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compiled by Music Librarian CHRISTOPHER POPA     
courtesy of Francine Bellson

LB 90
     Starting last month on what was the 90th anniversary of his birthday, July 24th, the official 
website for the late drummer-bandleader Louie Bellson,, has launched a year-long celebration of his legacy.  
     Bellson (b.1924-d.2009), was the recipient of a prestigious American Jazz Masters Award from the National Endowment for the Humanities in 1994, and was once called the “world’s greatest musician” by Duke Ellington, for whom he worked at various times in the 1950s and ‘60s.  He also played drums on other occasions for Benny Goodman, The Dorsey Brothers, Harry James, and Count Basie.  And, of course, he led his own bands for many years until his death.
     Though he's gone, the Bellson website celebrates his life and career with a variety of information, including, for example, copies of some of his big band’s arrangements, such as Skin Deep and The Hawk Talks, available for purchase, and video footage of Bellson himself talking about his drumming and music. 
     Congratulations to Bellson’s widow, Francine, for keeping his legacy and accomplishments alive!     

Cab Calloway.  “Cotton Club Revue,” Roulette / Warner (Japan) 1228539.  The 1958
   Gone LP on CD for the first time.  In my opinion, the best cuts are Minnie the
   MoocherCopper-Colored Gal, and She’s Tall, She’s Tan, She’s Terrific.
Tommy Dorsey.  “The Tommy Dorsey Show Volume Two,” Sounds of YesterYear (E)
   DSOY968.  The second in a series of four discs sampling TD’s radio show in which he
   acted as disc jockey and interviewer.  Besides the bands of Goodman, Lombardo,
   Ellington, Prima, Martin, and Monroe, there is one record by brother Jimmy Dorsey
   and six by Tommy himself included here.
Duke Ellington.  “Contrapuntal Reposte,” Squatty Roo Records.  A stereo recording of
   the Duke’s octet as it played in the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center in New York
   City during the summer of 1968.
Glen Gray.  “jonah jones / glen gray” / “That Righteous Feelin’,” Blue Moon (Sp) BMCD
   851.  Two former Capitol LPs from 1962 on one CD with a pair of bonus tracks by
   June Christy with Jonah Jones.  Tunes include Echoes of HarlemBoy Meets Horn,
   and Apollo Jumps.
Gene Krupa.  “Four Classic Albums: ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’ / ‘Gene Krupa Quartet’ / ‘Krupa
   Rocks’ / ‘The Jazz Rhythms of Gene Krupa’,” Avid (E) AMSC1134.  Recordings
   originally made for Clef / Verve from 1954-57.
Various artists.  “Ralph Flanagan and Tex Beneke: Battle of the Bands,” Sounds of
   YesterYear (E) DSOY973.  Similar to an earlier title, “The Duel of the Dance Bands”
   (DSOY789), this compares the 1949 Flanagan band to the 1949 Beneke band.
   Selections include You’re Breaking My Heart and Swing to 45 (Flanagan) and Ichabod
   and Blues in the Night March (Beneke). 

Michael “Doc Rock” Kelly.  Liberty Records: A History of the Recording Company and
   Its Stars, 1955-1971 (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2014).  Big bands that
   recorded for Liberty included Jerry Gray, Spike Jones, Buddy Rich, and Si Zentner.

Count Basie Orchestra directed by Scotty Barnhart.  Aug 23, Gem Theater, Kansas
   City, MO.
Tommy Dorsey Orchestra directed by Terry Meyers.  Aug 1, Great Lake Centre, Taupo,
   New Zealand; Aug 2, Municipal Theatre, Napier, New Zealand; Aug 3, Baycourt,
   Tauranga, New Zealand; Aug 8, Whakatane Memorial Hall, Whakatane, New
   Zealand; Aug 10, Forum North, Whangarei, New Zealand; Aug 12, Turner Centre,
   Kerikeri, New Zealand; Aug. 17, Waikoloa Each Marriott, Waikoloa, HI.
Les Elgart Orchestra directed by Russ Dorsey.  Aug 4, Euless Library, Euless, TX.
Jan Garber Orchestra directed by Howard Schneider.  Aug 24, Surf Ballroom, Clear
   Lake, IA.
Harry James Orchestra directed by Fred Radke.  Aug 31, Columbia, SC.
Hal McIntyre Orchestra directed by Don Pentleton.  Aug 17, "Tribute to Sinatra" with
   vocalist Steve Marvin, Maudslay Arts Center, Newburyport, MA.
Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Nick Hilscher.  Aug 1-2, Conner Prairie, Fishers, IN;
   Aug 3, Coney Island Park, Cincinnati, OH; Aug 5, Lake Robbins Ballroom, Woodward,
   IA; Aug 8, Grand Opera House, Dubuque, IA; Aug 10, Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake, IA;
   Aug 11, Clarkson Opera House, Clarkson, NE; Aug 15, Theatre Deville, Vacaville,
   CA; Aug 16, Hutchins St. Square Theatre, Lodi, CA; Aug 17, California Theatre, San
   Jose, CA; Aug 19, Redlands Bowl, Redlands, CA; Aug 23, Fox Theatre, Bakersfield,

John Miller, b.Aug. 3, 1941.  Nephew of Glenn Miller; leader and vocalist with The Herb 
    Miller Orchestra.
Urbie Green, b.Aug. 8, 1926.  Trombonist with Savitt '45; Carle ’45; Krupa ’47 / ’50; 
    leader of T Dorsey Orch ’66-’67.
Frank Capp, b.Aug. 20, 1931.  Drummer with Kenton ’51; Hefti ’52.
Jerry Dodgion, b.Aug. 19, 1932.  Alto saxophonist with Carter ’55; Goodman ’59-’60 / 
’61 / ’62.   

Robert Dupuis, 87, d.Aug 20, 2014.  Jazz scholar and author of Bunny Berigan: Elusive
     Legend of Jazz (Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana State University Press, 1993).

Les Elgart, b.Aug. 3, 1918.  Trumpeter with Berigan ’40?.  Leader of own band / band 
    with his brother Larry.
Claude Hopkins, b.Aug. 3, 1903.  Pianist - leader of own band.
Charlie Shavers, b.Aug. 3, 1917.  Trumpet – arranger with Kirby ’36?-’44.  Trumpeter
    with T Dorsey ’45-’49 / ’53; Goodman ’53 / ’54; Dorsey Bros ’54?-'56; T Dorsey 
    Orch-Donahue ’61-’65.
Jess Stacy, b.Aug. 4, 1904.  Pianist with Goodman ’35-’39 / ‘43; Crosby ’39-’42; 
    T Dorsey ’44.  Leader of own band.
Luis Russell, b.Aug. 5, 1902.  Pianist with Armstrong ’35-’43.  Leader of own band.
Norman Granz, b.Aug. 6, 1918.  Producer of “Jazz At the Philharmonic” ’44-‘50s; 
    record label owner - producer (Clef / Verve / Pablo).
Warren Covington, b.Aug. 7, 1921.  Trombonist with I Jones ’39; Heidt ’43?; Brown ’46?.
    Leader of T Dorsey Orch ’58-’61.  Leader of own band.
Freddie Slack, b.Aug. 7, 1910.  Pianist with J Dorsey ’36-’39; Bradley ’39-’41.  
    Leader of own band.
Benny Carter, b.Aug. 8, 1907.  Leader of own band.
Lucky Millinder, b.Aug. 8, 1900.  Leader of Mills Blue Rhythm Band ’34-?.  Leader of 
    own band.
Arnett Cobb, b.Aug. 10, 1918.  Tenor saxophonist with Hampton ’42-’47.
Claude Thornhill, b.Aug. 10, 1909.  Pianist – arranger with Noble ’35-’36; Shaw Navy 
    band ‘42.  Leader of own band.
Russell Procope, b.Aug. 11, 1908.  Saxophonist with Webb ’29-’30; F Henderson
    '31-’34; Carter ’34; Teddy Hill ’34-’38; Kirby ’38-’45; Ellington ’46-'61 / '61-'74.
Joe Puma, b.Aug. 13, 1927.  Guitarist with Shaw ’53; Bellson ’54?.
Frank Devito, b.Aug. 14, 1930.  Drummer with DeFranco ’49 / ’51.
Morey Feld, b.Aug. 15, 1915.  Drummer with Pollack ’36; Joe Haymes ’38; Goodman
    ’44-’45; Hackett ’53.
Joe Garland, b.Aug. 15, 1907.  Tenor saxophonist for Millinder ‘30s; Hayes ‘30s; 
    Redman ‘30s;  Armstrong ’41-’46?.  Composer of Leap Frog and In the Mood.
Tommy Pederson, b.Aug. 15, 1920.  Trombonist with Krupa ’40-’45; T Dorsey ’43; 
    Barnet ’44 / ’46.
Al Hibbler, b.Aug. 16, 1915.  Vocalist with McShann ’42; Ellington ’43-’51.
Larry Clinton, b.Aug. 17, 1909.  Arranger – composer for I Jones ’33; Hopkins ’33; 
    Dorsey Bros ’34; G Gray ’35-’36; T dorsey ’37; Berigan ’37.  Leader of own band.
George Duvivier, b.Aug. 17, 1920.  Bassist with C Hawkins ’41; Millinder ’42.  Arranger
    for Lunceford ’42 / ’45-’47.
Ike Quebec, b.Aug. 17, 1918.  Tenor saxophonist with Calloway ’44-’51 [ not
   continuous ].
Jack Sperling, b.Aug. 17, 1922.  Drummer with Berigan ’41-’42; Beneke Navy band 
    ’43-’45 / Beneke-Miller Orch ’46-’49 / Beneke ‘60s / ‘70s [ not continuous ]; 
Brown ’50-’54 / '60s / '70s [ not continuous ]; Crosby ’54-’57.
Med Flory, b.Aug. 17, 1926.  Saxophonist with Thornhill ’50; Mooney ’52?; Herman 
    ’53 / ’59.
Don Lamond, b.Aug. 18, 1920.  Drummer with Herman ’45-’46 / ’47-’49; Shaw 
    Capitol LP ’68.
Eddie Shu, b.Aug. 18, 1918.  Saxophonist with Hampton ’49-’50; Barnet ’50-’51; Krupa 
Eddie Durham, b.Aug. 19, 1906.  Arranger – composer for Lunceford (Pigeon Walk
    Lunceford SpecialBlues in the Groove); Basie (Out the WindowTopsyTime 
    Out); Miller (Slip Horn JiveGlen Island SpecialWham).
Spud Murphy, b.Aug. 19, 1908.  Saxophonist – arranger for Garber ’31-’32; Hallett ’33; 
    Joe Haymes ’34.  Arranger for Goodman; G Gray.
Jimmy Rowles, b.Aug. 19, 1918.  Pianist with Goodman ’42; Herman ’42-’43 / ’46; 
    Crosby ’47-’51.
Frank Rosolino, b.Aug. 20, 1926.  Trombonist with Chester ’46-’47; G Gray ’47; 
    Krupa ’48-’49; Pastor ’49; Auld ’51; Kenton ’52-’54.
Joya Sherrill, b.Aug. 20, 1927.  Vocalist with Ellington ’44-’48 / ’57.
Jack Teagarden, b.Aug. 20, 1905.  Trombonist with Pollack ’28-’33; Whiteman ’34-’38;
    Armstrong ’47-’51.  Leader of own band.
Count Basie, b.Aug. 21, 1904.  Pianist with Moten ’30?-’35.  Leader of own band.
Bob Crosby, b.Aug. 23, 1913.  Vocalist with Dorsey Bros ’35.  Leader of own band.
Paul Webster, b.Aug. 24, 1909.  Trumpeter with Lunceford ’35-’42; Calloway ’44-’52 
    [ not continuous ]; Barnet ’46-’47 / ’52-’53; Oliver ‘50s.
Billy Moore, b.Aug. 25, 1917.  Composer – arranger for Lunceford ’39-’42? (incl 
    Belgium StompWhat’s Your Story Morning GloryChopin Prelude No.7Bugs
    ParadeMonotony in Four Flats); Barnet ’44 (incl Skyliner).
Jimmy Rushing, b.Aug. 26, 1903.  Vocalist with Moten ’29; Basie ’35-’50; Goodman 
    ’58 / ’59.
Frances Wayne, b.Aug. 26, 1924.  Vocalist with Barnet ’42; Herman ’43-’46?; Hefti 
’52-’53 / ’74.  Married Hefti ’45.
Peter Appleyard, b.Aug. 26, 1928.  Vibraphonist with Goodman ’71-’77.
Lester Young, b.Aug. 27, 1909.  Tenor saxophonist with Kirk; Basie ’36-’40 / ’43-’44.
Charlie Parker, b.Aug. 29, 1920.  Alto saxophonist with McShann ’41; Hines ’43; 
     Eckstine '44.
Dinah Washington, b.Aug. 29, 1924.  Vocalist with Hampton ’43-’46.
Willie Bryant, b.Aug. 30, 1908.  Leader of own band.
Edgar Sampson, b.Aug. 31, 1907.  Saxophonist with Ellington ’27; F Henderson ’31-’33.
     Saxophonist / composer – arranger with Webb ’33-’37.  Arranger for Goodman 
     ’36-’38.  Composer of Blue Lou, If Dreams Come TrueStomping At the Savoy
     Don’t Be That WayLullaby in Rhythm.

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