The big bands are back
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Collector's Checklists
by Music Librarian Christopher Popa

12” LPs
Aircheck (Can) 25, Sonny Dunham And His Orchestra: “On the Air”
Blue Heaven BH2-205, Award Winning Performances: The T We Did L Summer
Blue Heaven BH8-805, Sweet Beginnings: S Dunham And His O: Easy Does It
Circle CLP-85, Sonny Dunham And His Orchestra 1943 - 1944, Sep 1986
First Time FTR-2501 – see under “Various Artists”
F Mint, . . . Era 77/78 – see under “Various Artists”
Golden Era Records GE-15008, SD and his orchestra: “Half-Past Jumpin’ Time”
Golden Era Records LP-15044, S Dunham And His Orchestra: “Hold Everything”
Golden Era Records LP-15048 – see under “Various Artists”
J Forum Records CM 1086, The Dixie Factor: The Lords Of Dixieland
J Forum Records CM 2002, Washington & Lee Swing: by the Lords of Dixieland
J Forum Records CM 2014, All That Jazz: Lords Of Dixieland
Joyce LP-1011, One Night Stand with Sonny Dunham
Joyce LP-1057, One Night Stand With Sonny Dunham At The Hotel New Yorker
Onward to Yesterday OTY-2501 – see under “Various Artists”
RCA Spec Prod DPL4-0106e – see under “Various Artists”
Reader’s Dig RD4-021 – see under “Various Artists”
Reader’s Dig RDA-45 (RD4-45) – see under “Various Artists”
Trident Records, Let’s Dance! On the “Sonny” Side: The Music Of . . . 

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