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    When I conceived a live concert in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Benny Goodman three years ago for Chicago Public Library, we were after the "real" B.G., not the fiction Hollywood created in its 1956 motion picture biography "The Benny Goodman Story," which starred Steve Allen in the title role.  So, armed with the true facts about his life and career, I cooperated with The Benny Goodman Estate, secured copies of several authentic Goodman arrangements from Yale University, and, for fun, called the program "The Real Benny Goodman Story."
    Nowadays, others continue in search of the one and only Mr. Goodman and his wonderful music. 
    Sony Music in the United Kingdom has just released a 3-CD set, "The Real... Benny Goodman: The Ultimate Benny Goodman Collection," with 64 of his original performances (catalog number 96372), such as Let's Dance, Clarinet a la King, Jersey Bounce, and Mission to Moscow.
    And back in the U.S., The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board recently affirmed the Section 2(a) refusal for a company to register the mark "Benny Goodman Collection: The Finest Quality" for fragrances, cosmetics, leather goods and clothing, finding that the mark falsely suggests a connection with the famous Benny Goodman.
    The Board considered four tests: 1) was the mark the same as, or a close approximation of, the name of or identity previously used by another person (and, of course, the answer was yes); 2) would the mark be recognized as such because it points uniquely and unmistakably to that person (because performers sometimes capitalize on their notoriety by licensing other products bearing their name, it was found that consumers would associate the applicant's merchandise with Goodman the musician); 3) was the person named by the mark connected with the activities performed by the applicant under the mark (there was no evidence of any connection between Goodman and the applicant); and 4) was the prior user's name or identity of sufficient fame or reputation that a connection with such person would be presumed when the applicant's mark was used (and it was ruled that Benny Goodman "remains a well-known figure among a sufficient segment of the population"). 
    Even though the applicant claimed that no one under 40 would know Benny Goodman and that there are Benny Goodmans "galore" on Facebook, they failed to provide any evidence to support these assertions.
    Meanwhile, it was pointed out that The Estate of Benny Goodman continues to protect his intellectual property rights, with CMG Worldwide as the exclusive business representative for the Estate.
    So... the application was denied, and the "real" Benny Goodman remains a potent property for his heirs.

Louis Armstrong.  "The Complete Columbia/Okeh & RCA Victor Recordings 1925-1933,"
    Sony Legacy.  10-CD set.
---.  "Satchmo at Symphony Hall: 65th Anniversary: The Complete Performances,"
    Universal / Verve 68910.  2-CD set.
Benny Carter.  "Dakota Staton: Sings Ballads and the Blues," Sepia [ UK ] 1205.  26 tracks
    recorded in 1959-60, including the LP "Dakota" with orchestra conducted by Benny
---.  "Deborah Pearl: Souvenir of You: New Lyrics to Benny Carter Classics," Evening Star
    884501492195.  Singer Deborah Pearl has written new lyrics to some of Carter's
    instrumentals.  Two of the 13 tracks feature her singing to recordings by Carter's big
    band, Happy Feet (At the Savoy) and Anniversary Dance.
Duke Ellington.  "The Real... Duke Ellington: The Ultimate Duke Ellington Collection,"
    Columbia [ UK ] 60702.  3-CD set including Azure, Hip Chic, In a Jam, and I Let a
    Song Go Out of My Heart.  Compiled by Thom Wrafter.
Dizzy Gillespie.  "Legends Live," Jazz Haus 711.
Woody Herman.  "The Third Herd 'Live' 1952," Acrobat [ UK ] ADDCD3083.  2-CD of
    live performances, including guest vocalist Dinah Washington.
Gene Krupa.  "Five Classic Albums Plus," Avid [ UK ] AMSC1069.  Includes "The Gene
    Krupa Sextet #1"; "#2"; "#3"; "Hey... Here's Gene Krupa,"; "Gene Krupa Trio Collates";
    and "Drum Boogie" Japanese EP.
Buddy Rich.  "Playtime / unissued Argo album / Let's Go to Town," Fresh Sound [ FR ]
    724.  2-CD set of music from 1960-61.
Cootie Williams.  "Cootie / Un Concert a Minuit avec Cootie Williams," Masterjazz
    Recordings 2853.  Two small group LPs recorded in Paris in 1959 for French Decca.
Various artists.  "The Best Years of Our Lives: The Most Popular Songs of 1941," Sound
    of YesterYear [ UK ] DSOY902.  Includes J. Dorsey; Miller; Kaye; W. King; T. Dorsey;
    Barnet; Monroe; and others.

Terry Gibbs, b.Oct. 13, 1924.  Vibraphonist with Rich '48; Herman '48-'49; T. Dorsey '50;
    Goodman '50-'52.
Paul Tanner, b.Oct. 15, 1917.  Trombonist with Miller '38-'42; Miller Orch.-Beneke '46-'50;
    Beneke '50-'51.
Norman Leyden, b.Oct. 17, 1917.  Arranger with Miller AAF '44-'45; Miller Orch.-Beneke
    '46-'49; Columbia "Once Upon a Time" LP with Johnny Desmond '59.
Betty Bennett, b.Oct. 23, 1921.  Vocalist with Thornhill '46; Rey '47-'48; Ventura '49;
    Herman '50; Barnet '52.
Tony Eaton, b.Oct. 30, 1939.  Correspondent and longtime member of the (international)
    Glenn Miller Society.

Count Basie Orchestra directed by Dennis Mackrel.  Oct. 1, Jazz Alley, Seattle, WA;
    Oct. 5, ATT Showbox, Taipai, Taiwan; Oct. 6, Hulien, Taiwan; Oct. 10, Arts Center,
    Melbourne, Australia; Oct. 11, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Brisbane,
    Australia; Oct. 13, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia; Oct. 14, Perth Concert
    Hall, Perth, Australia; Oct. 17, Macao Cultural Centre Auditorium, Macao, China.
Cab Calloway Orchestra directed by C. Calloway Brooks.  Oct. 7, Cab Jivers [ smaller
    group from full band ], Stocker Arts Center, Elyria, OH.
Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra directed by Bill Tole.  Oct. 9, The Castle, Chandler, AZ.
Jan Garber Orchestra directed by Howard Schneider.  Oct. 7, Canton High School
    Auditorium, Canton, IL.
Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Nick Hilscher.  Oct. 1, Natrona County High School,
    Casper, WY; Oct. 3, Helena Civic Center, Helena, MT; Oct. 4, Wynona Thompson
    Theatre, Cody, WY; Oct. 5, Pinedale Auditorium, Pinedale, WY; Oct. 6, Colonial
    Theatre, Idaho Falls, ID; Oct. 8, Brandt Auditorium, Nampa, ID; Oct. 10, Panida
    Theatre, Sandpoint, ID; Oct. 11, Big Bend Community Theatre, Moses Lake, WA;
    Oct. 12, Auburn Performing Arts Center, Auburn, WA; Oct. 13, Admiral Theatre,
    Bremerton, WA; Oct. 14, Kirkland Performance Center, Kirkland, WA; Oct. 15, The
    Capitol Theatre, Yakima, WA; Oct. 16, Elsinore Theatre, Salem, OR; Oct. 17,
    Craterion Ginger Rogers Theatre, Medford, OR; Oct. 19, State Theatre, Red Bluff,
    CA; Oct. 20, USS Hornet, Alameda, CA; Oct. 21, Three Stages Folsom Lake Theatre,
    Folsom, CA; Oct. 23, Gallo Center for the Arts, Modesto, CA; Oct. 26, Fox Tucson
    Theatre, Tucson, AZ; Oct. 27, Yavapai College Performance Hall, Prescott, AZ;
    Oct. 28, Chandler Center for the Arts, Chandler, AZ.
Artie Shaw Orchestra directed by Matt Koza.  Oct. 21, Strand Performing Arts Center,
    York, PA.
compiled by Music Librarian CHRISTOPHER POPA

    For 25 seasons since 1956, there was a television game show called "To Tell the Truth."  A panel of celebrities had to correctly pick which of three contestants was telling the truth, who was actually the person that all three claimed to be.  At the end of the segment, the host would say, "Will the real [ whatever their name was ] please stand up?"   
The new 3-CD set, "The Real... Benny Goodman"
    Someone recently defaced a bust of famous bandleader Guy Lombardo which is on display in a yard just outside of his hometown of London, Ontario, Canada.  A crude swastika and Hitler-style moustache were drawn on with a magic marker.  Evidently, this person had nothing better to do with their time, which is really sad.

    In next month's "News," a report about a much-anticipated book which documents the later part of the life and career of a legendary bandleader.

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