button Your Shoe / So Do I, 1936
Bb B-6639, It’s De-Lovely / Wintertime Dreams
Bb B-6640, In the Chapel in the Moonlight / You’re Everything Sweet
Bb B-6639, It’s De-Lovely / Wintertime Dreams
Bb B-6641, Where Have You Been All My Life? / Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Bb B-6661, When Is a Kiss Not a Kiss? / When My Dream Boat Comes Home
Bb B-6662, Swamp Fire / Now That Summer Is Gone, 1936
Bb B-6665, Where Are You? / Foolish Feeling
Bb B-6683, Where the Lazy River Goes By / There’s Something in the Air
Bb B-6685, Goodnight, My Love / One Never Knows – Does One?
Bb B-6689, May I Have the N Romance with You / Head O Heels in Love
Bb B-6747, Serenade in the Night / Little Old Lady, 1937
Bb B-6749, Love and Learn / I Adore You, 1937
Bb B-6757, This Year’s Kisses / The Girl On the Police Gazette, 1937
Bb B-6759, Basin Street Blues / Rippling Rhythm
Bb B-6769, I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm / You’re Laughing At Me, 1937
Bb B-6779, Too Marvelous for Words / Just a Quiet Evening, 1937
Bb B-6781, That’s Life, I Guess / On a Little Bamboo Bridge, 1937
Bb B-6803, Moonlight and Shadows / Dedicated to You, 1937
Bb B-6805, September in the Rain / Melody for Two, 1937
Bb B-6817, 12th Street Rag / Nero
Bb B-6839, In a Little Hula Heaven / Sweet Is the Word for You, 1937
Bb B-6878, (I’ve Got) Beginner’s Luck
Bb B-6879, I’d Be a Fool Again / I Dream of San Marino, 1937
Bb B-6895, Where or When / Johnny One Note, 1937
Bb B-6931, You’re Here, Y There . . .  / When Two Love Each Other . . . , 1937
Bb B-6933, There’s a Lull in My Life / I’m Bubbling Over, 1937
Bb B-6942, At a Carnival in Venice / Kitchy-Mi-Ko-Ko Isle, 1937
Bb B-6953, It Looks Like Rain Cherry Blossom Lane  South Wind, 1937
Bb B-6955, Moonlight On the Highway / Alibi Baby, 1937
Bb B-6966, Toodle-Oo / Without Your Love, 1937
Bb B-7015, The Merry-Go-Round Broke D / That’s When Your Heartaches Begin
Bb B-7016, Gone with the Wind / A Star Is Born, 1937
Bb B-7051, Smarty (You Know It All) / Till the Clock Strikes Three, 1937
Bb B-7052, Born to Love / (My . . . Kalua) Little Heaven of the Seven Seas, 1937
Bb B-7066, That Old Feeling / Lovely One, 1937
Bb B-7068, Moon At Sea / The Shag, 1937
Bb B-7099, The Moon Got in My Eyes / All I Want to Do Is Dance, 1937
Bb B-7136, Stardust On the Moon / Blossoms On Broadway, 1937
Bb B-7138, Caravan / Satan Takes a Holiday, 1937
Bb B-7139, I Still L to Kiss You Goodnight / I’d Like to See Some More of Samoa
Bb B-7142, In a Little Carolina Town / Worried Over You, 1937
Bb B-7180, I’m Always in the Mood for You / She’s Tall, She’s Tan, She’s Terrific
Bb B-7185, In the Still of the Night / Who Knows?, 1937
Bb B-7195, A Foggy Day in London / Nice Work if You Can Get It, 1937
Bb B-7304, You T the W Right Out of My Mouth / This Little Ripple Had Rhythm
Bb B-7305, How Many Rhymes Can You Get? / The Better to Love You With
Bb B-7318, Thanks for the Memory / Mama, That Moon Is Here Again
Bb B-7333, It’s Wonderful / I’m the One for You
Bb B-7343, Whistle While You Work / With a Smile and a Song, 1938
Bb B-7345, Alexander’s R Band / Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight?)
Bb B-7355, There’s a New Moon Over the Old Hill / Goodnight Angel, 1938
Bb B-7478, Darktown Strutters’ Ball / The New Yorkers: Hell’s Bells
Bb B-7553, Cathedral in the Pines / Good Evenin’, Good Lookin’
Bb B-7555, Somewhere with Somebody Else / That Feeling Is Gone, 1938
Bb B-7566, A Stranger in Paree / I Wanna Go Back to Bali, 1938
Bb B-7579,This Time It’s Real / If It Rains – Who Cares?, 1938
Bb B-7581, Havin’ Myself a Time / Fare Thee Well, Annie Laurie
Bb B-7592, My Walking Stick / Now It Can Be Told
Bb B-7604, In Any Language / Where in the World, 1938
Bb B-7606, Any Little Girl That’s a Nice L G / In the Merry Month of May, 1938
Bb B-7697, Don’t Let That Moon Get Away
Bb B-7761, The Cowboy and the Lady / Teacher’s Pet
Bb B-7774, You’re Lovely Madame / What Have You Got That Gets Me?
Bb B-7785, A Blues Serenade / That’s a Plenty, 1938
Bb B-7840, Curly-Headed Baby
Bb B-10041, I Must see Annie Tonight / It Serves You Right
Bb B-10047, Kinda Lonesome/ I Go for That
Bb B-10056, An Old Curiosity Shop / Everybody’s Laughing
Bb B-10291, A Home in the Clouds / My Heart Has Wings, 1939
Bb B-10304, Stand By for Further Announcements . . . Good News / Hot Pretzels
Bb B-10308, I Dream of Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair / Buffoon, 1939
Bb B-10376, South of the Border / It’s All Over Town, 1939
Bb B-10379, Goodnight My Beautiful / Are You Having Any Fun?, 1939
Bb B-10403, Sleepy Moon / Boy Scout in Switzerland
Bb B-10466, Happy Birthday to Love / The Answer to Love
Bb B-10546, Mene Mene Tekel / The Secret
Bb B-10577, Wouldst Could I But K Thy Hand, Oh Babe / If I Could Be . . . Knee
Bb B-10589, The Hot Gavotte . . .  / Burn, Firewood, Burn, 1940
Bb B-10688, A Vous Tout De Vey, a Vous? / Narcissus, 1940
Bb B-10762, Tennessee Fish Fry / Who’s Yehoodi?, 1940
Bb B-10786, Gavotte in G / Cottonwood Corners, 1940
Bb B-10886, Down Argentina Way / Moon Over Burma, 1940
Bb B-10889, When the Mush Begins to Run . . . Father’s Vest / I Surrender, Dear
Bb B-10910, The Bad Humor Man / I’ve Got a One-Track Mind
Bb B-10923, Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of / Let’s Be Buddies
Bb B-10965, What’ll I Do If I Marry a Soldier? / A Faded Photograph
Bb B-11064, La Cucaracha / Gotta See a Dream About a Girl, 1941
Bb B-11080, Twilight Dance of the Flowers / Donna, 1941
Bb B-11150, Marche Slav / I Found a Million-Dollar Baby, 1941
Bb B-11206, Habanera / You’re Blasé, 1941
Bb B-11225, Don’t Blame Me / Hungarian Dance No.5, 1941
Bb B-11242, Yo Te Amo, Oh! Baby / The Whistler’s Mother-in-Law
Bb B-11255, City Called Heaven / It’s You Again, 1941
Bb B-11312, You’re Driving Me Crazy / Blue Prelude, 1941
Bb B-11325, Who Can I Turn To? / Autumn Nocturne, 1941
Bb B-11348, ‘Twas Not So Long Ago / Ooh - Does Y Mother Know You Smoke?
Bb B-11366, Mine / I Think of You
Bb B-11424, Someone’s Rocking My Dreamboat / The Lost Chord, 1942
Bb B-11464, Fire Dance / Let’s Say Goodnight with a Dance, 1942
Bb B-11477, Dear Old Pal of Mine / The Caissons Go Rolling Along
Bb B-11490, Long May We Love / Jersey Bounce, 1942
Bb B-11497, I Threw a Kiss in the Ocean / Breathless, 1942
Bb B-11510, The Tale of Peter and the W / I’m Getting’ Mighty Lonesome for You
Bb B-11532, Whisper That You Love Me / Nursie! Nursie!, 1942
Bb B-11537, This Is Worth Fighting For / Wonder When My Baby’s C Home
Bb B-11552, You’re Too Good for G for Nothing Me / You’re Easy to Dance With
Bb B-11578, I Came Here to Talk for Joe / (At the) Crossroads, 1942
Bb B-11583, Better Not Roll Those Blue, B Eyes / When the Lights Go On Again
Bb 30-0807, Please Think of Me / Take It Slow, 1943
Bb 30-0833, Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart / Twilight Time, 1944
Bb 30-0835, After a While / Why Don’t-Cha Kiss Me . . . , 1944
MGM 10423, A Wonderful Guy / You’re Heartless
MGM 10454, Don’t Call Me Sweetheart Anymore / Havin’ a Wonderful Wish
MGM 10573, Here’s the Way We’ll Fall / I Want You to Want Me
MGM 10611, Be Kind and Make Me Love You / Last Week’s Kisses
MGM 10625, O Katharina / Today, Tomorrow, Forever
MGM 10678, Today, Tomorrow, Forever / Sun Showers
MGM 10823, Harbor Lights / I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles
MGM 10841, Silver Bells / Christmas Symphony
MGM 11552, Keep Cool / Jersey Bounce
Mont Ward M-7509, My Walking Stick / Now It Can Be Told
Musicraft 522, Two Loves / My Rancho Rio Grande, 1947
Musicraft 523, Let’s Be Sweethearts Again / Carioca, 1947
Musicraft 532, Now Is the Hour / Lone Star Moon
Musicraft 546, Laroo Laroo Lilli Bolero / Hold It Joe, 1948
Musicraft 553, We Just Couldn’t Say Goodbye / What Do I Have to Do . . .
Musicraft 559, I Went Down to Virginia / Baby, Don’t Be Mad At Me, 1948
Musicraft 570, Diane / When Gypsy Fiddles Play, 1948
Musicraft 581, Mist On the Moon / What Do I Have to Do
RCA Vic 20-2449, 12th Street Rag / Swamp Fire
RCA Vic 20-2450, Jersey Bounce / Alexander’s Ragtime Band
RCA Vic 20-2633, B White (Whatcha G S Tonight?) / Boy Scout in Switzerland
RCA Vic 20-2945, Rippling Rhythm / Don’t Blame Me
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2137, On the Beach At Bali Bali
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2159, A Rendezvous with a Dream
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2195, Did I Remember?
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2212, The Way You Look T / Never Gonna Dance
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2213, On a Cocoanut Island
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2284, (Trouble Ends) Out Where the Blue Begins
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2319, I’ve Got You Under My Sin / Easy to Love
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2320, One, Two, Button Your Shoe
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2327, Where the L River Goes By / There’s . . . Air
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2347, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2359, Goodnight, My Love / One Never Knows . . .
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2360, When My Dream Boat Comes Home
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2410, Where Are You
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2412, Basin Street Blues / On a Little Bamboo Bridge
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2413, Moonlight and Shadows
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2436, That’s Life, I Guess
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2467, (I’ve Got) Beginner’s Luck
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2477, I’m Bubbling Over
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2478, In a Little Hula Heaven
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2486, September in the Rain / Melody for Two
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2501, The Girl On the Police G / You’re Laughing . . .
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2502, Too Marvelous for Words / Just a Quiet Evening
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2513, When Two Love Each Other . . .
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2533, Till the Clock Strikes Three / Moon At Sea
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2534, When Is a Kiss Not a K? / You’re Here . . .
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2557, That Old Feeling
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2558, Gone with the Wind
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2597, All Y Want to Do Is D / T Moon Got in My Eyes
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2614, Blossoms On Broadway
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2641, I Still L to Kiss Y Goodnight / I’d . . . of Samoa
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2673, I’m Always In the M for Y / She’s Tall . . .
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2679, You T the W R Out of My M / This L Ripple . . .
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2680, In the Still of the Night / Who Knows?
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2681, Thanks for the Memory / Mama . . . Here Again
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2708, With a Smile and a Song / Whistle While Y Work
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2746, It’s Wonderful / I’m the One for You
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2757, There’s a New Moon . . .
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2789, Cathedfral in the Pines
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2809, SF: This T It’s Real / D Stabile: Lost and Found
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2860, It’s Delovely / Cathedral in the Pines
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2877, A Stranger in Paree / I Wanna Go Back to Bali
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2878, My Walking Stick
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2912, Teacher’s Pet
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2940, You’re L Madame / What H Y Got That G Me?
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2941, Don’t Let That Moon Get Away
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 2967, I Must See A Tonight / Good Evenin’, G Lookin’
Regal Zonophone (E) MR 3013, I Go for That / Kinda Lonesome
Vic 20-1751, The Next Time I Care, I’ll Be Careful / It’s Dawn Again, 1945
Vic 20-1763, Coffee Time / Put That Ring On My Finger
Vogue R-712, Atlanta, Ga. / Aren’t You Glad You Did?, 1946
Vogue R-715, Waitin’ for the Train to Come In / I Can’t Begin to Tell You, 1946
Vogue R-764, Whatta Ya Gonna Do! / I Guess I’ll Get the Papers (and Go Home)
Vogue R-765, What Is Love / Surrender, 1946   [ does this exist? ]

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