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Collector's Checklists
by Music Librarian Christopher Popa

Del Courtney 12” LPs
Blue Heaven BH7-704, Encore! E! E!: D Courtney & His Orchestra: Small World
Cap T 1070, Del Courtney plays for Dancing Til Daybreak, 1958
Celestial CRRS-4002, Live! DC and His Hyatt Regency Hotel Orch Vol 1
F Mint, . . . Era 47/48 – see under “Various Artists”
Kay-O Records KDM 1000, Del Courtney & his Orchestra 1939
Sunbeam HB-317, Del Courtney and his Orchestra: 1939-40

as a member of The King Family
Cap ST 2352 – see under “Alvino Rey”
Cap T 2352 – see under “Alvino Rey”
Warner Brothers – see under “Alvino Rey”

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