Frequent posters include Glenn (Mittler, not Miller), Tony, Pete, Richard, Bill, Dave W., Gary, Dennis, George, and Jim.  Their recent topics have covered Miller medleys; the Paradise Restaurant in New York City, where Glenn's band performed in 1938; date corrections of various Miller airchecks; I Kept My Secret, the new book purporting to tell what really happened to him; Miller's smoking and health in late 1944; and transcripts of vintage articles (even one titled "Why I Hate Glenn Miller's Music," written by George Frazier in the March 1942 issue of Music and Rhythm).
    Meanwhile, at the Yahoo "Vaughn Monroe Group," things are likewise polite and professional, as moderated by Claire Schwartz. 
    For instance, one participant, Jerry Furris, posts his own research and thoughts for discussion on a near-daily basis.  Current topics have included compositions by Vaughn Monroe; Monroe at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas; Boston-area appearances; the new double-CD "The Main Event" on Jasmine Records; a proposed but rejected multi-movie deal with Monroe and Republic Pictures in the early 1950s; Monroe's gold records; and the Teac GF-350 vs. the Crosley CR248 Songwriter, two compact home units with turntables to transfer vinyl records onto CD.
    Right now, members of the affiliated Vaughn Monroe Society are hard at work organizing a gathering of fans in Boston, to take place in May 2007.  For details as they become available, send an e-mail to
    Join Claire, Jerry, Polly, Herb, Marian, Kathy, and the rest of the online group of "moonracers," as Furris likes to call them, to share your Vaughn Monroe interests.

    Online discussion about Buddy Rich is also available, through a "Message Board" on the official Rich website,
    Among the latest interaction has been Rich video clips posted to; his World War II Marine Corps service; a reminder about the recent Mosaic Records reissue of "Rich in London"; and a request for information from someone who reported that he is writing about Rich in his Thesis for a Bachelor of Arts degree.
    Because the site was created with the blessing of Buddy's daughter, Cathy Rich, she occasionally shares some news or participates in discussion.
    Another place to check out is the "Big Band Talk" forum on David Miller's "Swingin' Down the Lane" website at 
    One person, Michael P. Zirpolo, has single-handedly given the discussion a shot in the arm, with his factual, interesting inquiries and responses.  Subjects he generated himself include the present round on vocalist Edythe Wright; lesser-known big band venues across the U.S.; James C. Petrillo, leader of the American Federation of Musicians; who arranged Ravel's Bolero as recorded by Benny Goodman on August 11, 1939; who the drummer is (Buddy Rich? George Wettling?) on the widely-circulated December 29, 1938 aircheck of Jeepers Creepers by Artie Shaw; and whether any radio broadcasts by Shaw's band with vocalist Billie Holiday are extant.
   Respond to these questions, expand your knowledge reading other posts, share your memories, or start your own new topic.  But be advised, discussion and opinions by certain others can get spirited at times (and not always in the Christmas spirit).

Dick Johnson, clarinetist (leader of the Artie Shaw Orchestra '83-'06 ) and alto saxophonist
  (Spivak '52-'53; Morrow '56-57), b. December 1, 1925
Don Sebesky, trombonist (Covington '56; Ferguson '58-'59; Kenton '59) - arranger,
  b. December 10, 1937
Clark Terry, trumpeter (Hampton '45; Barnet '47-'48 / '58 Everest "Cherokee" LP / '66-'67;
  Basie '48-'51 / '76 Pablo "Basie Jam" LP; Ellington '51-'59), b. December 14, 1920
Pete Rugolo, pianist - composer (Grier '41; Kenton '45-'49), b. December 25, 1915
Abbe Lane, singer (Cugat '50s) - actress, b. December 16, 1932
Tony Martin, vocalist (Noble '38; Miller AAF '43), b.December 25, 1913
Johnny Frigo, bassist (Chico Marx '43-'45; J. Dorsey '46-'47) - violinist,
  b. December 27, 1916

    In 1970, Harry James' female vocalist was Cathy Chemi.  She toured with the band as it crossed the U.S., including stops in Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Illinois, as well as an overseas trip to Germany during that September. 
    "On a personal level, my time with the James' band changed the course of my life," she wrote a few years ago, "having married one of Harry's lead trumpet players, Skip Stine.  Skip and I were privileged to share a friendship with Harry which continued until his death in 1983.  Our respect for him and our association with his band has been a rewarding, humbling experience and an important part of our lives."
    Chemi will sing again with a big band this New Year's Eve, at the Olympian Ballroom in West Reading, PA. 

Dave Black, 78, drummer (Ellington '53-'55), Dec. 4, pancreatic cancer
Jay McShann, 90, pianist - bandleader, Dec.7, "after a brief illness"
Martha Tilton, 91, vocalist (J. Dorsey '37; Goodman '37-'39; Shaw '40 Now We Know /
  Dreaming Out Loud [Victor]; Whiteman '42 Serenade in Blue [Capitol]), Dec. 8,
  died in her sleep of natural causes
"Georgia Gibbs" (aka "Fredda Gibson"), 87, vocalist (Hudson-Delange '36 If We Never
  Meet Again [Brunswick]; Kemp '39 If It's Good (Then I Want It) [Victor]; Shaw '42
  Somebody Nobody Loves / Not Mine / Absent-Minded Moon [Victor]; Flanagan '54
  "Let's Go to Town" shows), Dec. 9, "complications from leukemia"
Dolores O'Neill, 92, vocalist (Shaw '37 A Strange Loneliness [Brunswick] / '50; Chester
  '39-'40; Krupa '51 "Cavalcade of Bands" TV show), Dec. 12, cancer
Kenny Davern, 71, clarinetist / alto saxophonist (Flanagan '54; Teagarden '54), Dec. 12,
  heart attack
Oscar Klein, 76, guitarist (Hampton '56 Ex Libris [ Sweden ] LP "Lionel Hampton Meets
  Fatty George") - trumpeter, Dec. 11
Ted Hallock, 85, producer of 13-part 1998 public radio series, "The Mystery of Artie Shaw,"
  Dec. 16, heart attack

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Tumpak, John.  "Margaret Whiting: Still a Class Act," L.A. Jazz Scene, Dec. 2006, pp.3-5.

Harry James: "Best Foot Forward," Warner Home Video   [ 1942 ]
Andy Kirk: "Killer Diller," Alpha Video ALP5227D   [ 1948 ]
various (Bob Crosby; Tommy Dorsey): "Presenting Lily Mars," Warner Home Video   [ 1943 ]

Ray Anthony: "Dixieland Swing," Montpellier ( UK ) 20  [ = 1955 LP "Big Band Dixieland" Capitol T 678
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Coleman Hawkins: "The Essential Sides Remastered 1929-1939," JSP ( UK ) 931  [ 4-CDs ]
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Stan Kenton: "The Kenton Era," Sounds of Yesteryear ( UK ) 723  [ 2-CDs = 1955 4-LP set
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Ralph Marterie: "Caravan," Montpellier ( UK ) 24  [ = LP "Swing Baby" Mercury MG-20124 + select cuts from
   LP "Young America Dances" Mercury MG-20198 + single Caravan ]
Glenn Miller Orchestra, The: "A Timeless Christmas with The Glenn Miller Orchestra,"
  LaserLight 13 346  [ incl. Jingle Bell Rock; Do You Hear What I Hear?; Sleigh Ride ]
Lawrence Welk: "A Wunnerful, Wunnerful Christmas with Lawrence Welk," LaserLight
  13 405

    A new compact disc, "Star Dust & Beyond: A Tribute to Artie Shaw," featuring clarinetist Dick Johnson, is now available on the Crazy Scot Records label (#20061). 
    Johnson (leader of the Shaw Orchestra since 1983) is heard with an 18-piece big band.
    The music includes new arrangements of a number of tunes closely associated with or previously recorded by Shaw, some standards, several more contemporary pieces, and two originals by Johnson. 
    Complete contents -- including composer, arranger, and conductor information -- is:

In the Still of the Night  (Porter)   arranged and conducted by Robert Freedman
  with touches of The Gramercy Five sound
Fungii Mama  (Mitchell)   arranged and conducted by Robert Freedman
Gone with the Wind  (Wrubel-Magidson)   arranged and conducted by Robert Freedman
The Grabtown Grapple  (Shaw-Harding)   arranged and conducted by Jay Brandford
Star Dust  (Carmichael)   arranged by Lennie Hayton + Robert Freedman, conducted by Freedman 
  featuring Lou Colombo, trumpet
Moody Street  (Ciavardone)   arranged and conducted by Robert Freedman
My Funny Valentine  (Rodgers-Hart)  arranged and conducted by Robert Freedman
Waltz for Debby  (Lees-Evans)   arranged and conducted by Robert Freedman
I Concentrate On You  (Porter)   arranged and conducted by Jay Brandford
Anniversary Song  (Chaplin-Jolson)   arranged by Sonny Burke, conducted by Robert Freedman
  Shaw recorded Burke's chart, at a slower tempo and with strings, for Musicraft on September 19, 1946
Bossa for Pam  (Johnson)   arranged and conducted by Robert Freedman 
When the Sun Comes Out  (Arlen-Koehler)   arranged and conducted by Robert Freedman
My Romance  (Rodgers-Hart)   arranged and conducted by Jay Brandford
Pray Tell, Sarah, Where's Dan?  (Johnson)   arranged and conducted by Robert Freedman

    Johnson sometimes evokes the clarinet sound or mannerisms Shaw employed during his last five years of playing, and the band occasionally plays a voicing that is not unlike something which Shaw's '49-'50 band did.
    The project was recorded February 20 and 21, 2006 at Bennett Studios in Englewood, NJ.
    For sound samples and ordering details, visit the website
    One bit of news from the above-mentioned Yahoo "Glenn Miller Fans" group is that the Airmen of Note will this month be releasing another freshly-prepared Miller tribute CD, "Keep 'Em Flying." 
    The track listing, shown below, includes both big hits and more obscure selections:

Keep `Em Flying (3:09)
St. Louis Blues March (4:43)
Anvil Chorus (3:46)
(The) Rumba Jumps! (2:48)
Everybody Loves My Baby (3:11)
Moonlight Serenade (3:35)
In the Mood (3:12)
When Johnny Comes Marching Home (2:54)
Rhapsody in Blue (3:13)
My! My! (2:24)
Tuxedo Junction (3:38)
I Just Got a Letter (2:42)
Take the "A" Train (3:31)
Pagan Love Song (3:26)
American Patrol (3:22)
I'll Be Seeing You (3:33)

    Admittedly, the Airmen of Note CDs are typically not available for purchase by the general public, but they may find their way onto the Internet to be heard or possibly even downloaded.  Or one could always ask their local library to try to get copies.

    Now for some requests of my own; these are NOT items now scheduled for release, just a half-dozen  "wish list" suggestions I'd like to make to certain CD producers:

Alistair Robinson, Hep: the complete 1949-1950 Artie Shaw Thesaurus Transcriptions
Gilles Petard, Classics: the chronological Ray McKinley 1936-1956
Michael Cuscuna, Capitol Jazz: reissue of the Charlie Barnet Quartet's "Jazz Oasis" album
  (Capitol ST 1403), recorded live in 1959 at the La Paz Hotel in Palm Springs, CA, expanded
  with unreleased tracks
Gordon Anderson, Collectors' Choice: the complete "Music Made Famous By Glenn Miller"
  concert of May 26, 1961, featuring Tex Beneke, Ray Eberle, and The Modernaires with Paula
  Kelly, including previously-unreleased selections, licensed from Warner Brothers
Scott Wenzel, Mosaic: the complete 1962-1964 Philips Woody Herman performances
Carl Hallstrom, Al-Tone Record Society: more un-edited Glenn Miller broadcasts

   C'mon, gentlemen - don't be a grinch!

    Public hearings by the National Recording Preservation Board of the Library of Congress,
to gather information for a study about the current state of recorded sound preservation and restoration, will take place December 19th at the Princeton Club of New York City. 
    They hope to hear from scholarly and professional organizations involved with the production, study, use, or preservation of recorded sound; representatives of major and specialized sound archives and institutional collections holding commercial and unpublished sound recordings; record labels; audio engineers; and the legal community and other specialists working with copyright, fair use, and intellectual property law.
    They also are asking for response from individuals with collections of recordings.  (Any big band fans want to voice their opinions?)  If you would like to participate, written comments can be submitted through their website,  Deadline to write is January 29, 2007.

Count Basie Orchestra directed by Bill Hughes: Dec. 3, Dimitriou's Jazz Alley, Seattle,
  WA; Dec. 5, Tulare Community Auditorium, Tulare, CA; Dec. 9, Davies Symphony Hall,
  San Francisco, CA; Dec. 10, Flint Center, Cupertino, CA
Les Brown's Band of Renown directed by Les Brown, Jr.: Dec. 2 / 4-7 / 9: Mickey Gilley
  Theatre, Branson, MO
Larry Elgart and His Orchestra: Dec. 10, Neel Performing Arts Center, Manatee Community
  College, Bradenton, FL
Sammy Kaye Orchestra directed by Roger Thorpe: Dec. 1, Langeloth, PA; Dec. 2,
  Romer's Catering, St. Henry, OH; Dec. 3, United Methodist Home, Warren, IN; Dec. 4-5,
  Bear Creek Farms Theatre, Bryant, IN; Dec. 16, [ private ] Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ;
  Dec. 17, New Paltz High School, New Paltz, NY
Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Larry O'Brien: Dec. 1-10, conclusion of Japan tour; Dec.
  12, Lackawanna College, Scranton, PA; Dec. 14, Lincoln Theatre, Marion, VA; Dec. 15,
  private, Arlington, VA; Dec. 16, Ferguson Center for the Arts, Newport News, VA; Dec. 17,
  Paramount Theatre, Charlottesville, VA; Dec. 18, Camden County Community College,
  Blackwood, NJ; Dec. 19, Sequoia Restaurant, Washington, DC
Doc Severinsen: Dec. 31, Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA [ with The Seattle Symphony ]

    The Starr-Gennett Foundation of Richmond, Indiana is making plans for a Walk of Fame, celebrating the history of the Gennett record label, which was headquartered there.  Louis Armstrong, who recorded for Gennett in 1923, is to receive the first marker.  (Others who recorded in their studios included Duke Ellington and Lawrence Welk.)

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compiled by Christopher Popa

    If you haven't already, you should check out the Yahoo "Glenn Miller Fans" group.  With  the enthusiasm and knowledge of a number of people there (including quite a few acknowledged Miller experts), it's always active, interesting, and informative.
    Moderated by Dave Smith, everyone is made to feel welcome. 
Glenn Miller, ca. 1940.