The big bands are back
in a new and exciting way

Collector's Checklists
by Music Librarian Christopher Popa

10” LPs
RCA L-16011, Program Transcription: Popular Selections – Waltzes, 1932

12” LPs
F Mint, . . . Era 5/6 – see under “Various Artists”
Mark 56 705, Live From the Coconut Grove 1933
RCA Camd (E) CDS-1084, The Young Bing Crosby, 1971 also with Whiteman
RCA LPM-2071, Young Bing Crosby: featured with . . . also with Whiteman
RCA (E) RD-27075, Young Bing Crosby also with Whiteman
Sunbeam HB-304, GA . . . From the Cocoanut Grove-Los Angeles: 1932, 1974
Take Two TT 105, Gus Arnheim . . . From Films and Records 1928-1929
Take Two TT 112, Gus Arnheim and his Cocoanut Grove Orchestra – 1931
Vik LX-995?, The Young Bing Crosby, 1957   also with Whiteman
 “X” LVA-1000, The Young Bing Crosby, 1955   also with Whiteman 

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