The big bands are back
in a new and exciting way

Collector's Checklists
by Music Librarian Christopher Popa

12” LPs
Blue Heaven BH4-407, Do You Remember When DH & His O Played: Cherokee
Circle CLP-13, 1944-1948: Dean Hudson And His Orchestra
Circle CLP-40, Dean Hudson and his Orchestra: Now! 1982
Circle CLP-86, Dean Hudson and His Orchestra: More 1941 & 1948, Apr 1985
Circle CLP-136, Dean Hudson And His Orchestra, 1943-1944
Col Spec Prod P6 14007e – see under “Various Artists
First Time Records FTR-2501 – see under “Various Artists”
F Mint, . . . Era 39/40 – see under “Various Artists”
Onward to Yesterday OTY-2501 – see under “Various Artists”

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